Just another reason to visit Cape Town – Zeitz MOCAA

Opened this month in the magnificent city of Cape Town is the largest and most impressive modern art gallery in South Africa. Baroque Travel finds out all about, and where to stay in the city’s on trend Silo District


Just another great reason to spend the Festive Season in the Southern Hemisphere… Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) is home to more than 100 galleries displaying an extraordinary collection of contemporary 21st Century art from all over Africa as well as numerous temporary exhibitions, a Costume Institute and no less than six research centers including the Roger Ballen Foundation Center for Photography, the Center for the Moving Image, the Center for Performative Practice and the Center for Curatorial Excellence.

The museum is housed in a completely transformed 1920s Grain Silo that has been a landmark on Cape Town’s skyline for almost a century. The person who is responsible for this transformation is British architect Thomas Heatherwick, of Heatherwick Studios, who designed the museum with inspiration from a grain of corn. His ingenious glass windows bulge outwards as if they have been inflated a little and at night, the entire building is transformed into a glowing beacon welcoming visitors to Table Bay Harbor. These glazed paneled windows are just one of the unique features of this masterpiece of architecture, that has managed to retain much of the Silo’s original history.

Everybody who has visited this exceptional museum since it opened in late September has been overwhelmed by its beauty and perspective. The new Silo District, which includes the museum as well as the ultra-luxurious Silo Hotel, located above the museum in same building as well as various uprmarket stores, has become the most popular location to visit in Cape Town. So if you’re planning to visit this exceptional contemporary art museum, we suggest a stay there.

Located in the grain elevator portion of the historic Grain Silo, the hotel occupies six floors above Zeitz MOCAA. Since it opened earlier in 2017, it has received much acclaim, not only for its exceptional beauty and eclectic interiors, but also for its offerings. Every single one of the 28 guest rooms and the penthouse in the hotel offers breathtaking panoramic views of Cape Town, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and Table Mountain.

Every aspect of the hotel celebrates art, style, architecture and design. It really is a tribute to timeless glamor and contemporary luxe. Rooms were individually designed and decorated using colourful, eclectic pieces by hotel owner Liz Biden.

There are numerous dining experiences on offer, all overseen by Executive Chef Veronica Canha-Hibbert, including casual and contemporary menus for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, bar snacks and an already legendary Sunday roast. Restaurants include the more formal Granary Café and lunch and sunset cocktails are served on the Silo Rooftop. There’s also the Willaston Bar, where guests enjoy drinks and a selection of bar snacks.


If you would like to enjoy a visit to Cape Town’s hip and unique Silo District, let Baroque Travel assist. We can make all your travel arrangements, as well as organise tours of the museum and reservations at the Silo Hotel. Contact us right away, info@baroquetravel.com and we will arrange everything for you.

Desert Delight

It’s an unusual eco lodge in the middle of the desert, an oasis that offers an extraordinary experience. The luxury lies in its authenticity and eco friendliness. Baroque Travel discovers Hotel Adrère Amellal in Egypt


desert 2.jpg

Resting on the side of a limestone mountain in the middle of the desert in the northwest of Egypt, the eco-friendly Hotel Adrère Amellal offers a romantic, private getaway that is completely ‘green’ – you won’t find electricity or WiFi here, or telephones. Instead, oil lamps, fires lit in fireplaces and candles provide a unique atmosphere when the sun sets. Although the buildings are quite luxurious, they’re indigenous and literally very ‘earthy’, as they’re made from earth, stone and salt water.


desert 18.jpg

The delicious food served here is all organically grown in the hotel’s very own garden and the design of the entire structure is quite unique: you traverse a labyrinth of corridors to get anywhere, and when you reach a location, it’s likely to be a beautiful terrace or an elegant and sumptuous covered area that is perfect for relaxing in.


desert 16.jpg

There are just 37 beautiful guest rooms and suites at Hotel Adrère Amellal, all simply but beautifully decorated. Furniture and couches are made from the same material as the buildings themselves, covered with lots of sumptuous white cushions and there’s plenty of limestone to add another element. Guests enjoy a number of facilities including a spa and spring water swimming pool, which is a welcome respite from the desert heat.


desert 31.jpg

At Hotel Adrère Amellal, guests can forget about the outside world and immerse themselves in the unique surroundings. The hotel offers numerous activities including horseback riding, dune surfing, and jeep journeys to explore the desert including trips to the Great Sand Sea and the White Desert. The nearby perfectly preserved, legendary village of Siwa is a joy to explore, with its 13th Century houses.


desert 8.jpg

This exclusive hotel is located in the Siwa oasis, one of the five largest oases in the desert. It’s a far cry from Egypt’s most popular sights, which include the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, but just as exciting, particularly if you enjoy a peaceful hideaway where you can get away from it all.

The Siwa oasis offers many treasures, including the caves of Gebel and Moutat, a Greco-Roman necropolis with historic, mysterious painted walls and ‘The Mountain of the Dead’. These sites are located just 15km from the hotel and offers an insight into an exclusive and very different side of Egypt.


If you would like to enjoy an extremely different luxury vacation in Egypt, let Baroque Travel assist. Contact us right away to make your reservation, info@baroquetravel.com. If you require assistance with any other travel arrangements, we can arrange these all for you as well.

Eco paradise in Madagascar

Madagascar is a true treasure island, in the midst of the Indian Ocean, one of the most fascinating biodiversity hotspots in the world. Baroque Travel investigates a new luxury retreat that has just opened there


This brand new retreat is the first five-star lodge in Madagascar, and visitors there can explore this untouched paradise in unmatched luxury and style. There are just 14 villas in all, located on a beautiful white sand beach in a tiny settlement called Nosy Ankao. Time + Tide Miavana is home to no less than four different species of turtles, which guests will discover when they stay in this paradise, which just happens to be a sanctuary for various threatened marine species. Another animal they will get familiar with is the Madagascan lemur, with their long tails, that live in the surroundings.

A highlight of visiting this brand new island sanctuary is an opportunity to explore by helicopter the many facets of the area, which include mangrove swamps nearby and exquisite hidden beaches just waiting to welcome footprints on the sand. The lodge itself is gaining a reputation for its sustainability projects that support the local residents.

The center and the hub of Miavana retreat is the Beach Piazza, home to a glittering infinity pool and a stunning rooftop bar. Guests can choose from various dining options including a private dinner in the beach pizzeria, snacks in the lounge or lunch or dinner in the Italian-inspired indoor grotto and cellar.

The villas themselves all offer the utmost privacy along a beach on the western side of the island, and provide guests with uninterrupted beach and ocean views.

Of course, the views are exquisite wherever you are in Miavana, beckoning you to explore further afield despite the resort’s luxury offerings. To familiarize yourself with what you will see in Madagascar, you must visit the resort’s museum; on display you’ll find numerous delights, including an elephant bird egg, dinosaur bones and sunken treasure.

The area in which Miavana is located, Nosy Ankao, is part of around 15,000 hectares of a protected marine area called Loky Manambato Protected Area. The luxury resort took almost four years to build with a team of 500 local workers. It was designed by award-winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, who are based in South Africa and are famous worldwide for their extraordinarily beautiful eco structures.

The resort has already gained recognition as the first completely sustainable lodge in Madagascar, and sets the standard for future projects on the island. It also provides a sustainable method of earning a living for those who live in the Nosy Ankao area.


If you would like to find out more about this exceptional retreat before it becomes too popular to get a booking, let Baroque Travel assist. Mail us right away, info@baroquetravel.com, and we will make your reservation for you, as well as assist you with any travel arrangements you require.

One&Only Resorts moves from the coast to the country

Luxury brand One&Only Resorts has launched a new concept in hospitality, moving away from exclusive coastal establishments to the countryside. Baroque Travel finds out all the details


One&Only Resorts has developed a new concept in vacations, Nature Resorts, magnificent luxury establishments that offer a different, unique and customized vacation as well as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These resorts are not located in cities or at the coast; instead they are located in lesser-known areas, where fewer luxury establishments exist. Nature, conservation and environmentally friendly resorts are in demand, and to this end, One&Only have created two brand new resorts in Rwanda in Africa, to offer a unique safari experience in a location that has remained known only to a privileged few.



These resorts are not the first. The original One&Only Nature Resorts to be built is Wolgan Valley, which opened in 2010 in Australia. It is the first luxury hotel in the world to achieve internationally accredited carbon-neutral certification by CarbonZero, a greenhouse gas-certification scheme. The two new future Nature Resorts, which are being built in Rwanda, will also work to achieve this distinction.


The Nature Resorts will also provide guests with an opportunity to contribute directly to local charities if they wish. They can enjoy hands-on, interactive experiences with the local community. The resorts themselves have also been built with minimal impact to the environment.


The two Nature Resorts in Rwanda are One&Only Nyungwe House, located in Gisakura, a working tea plantation on the edge of the Nyungwe National Park, and One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, situated close to the village of Kingi which is in the foothills of the Virunga Volcano range.

One&Only Nyungwe House is designed to fit harmoniously into its natural surroundings. It features modern luxury suites and villas with traditional African touches, each overlooking the vast African terrain with private decks and fireplaces. It is due to open this later this year.


Gorilla’s Nest is a beautiful resort, nestling amongst a forest of eucalyptus trees and offering scenic views of the Rwandan hills and the slopes of the Volcanoes National Park. This resort is being built to cater to the many visitors who travel to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas. There are just 780 gorillas estimated to still be living in the wild and one third of those are said to be in Rwanda. When this resort opens in 2018, it will be a base for those who wish to observe the animals resident in this area. The resort will offer daytime treks to observe the eight families of wild gorillas located nearby.


Eventually, guests will be able to enjoy a week-long stay at both of these properties, with four days at Nyungwe House and three at Gorilla’s Nest.

One&Only also plans to create other Nature Resorts in locations around the world, including a ski destination, a resort in the US and another in the Middle East.


If you would like to find out more about the two brand new Rwanda One&Only resorts, let Baroque Travel assist. Contact us right away, info@baroquetravel.com and we will provide you with all the information you require. We can also arrange a stay for you at One&Only Nyungwe House, which opens later this year.

Colonial luxury at the Victoria Falls, Zambia

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in Zambia, staying in Colonial splendor at the edge of the mighty Victoria Falls. Baroque Travel has all the details


Zambia is a spectacular country, full of natural beauty; it’s also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mighty Victoria Falls. If you love adventure, there’s never a dull moment in this spectacular African location, whether you’re enjoying a helicopter flip, going on a safari cruise to see wildlife in their natural habitat, swimming in the waters above the Falls at Devil’s Pool or enjoying trail biking, bungee jumping or white water rafting. There’s also plenty of time to relax, on a booze cruise at sunset, or whilst enjoying Colonial style and superb cuisine at the sumptuous Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara.


This iconic, opulent hotel is a historic place that offers every possible luxury facility, including 173 plush, air-conditioned guestrooms located in two-storey clusters, each with a private balcony or terrace. Guests staying here enjoy fine dining, a selection of adventurous outdoor activities and warm, personalized service.


With the mighty Victoria Falls just a 10-minute walk away, the hotel is an ideal base from which to explore – especially as it offers guests a complimentary private entrance to the Falls. The Royal Livingtsone is also a great place to relax, with its deep verandahs, generous spaces and cool courtyard retreats. It offers a selection of fine dining experiences at the Royal Livingstone Restaurant, including both international cuisine and fusion style African dishes. A really pleasant surprise for guests is that giraffes and zebra roam the grounds. This is Africa at its most exquisite and untamed.


Activities at this iconic location are fun and varied. The hotel can arrange an exciting 15-minute helicopter flip over the Falls as well as a luxury steam train journey on the old world Royal Livingstone Express which includes being wined and dined beside the Falls. Traveling on this charming Victorian train through scenic passes is reminiscent of rail journeys of yesteryear. The train comprises five Pullman-style coaches that have been meticulously restored and includes two dining cars, a kitchen car, lounge car and observation car from which one can watch the sun set over the legendary Victoria Falls.


A highlight of a stay in this breathtaking location is an excursion to Livingstone Island and Devil’s Pool right next to it. Located right on the edge of the Falls, it offers breathtaking views. Visitors depart the Royal Livingstone by boat from its private deck and enjoy a guided tour of Livingstone Island, which boasts exquisite views of the Falls and beyond. Then they enjoy a short swim to Devil’s Pool to sit right on the edge of the Falls – the views from there are breathtaking. Before returning to the hotel, they enjoy a stunning picnic.


If you would like to find out more about this very unique, spectacular location where you can enjoy numerous adventures, let Baroque Travel give you all the details. Contact us right away, info@baroquetravel.com. We can also make all your travel arrangements to Zambia, including a stay at this historic luxury hotel.

Another luxury Cape Town offering

Cape Town’s iconic landmark, the luxurious Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel has just undergone a refurbishment. Baroque Travel reports


London-based designer Inge Moore and her team have just refurbished 48 guestrooms and suites in one of the world’s most legendary hotels, The Belmond Mount Nelson in Cape Town. In keeping with the hotel’s heritage as a fine establishment with British roots (it initially opened in 1899), the hotel remains as elegant as ever, with some exquisite modern refinements.


In days of yore, seafarers on their voyages of discovery around the globe made the Cape their home, bringing their own cultures with them and combining this with what the Fairest Cape had to offer. The result is a unique legacy of fine bone china, sparkling crystal, rustic timber, beads and clay that is quintessentially Capetonian. And that is what the Mount Nelson, or ‘Nellie’ as it’s nicknamed, epitomizes – a mixture of refined and artisanal touches, familiar aspects with new and enchanting discoveries.


Very few hotels around the world epitomize the soul of their location like this one, which offers breathtaking views of Table Mountain as its backdrop. The hotel’s personality hasn’t changed with its new iteration; instead, it has been lovingly refurbished in keeping with a sense of refinement and luxury that has become its signature over the years.


But the additions are all meaningful and carefully thought-out, like the chair strategically placed in each guest room so that visitors can relax and revel in the beauty of the world outside their window. New pieces of furniture have been specially designed as modern takes on traditional pieces, in keeping with the originals, and it goes without saying that every material used is classic, timeless and sourced locally.


The new decor incorporates many exquisite works of art by local artists, both contemporary and classic, all celebrating the beauty of the Cape. These have joined some fine existing masterpieces that have been reframed to give them a more contemporary edge. The designer said that she wanted guests to feel as if they are walking through the corridors of a beloved aunt’s amazing home. The result is warm and inviting, elegant and stylish, and epitomizes what all Belmond hotels offer: a sumptuous, comfortable, welcoming environment to stay in, with every possible luxury modern facility thrown in for good measure.


mount nelson 9.jpg

The Belmond Mount Nelson remains the grandest of the Cape’s hotels, with its beautiful landscaped gardens. The best of the best accommodation here remains one of the eight restored historic cottages on the property, which feature giant four poster beds, exquisite marble bathrooms, separate living and dining areas, enclosed patios and access to a secluded heated pool. But wherever you stay in this magnificent grand dame, you’ll enjoy a lifestyle reminiscent of a bygone era. Life here is what dreams are made of. And the beauty of the Cape is an even bigger reward.


It’s summer in South Africa, and Cape Town is as its most beautiful right until the end of March. So if you’d like to book a stay at one of South Africa’s most magnificent hotels, let Baroque Travel assist. Contact us right away, info@baroquetravel.com and we will make all your arrangements for you.

Step inside Ellerman House

Yes, it’s fully booked for the Festive Season... but you could get lucky and enjoy a stunning vacation at South Africa’s top rated hotel in February or March, both excellent months to visit the magnificent Mother City of Cape Town. Baroque Travel steps inside Ellerman House


When Conde Nast Traveller listed its top 50 hotels in October, the only South African establishment to warrant a nod was Ellerman House, an exclusive boutique hotel with breathtaking views over the Cape seaboard. Listed as number 13 in the long list of 50 establishments that are the best hotels in the world, Ellerman House now boasts the title of the most luxurious hotel in Southern Africa.

Already a coveted place to stay amongst the international jet set (Ellerman House is not open to local residents), the hotel is located in an elegant Cape Edwardian mansion on the slopes of Lion’s Head in the extremely prestigious area of Bantry Bay. A Relais & Chateaux property, Ellerman House is adults-only and is set in one and a half acres of lush gardens with breathtaking sea views. There are just 11 rooms, two suites and two three-bedroom villas to choose from, and this ultra exclusive property boasts two lounges, a fitness center, spa, dining room, three dining terraces, brandy lounge, wine gallery, champagne cellar and contemporary art gallery.

Each of the guest accommodation has its own private balcony offering stunning sea views, and although the price is high, a night’s accommodation will also get you breakfast, transfers to and from the airport and access to the fitness center and spa. Dining is a gourmet’s delight, with delectable dishes prepared by the hotel’s own personal chef and hospitality team.

Aside from being one of Cape Town’s most sought-after residential districts, Bantry Bay is very central, just 10 minutes by car from the center of the city, and close to some of its best beaches, including Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandadnu. As the hotel is not open to the public, guests who stay here enjoy a very private retreat. In fact, the hotel is often booked out for private events and celebrations.

A stay here is not only private and exclusive, it’s guaranteed pure luxe. Just what one would expect of the most sumptuous offering in South Africa, which is renowned for its luxury hotels, such as the One&Only Cape Town, the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel and The Twelve Apostles (all in Cape Town), as well as the Four Seasons the Westcliff in Johannesburg and the legendary Oyster Box in KwaZulu-Natal.


As South Africa is in the southern hemisphere, the country is enjoying a superb summer, which lasts all the way to April 2017. The very best times to visit Cape Town are in February or March, so if you are interested in a stay at the country’s very best hotel, let Baroque Travel make all the arrangements for you. Contact us right away, info@baroquetravel.com and we will take care of all travel necessities for you, including flights, transfers and reservations at exclusive Ellerman’s House.

New Cape Town hotel, The Silo

Opening in Cape Town on the famous V&A Waterfront in March 2017, The Silo Hotel will be one of the most unusual luxury hotels in this magnificent city. Baroque Travel unearths all the details


The Silo Hotel, one of a selection owned by the South African company, The Royal Portfolio collection, is set to open its doors in March 2017. It’s small, with only 28 extremely plush guest rooms and a one-bedroomed penthouse, and is located in the grain elevator portion of the historic waterfront grain silo building located in Cape Town’s harbor area. The hotel occupies six floors above the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA), which is currently being built and is set to open in September, 2017. This contemporary art museum will rival the likes of London’s Tate Modern, MOMA in NYC and Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid. The museum’s founding art collectionis from Jochen Zeitz, hence the museums name.


The entire building, including the new hotel, was designed by world-famous architect Thomas Heatherwick, founder and owner of Heatherwick Studio in London. The elevator house that forms the hotel as well as the next-door storage annex of six rows of seven silos, were all masterfully refurbished and transformed into a masterpiece that will become one of the city’s legendary landmarks.


All the accommodation and public spaces at this unique establishment have been individually designed by the founder of the hotel, Liz Biden, and her husband Phil, who own The Royal Portfolio group of superlative, award-winning establishments in South Africa, including  Royal Malewane, an exquisite safari lodge in the country’s Greater Kruger National Park; the stunning La Residence boutique hotel in Franschoek in the spectacular Cape Winelands; Birkenhead House in the seaside town of Hermanus and The One Above, an ultra-luxurious penthouse also located on the V&A Waterfront.


This brand new hotel towers above the Waterfront in Cape Town. Every single room at The Silo features breathtaking views of some of Cape Town’s legendary sights, including Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, Cape Town Stadium and Robben Island. The entire new building is modern and industrial in style, but still resembles the original structure. At night, the building is transformed into a beacon on the harbor. Because of the hotel’s unique architecture, the rooms are high-ceilinged, many offering pillowed window bays.



The Silo offers various facilities, including a number of restaurants and bars, a spa, gymnasium and beautiful rooftop swimming pool offering 360-degree panoramic views of the city and the waterfront.

The building’s history is fascinating. Originally built in 1924 over a period of three years, it was 57 meters tall, making it the tallest building in Sub-Saharan Africa at the time. The grain silo closed in 2001 after almost 80 years during which it played an integral part of international trade as an export facility. It also provided important infrastructure to the country’s regional agricultural economies supporting local farming communities and in addition, it made a major contribution to economic activities in Table Bay Harbor.


If you would like to book a room at this iconic Cape Town hotel when it opens in March 2017, contact Baroque Travel right away and we will organize this for you, info@baroquetravel.com. We can also arrange flights, transfers, sightseeing and anything else you require on your trip to Cape Town.

Royal Mansour Marrakech

Africa’s hidden gem, Morocco, awaits, with more luxury than you can imagine, at the magnificent Royal Mansour Marrakech. Baroque Travel investigates


Renowned for its unparalleled level of excellence, this exquisite five star establishment combines Moroccan with a level of luxury that is unsurpassed. With its exquisite Moorish architecture, gourmet dining opportunities and a level of luxury unseen before in this part of Africa, the Royal Mansour Marrakech beckons visitors to visit and experience the ultimate vacation.

From the moment you enter the exquisite main reception building, you’ll be blown away. There’s a fabulous spacious lobby, a bar, an assortment of luxe lounges, not to mention three excellent restaurants and a stunning library. Craftsmen have created a masterpiece, evident in the lace embedded plaster, carved ceilings, floors and walls. To add a special touch of luxury, there’s an intricate series of underground tunnels that join the main building with each of the 53 riads, so that staff can discreetly pander to their guests’ whims in the utmost privacy.

Commissioned by Marrakech’s King Mohammed VI, this hotel leads the way when it comes to the gold standard. Located on the eastern edge of Marrakech in the historic part of the city and close to the Ville Nouvelle (New Town), the hotel is a tranquil retreat from the urban bustle yet close enough to be there in five minutes by taxi. Each of the 53 two-story riads or villas offer the utmost privacy, with a network of underground passages available for staff to get to and from. There are lush and luxurious suede and silk carpets, velvet brocade couches and exquisite chandeliers from the houses of Lalique, Baccarat and other Venetian designers.

At the Royal Mansour Marrakech, service is unpretentious and unrivalled. Guests have a choice of staying in the privacy of their one, two or three-bedroomed riads for the entire trip or taking advantage of the many facilities on offer, which include an outdoor pool, three restaurants (French, Moroccan and ‘informal’), an art gallery, library, and what is known as the best spa and hammam in Marrakech. Of course staying in your individual riad is an experience in itself; in your exclusive retreat, the bedrooms are lavishly decorated, there’s a dining room for private meals, an open fireplace in the salon, and a staff of 10 to look after you.

Dining at the hotel is of the highest standard, and aside from the restaurants, guests can also visit the tea lounge, a choice of two bars and a fumoir (smoking room), a great spot for a Montecristo cigar and some Cognac.


If you would like to experience the ultimate luxury getaway in Morocco, let Baroque Travel arrange your stay at this exceptional hotel. Contact us immediately, info@baroquetravel.com and we will make all your travel arrangements for you.

Mandarin Oriental spreads its wings to the African continent

Mandarin Oriental has opened its first resort on the African continent, the magnificent Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech located close to the city center. Within months of opening, the hotel has won every possible excellence award. Baroque Travel finds out all about it


Spread over 20 hectares of exquisite landscaped gardens that are home to more than 100,000 fragrant roses and well-tended olive groves, this brand new luxury retreat is a Morrocan paradise, featuring beautiful villas and spacious suites as well as a fine selection of three excellent restaurants and a stunning spa. Although it’s just 10 minutes’ drive to the city, you will feel as if you’re in the countryside, it’s so tranquil there.


This award-winning hotel, which opened to the public in late 2015, has already won numerous awards. It is listed amongst the best new hotels in 2016 by Conde Nast Traveller on their Hot List 2016, it’s known as one of the world’s top wedding venues, the best new hotels on the planet (IT List 2016) and one of the best hotels for Romance (About.com Travel). The Spa has been awarded The Best Luxury Spa in Morocco in the World Luxury Spa Awards… and the list goes on, and on!


Accommodation is in 54 luxurious villas and 9 spacious suites, all stylish and luxe, as one would expect from the Mandarin group. The villas offer one or two bedrooms. They are spacious, designed as miniature ‘riads’ around an enclosed courtyard and feature private heated infinity pools, Jacuzzis and open-air showers in the private walled garden.


The villa’s outdoor area is meant for relaxing, with four-poster loungers, sofas, a fireplace, dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. Throughout the villa, the finishes are superb with hand-woven rugs, textured latticework screens and every possible modern convenience, including a retractable TV at the base of the bed and automated shutters.


Unlike many of Morocco’s plush hotels, this one offers understated luxury and tranquility. Add to that an exceptional selection of facilities including two swimming pools, one indoor and the other outside, access to two golf courses (both are premier golf clubs), cooking classes, a spa with yoga and fitness studios, personal trainer and nutritional programs and a variety of customized activities and tours – and you have what has to be the most superlative offering in Marrakech.


With a choice of three restaurants, dining is always a delectable experience. Overseen by celebrated chef Meryem Cherkaoui, who was trained by no other than Paul Bocuse, the menus include a breakfast buffet, snacks, pastries and champagne in the Salon Berbère, organic vegetarian lunches and al fresco dining at the Pool Garden and fine dining Moroccan-style either in the hotel restaurant or in the privacy or your villa or suite.


The newest of the hotel’s dining offerings is Ling Ling, which has just opened. This new dining concept where food accompanies drinks called Ling Ling by Hakkasan creates a new experience for guests where they enjoy drinking, dancing and dining together. The innovative experience offers an exciting cocktail menu, small plates of exquisitely prepared Cantonese dishes that are perfect for sharing, and a fabulous soundtrack by Hakkasan resident DJ in London, Pathaan. Ling Ling offers an outdoor terrace, lounge and bar.


Leisure activities offer guests an opportunity to do as little, or as much as you want to do when on vacation. The spa will keep you occupied with all sorts of health and wellness treatments as well as yoga, gym, nutrition advice and anything else you may require. In addition, the resort has a jogging trail, offers bicycle hire and there are numerous customized tours as well as cultural visits to the Medina (that’s the city) that you can enjoy, as well as shopping trips that can be organized.


If you would like to book a stay at this brand new luxury establishment, contact Baroque Travel right away, and we will arrange it for you. We can also organize all of your travel details, if you wish, from flights and transfers to sightseeing tours. So contact us now, info@baroquetravel.com and we will organize everything for you.

Luxury boutique hotel offers South African diamond safari

The magnificent boutique hotel, Ellerman House in Cape Town has partnered with Benguela Diamonds to launch the first-ever local ‘diamond safari’ to South Africa’s west coast. Baroque Travel has all the details


If you’re lucky enough to be staying at Ellerman House, which is a plush boutique hotel in the exclusive suburb of Bantry Bay in Cape Town, you can take advantage of their special one-day adventure, a diamond safari to the mineral-rich Western coast of South Africa. The special day’s visit includes road transfers, a private jet, all food and beverages, for US$ 15,700 for up to six people. To purchase a diamond and have a piece of diamond jewelry designed and manufactured is at a separate cost.

Guests are picked up in a chauffeured limousine early in the morning and driven to a private terminal at Cape Town International Airport for a special charter flight from Cape Town to Port Nolloth on the west coast. The flight in a Swiss-designed PC12 Jet or a Kingair 200 aircraft takes approximately 75 minutes.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be of particular interest to couples planning to get married, celebrating a special anniversary of an important milestone. They will be part of a sea diamond’s special journey from its humble start at the bottom of the sea to its transformation into an exclusive jewel that symbolizes love and beauty.

In Port Nolloth the guests enjoy a gourmet breakfast and lunch specially prepared for them by a private chef in a luxury villa. This is washed down with wines from Ellerman House, which is renowned for its impressive collection. Guests have the unique opportunity of joining the Benguela dive masters under the water where they can actually dive for their own diamond, or be on the boat for when the precious seabed gravel is brought up to the surface. They then fly back to Ellerman House and enjoy the hotel’s signature Dom Perignon Experience, sundowners with a vintage bottle of bubbly paired with a delicious bento-box style dinner prepared by the hotel’s executive chef.

The unique diamond safari is available from 1 September 2016 and is dependent on weather conditions.

Of course, staying at Ellerman House is another delightful experience that is not worth missing. The hotel is located in a house that was originally built for British shipping magnate Sir John Ellerman. Exclusive and plush, it offers all the comforts of a private residence with every possible amenity offered by a luxury hotel. With an idyllic setting with panoramic sea views, this elegant Cape Edwardian structure is chic and modern and boasts an impressive art collection. It’s ideally situated just 10 minutes from shops, restaurants and entertainment at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, and within walking distance of both Clifton and Camps Bay beaches. Accommodation is a choice of opulent rooms and suites in Ellerman House itself or in one of its ultra-modern villas. Dining is a gourmet experience, paired with fine vintage wines. The hotel also offers daily wine and brandy tastings. Guests can also embark on tours to explore three of the Cape’s famous farms in the Winelands.


If you would like to book your own very special Diamond Safari, or would like to stay at the magnificent Ellerman House, let Baroque Travel make all the arrangements for you. Contact us right away, info@baroquetravel.com and we will take care of it all.

Magical African island holidays in Mozambique

Experience the ultimate luxury island holiday in magical Mozambique at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort & Spa, one of the most stunning resorts on the continent

This magnificent resort has an exceptionally magnificent location on its own private island and is famous by those in the know for offering every luxury facility for a romantic beach getaway. The island itself is a true paradise with endless stretches of white sand beach fringing the Indian Ocean, an untouched enthralling underwater world which you can explore scuba diving and snorkeling, and a breathtaking environment. Paradise doesn’t get any better than this.

The tiny island where Anantara Medjume Island Resort & Spa is situated is in the midst of the Quirimbas Archipelago, off northern Mozambique. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and offers the chance to get away from it all while still enjoying every possible luxury. Visitors get to walk along pristine beaches washed brand new by the tide. They are pampered at the resort’s state-of-the-art spa which features a beachfront villa so that they can hear the sounds of the sea whilst they are enjoying their treatments. Dining is a pleasure, with tantalising cuisine, both local and international, on offer. Guests enjoy every meal while soaking up sensational sea views.

Island holidays are all about spending time in and around the water. Enjoy snorkelling and diving in magnificent coral reefs, choose from a wide selection of of water sports, go whale-watching on an exciting boat trip, or take an intimate cruise to a remote spot for a picnic. The resort is famous for its exclusivity and lush offerings, the environment is extraordinarily beautiful and tranquil, and as it’s designed for adults-only, it’s ideal for a romantic sojourn.


Facts about Mozambique

Situated on South Africa’s south-eastern coast, bordering South Africa and Swaziland to the south, Mozambique is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Africa because of its superb snorkelling opportunities, delectable seafood and 2,500km coastline and exquisite paradise islands.

Language: Portuguese and English

Time: GMT +2

Visa: Not required

Currency: Mozambican Metical

When to go: Between June and October.


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There is only one...

Cape Town, South Africa has become one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. And for the ultimate in luxe, you can stay in a dream suite at the majestic One&Only Cape Town


The magnificent Mother City of Cape Town, located on the tip of Africa, is one of the most breathtaking locations to visit. Add accommodation in one of the most exquisite hotels on the continent, and you have the ultimate bucket-list experience. The Presidential Suite at the One&Only Cape Town not only offers breathtaking views of the sea and the city’s idyllic setting, but with Cape Town’s signature landmark, Table Mountain, as its backdrop, the location is quite unique.

Of course, the Suite itself is beyond compare. It’s huge – 4,122 feet in size, and offers two magnificent bedrooms as well as a spacious semi-open-plan dining and lounge area. There’s a media/screening room, kitchenette – and let’s not forget the small exercise room complete with treadmill and free weights. To make sure that guests feel like royalty 24/7, there is a butler on call every second of the day. Guests enjoy the unsurpassed view through floor-to-ceiling windowsas well as a balcony that runs the full width of the suite.

The master suite has not one, but two en suite bathrooms, labeled ‘His’ and ‘Hers’, both offering steam rooms, and the other guest room has its own en suite facilities. The oval bathtub in the master suite’s facilities is quite spectacular and offers the opportunity to watch the sun set while bathing in luxury. The dining area seats up to 12 people comfortably and is screened off from the lounge by a ceiling-high sculpture. Throughout, décor is in tones of copper and deep purple.

For the ultimate relaxation, guests enjoy every possible form of entertainment in the media/screening room, which offers a vast TV, as well as a selection of audio-visual options. Of course, the One&Only, like its counterparts around the world, offers every possible luxury facility including the likes of a wine loft and personal training sessions, a spectacular spa with superb treatment offerings, excellent gourmet restaurants (one of these is the renowned Nobu) and a stunning private pool area and pool bar. Guests in the Presidential Suite enjoy a complimentary cabana at the poolside reserved for them every day. Need we say more? And if you don’t feel like dining in one of the restaurants, the full menu from the Ruben Riffel is available in your suite.

The hotel is ideally situated close to the Victoria&Alfred Waterfront, a mecca for shopping, dining and being entertained as well as a working harbor. And many of the city’s myriad sights and beaches are a short drive away.

The dollar is strong in South Africa, which means you can enjoy the country’s many delights at seriously reduced rates. And that includes the One&Only Presidential Suite, which is approximately $8,000 per night. Especially for those who want to enjoy Cape Town to the full, the hotel is offering a special ‘Stay 4, Pay 3 nights’ promotion until 17 December 2016. This can also apply to longer stays.


If you would like to enjoy an unsurpassed luxury experience at this sumptuous hotel, Baroque Travel will make the reservations for you. And if you need assistance in travel arrangements to South Africa, they will do this for you, too. Contact them right away, info@baroquetravel.com.

Cape Town luxe is available for canines too

If you’re planning to visit South Africa’s glorious Mother City to soak up some sun and spectacular scenery, you don’t need to leave your dogs behind. The stunning @Frits Hotel will take care of them for you, while you’re on the beach, or travelling inland to explore.


The @Frits Hotel is Africa’s first five-star dog accommodation, opened by pet lover Yanic Klue in December, 2015 to pander to South Africa’s pampered pooches. Of course, as the exchange rate is so good in South Africa, it won’t set you back much to keep your canine in the lap of luxe – room rates are around $17 (that’s R250) per night in the hotel, which is located in the city’s colorful Bokaap district on the fringes of the city center.

The dog hotel offers a number of suites with suitable names, such as ‘Jurassic Bark’, which boasts wallpaper full of palm trees, ‘Pupeye the Sailor Suite’, ‘Hollywoof’ and the ‘Dogald Trump Suite’ and there are all sorts of facilities available, including dawn walks or evening climbs up the slopes of the spectacular Table Mountain. Those canines who prefer a more leisurely lifestyle can watch Animal Planet on screens mounted in the hotel lobby or in the privacy of one of the hotel’s seven suites.


The hotel can accommodate up to 100 dogs at a time, but as it’s peak summer in the Cape right now, much of the hotel is full. However, schools start off 2016 by the latest the end of January, so if you’re planning to take your dog on vacation, that’s the best time to book. In addition, Cape Town is spectacular at that time of the year, making it an ideal time for a vacation.

Of course, the hotel boasts its own canine, an Irish Terrier aptly named Frits. Its owner, Yanic Klue is well versed in running a hotel – she also owns a human hotel called Dutch Manor, a beautifully restored 19th Century heritage building in the city center, which is often used for films and adverts because of its authenticity.


@Frits’ rooms and suites are decorated with dog-size beds complete with duvets and sofas. Overnight guests can be monitored by their owners via webcam and a smartphone app.  After some outdoor activity, they can make use of the hotel spa for a wash, pedicure or trim, and then there are all sorts of activities indoors to keep them amused, from games to TV. The hotel also caters for an hourly ‘doggy daycare’ service, and fussy owners even pack their pooches specially cooked or canned meals!

Of course, dog daycare and hotels for hounds are popular in the US and Europe, but it’s the first hotel of its kind in Africa, and the first chance that overseas visitors will have to bring their pets with them while they’re on vacation. Although there are many comfortable kennels and pet spas in South Africa, this hotel is the first of its kind. And if it’s as popular as we think it will be, we’re sure there will be plenty more popping up in the future.


If you would like to book your mutt into @Frits, either for overnight stays or for doggie daycare, let Baroque Access make all the arrangements for you. Contact us, info@baroqueaccess.com right away. If you’d like to book a vacation in captivating Cape Town, our sister company, Baroque Travel will do this for you, no problem. Just contact info@baroquetravel.com.

Beach bliss in Mauritius

Escape the winter chill and book your room or suite at the magnificent 5 star Constance Belle Mare Plage on the paradise island of Mauritius


Snow, ice and blizzards are standard at this time of the year, but you can start 2016 off in the sun if you prefer. And we have just the island resort hotel in mind. Part of prestigious hotel brand Constance Hotels and Resorts’ unique establishments, the beautiful Constance Belle Mare is a glorious retreat. Located on the island’s spectacular east coast, the hotel offers superlative world class luxury and pampering, making it one of the most sought-after destinations on the island of Mauritius.


Constance Belle Mare Plage is one of the island’s oldest hotels. It’s also situated on one of Mauritius’ most exquisite stretches of golden sand beach. It originally opened in 1975 as a small self-catering resort with just 10 bungalows; since 1992 it’s been part of the Constance group of hotels and resorts. Two years later, the group opened the island’s famous Legend Golf Course, which is located across the road from the hotel.


Overlooking 2km of perfect white sand and surrounded by 37 acres of magical tropical gardens, this luxury hotel now offers guests five different types of accommodation. The hotel, which was rebuilt and renovated to five star status before opening in 1992, offers guests a choice of rooms and contemporary suites as well as exquisite, exclusive family villas that boast their own private gardens, swimming pool and butler. Whether you’re young, old, active or wishing to enjoy a private, tranquil getaway, the accommodation can cater to your requirements.


Guests enjoy a choice of seven excellent restaurants, each offering specialized cuisine, from international to traditional island fare. Gastronomic experiences include a romantic Mediterranean dishes at La Spiaggia which is located right on the sea. The Deer Hunter is situated in the clubhouse overlooking Legend golf course and offers traditional Mauritian dishes. Then there’s Blue Penny Café, an intimate setting filled with the sound of waterfalls cascading. Food is a gourmet delight, and there’s an excellent wine cellar and cigar cabinet to treat the hedonist in you. The hotel also boasts a choice of five bars offering a selection of drinks and cocktails.


The Legend golf course, which was designed by South African golf legend Hugh Baiocchi, is one of two golf courses owned by the hotel. Legend, the first 18-hole course on the island, began a trend that has made Mauritius a dedicated golf destination. Spreading over 70 hectares in what used to be a reserve for deer, who still roam the course, Legend is a must on any golf aficionado’s list. There’s also The Links, the second golf course owned by the hotel .which opened in 2002. It’s also an 18-hole championship golf course, but that’s where the similarity ends. The Links, like its name, is designed on a links concept, with rolling wide fairways. Both golf courses offer a Golf Academy, where guests can enjoy professional coaching by qualified instructors.


Of course, golf is not the only sport to enjoy at this sumptuous seaside resort.

Constance Belle Mare Plage boasts an excellent diving centre that takes guests on deep sea diving adventures. They can also enjoy snorkeling and a wide selection of water sports, including pedalo boats, windsurfing and waterskiing. Landlubbers can rent bicycles and explore the spectacular surroundings.


The state-of-the-art U Spa by Constance and the equally pampering Ymalia Spa both offer a choice of heavenly body and beauty treatments, while children aged between four and 12 years enjoy the complimentary Constance Kids club, a wonderland for children offering daily programs.


If you’d like to enjoy five star spoiling that is quite superlative, contact Baroque Travel right away and we will arrange your trip to the sun for you, including flights, transfers and accommodation. Just mail us your details now, info@baroquetravel.com and we’ll get back to you.

New luxury Ritz-Carlton opens in Cairo

As Egypt becomes a sought-after travel destination, luxury hotel brand Ritz-Carlton opens a sumptuous establishment in Cairo


Photo source: Community Times

Photo source: Community Times

According to prestigious travel companies, Egypt has become one of the most popular travel destinations for the coming year. Which is why luxury hotel brand Ritz-Carlton saw fit to open a new luxury hotel in the country’s capital city, the Nile Ritz-Carlton. Located right on the Nile River, hence its name, this spectacular new establishment had a previous incarnation as the historic Nile Hilton, and hosted numerous celebrities including the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra. Ritz-Carlton purchased the hotel in 2009, and had originally planned to refurbish it and reopen by 2011. However, because of political unrest and various construction challenges, this took longer than planned.


Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

But finally, this landmark heritage building has reopened its doors. The Nile Ritz-Carlton boasts 331 magnificent, sumptuous guest rooms and suites, all decorated in traditional style, most with beautiful views of the Nile. The hotel offers every luxury facility, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, 10 excellent restaurants and lounges offering every type of cuisine imaginable, from Arabic to Italian and everything in between.


Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

In typical Ritz-Carlton fashion, guests also enjoy various expeditions during their stay to get to know the city and the culture. They are offered visits to the famous Khan el-Khalili bazaar and the magnificent Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, as well as a private luxury dining experience on a traditional Egyptian sailboat, called a felucca. And for families, Ritz-Carlton’s signature Ritz Kids program entertains children while their parents have a break.


View from the Presidential Suite; Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

View from the Presidential Suite; Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

Of course, the best way to get to know any city properly, is to explore at leisure, strolling through the city’s streets. And Cairo is a joy to explore. It’s a lively, active city that stays vibrant until after midnight. Stroll along the banks of the Nile, enjoy dining at a choice of restaurants, go shopping in modern stores or traditional markets – Cairo has a wealth of sights to see, just waiting to be discovered.

The Great Pyramids; Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

The Great Pyramids; Photo source: The Ritz Carlton

Of course, Cairo is also home to the famous Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, known as some of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a busy, bustling, exciting place, with a skyline full of mosques and minarets, a combination of ancient Arab culture and modern Western traditions. As the largest city in Africa, home to more than 20 million people. The Nile Ritz-Carlton offers a welcome respite, a luxurious retreat with sophisticated solitude and stunning views of the Nile.


If you would like to book a stay at this sumptuous new hotel, let Baroque Travel make all the arrangements for you. Contact us, info@baroquetravel.com, and we will take care of everything.

Table Bay Hotel (Cape Town, South Africa)

An iconic Cape Town hotel with incomparable mountain views

Table Bay Hotel boasts magnificent mountain views

Table Bay Hotel boasts magnificent mountain views

There’s only one place to stay when visiting the magnificent Mother City of Cape Town, and that’s on the historic Victoria & Albert Waterfront. Of all the hotels on the Waterfront, the one offering the most magnificent Mountain View is the iconic Table Bay Hotel.

The Table Bay Hotel has become almost as much of a landmark as the mountain. When you stay at this classic five star hotel, the mountain is ever-present, dominating the spectacular surroundings, which include the bustling working harbor and the constantly changing hues of the Atlantic Ocean.

Table Bay Hotel's accommodation offers an olde worlde feel with all the modern and luxe fixings a guest could wish for.   

Table Bay Hotel's accommodation offers an olde worlde feel with all the modern and luxe fixings a guest could wish for.   

Table Bay is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, and had the honor of being officially opened by the great Nelson Mandela in 1997. Although the hotel is renowned for its classic, olde worlde feel, its rooms and facilities are all modern and luxe. Each room has a writing desk, walk-in closet and satellite TV, and en suite facilities.

Guests at the Table Bay enjoy a wide selection of facilities, including a stunning private pool.

Guests at the Table Bay enjoy a wide selection of facilities, including a stunning private pool.

Guests at the Table Bay enjoy a wide selection of facilities, including a superb spa, private swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium as well as a free shuttle service to various locations around Cape Town. Guests can explore the shops, restaurants and historic buildings at the Waterfront or visit nearby Sea Point and other popular sights with ease. The hotel also offers a choice of two restaurants with excellent cuisine – and High Tea at the Table Bay is a tradition, and well worth enjoying.

The hotel also offers a choice of two restaurants with exquisite cuisine. 

The hotel also offers a choice of two restaurants with exquisite cuisine. 

Ideally located away from the bustle of the Waterfront, but close enough to enjoy its myriad delights, the Table Bay Hotel is a haven of tranquility where the beauty of Cape Town can be appreciated to its fullest.

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North Island Magic (Seychelles)

 For those that think they have, “been there and done that”, there is still one untouched paradise island where you can escape in unsurpassed luxury – North Island, Seychelles. We chatted to Maira Koutoudakis, the face behind the retreat’s award-winning design

North Island in the Seychelles is one of the few remaining untouched island retreats where you can escape in unsurpassed luxury

North Island in the Seychelles is one of the few remaining untouched island retreats where you can escape in unsurpassed luxury

Every few years, Maira and her design team head from South Africa to the Seychelles to “up the notch on luxury” at this exclusive retreat. North Island is where British Royals William and Kate spent their honeymoon, Angelina and Brad Pitt frolicked with their brood and where the Beckhams chose to spend their 10th wedding anniversary. They are just a handful of celebrities from all over the world who have escaped to North Island for the ultimate luxury holiday.

Only 15 minutes via helicopter from Mahe Island, North Island is easily accessible to those willing to pay for resort's sumptuous privileges. 

Only 15 minutes via helicopter from Mahe Island, North Island is easily accessible to those willing to pay for resort's sumptuous privileges. 

North Island is just 15 minutes via private chopper from Mahe Island, making this sumptuous retreat easily accessible to those who pay for the privilege of its privacy, exquisitely opulent accommodations and sumptuous facilities. Maira and her team have created a lifestyle on the island that is quite extraordinary, not only in its beauty, but also in the variety of offerings.

With its interiors designed by Maira Koutoudakis and her talented team, North Island offers exquisitely opulent accommodations and sumptuous facilities 

With its interiors designed by Maira Koutoudakis and her talented team, North Island offers exquisitely opulent accommodations and sumptuous facilities 

North Island is where you are pampered with everything your heart desires, from a superb health spa and gymnasium to library, dive center, sunset bar and restaurant. An untouched paradise just waiting to be explored. This is a sanctuary for the privileged few who can afford to escape here.

Untouched Sanctuary - Maira's North Island designs made sure it incorporated as much of the island's breathtaking environment as it possibly can.  

Untouched Sanctuary - Maira's North Island designs made sure it incorporated as much of the island's breathtaking environment as it possibly can.  

In June, Team Life, as Maira calls her design team, headed back to North Island to refurbish and uplift what is already one of the most sublime holiday experiences in the world. They worked in this paradise setting for five full weeks, ensuring that this ultimate Seychelles retreat remains the cream of the crop.

Maira has been involved in creating North Island’s magic since its inception 14 years ago. Based in South Africa, this Greek beauty has won every possible accolade for her designs of magnificent escapes around the world, including luxurious bush lodges in Kenya, Botswana, Namibia and Uganda, as well as various locations around Europe including the UK and Greece. Of course, North Island has won more than its fair share, thanks to Maira’s creativity. The ones she’s most proud of include her contributions to eco tourism.

Whilst working on North Island, eco tourism played a major part in the refurbishment, and the team was involved in introducing new bird species to the island, as well as rehabilitating the island itself from invasive flora and fauna. “We are involved in every aspect of the island, not just its design,” she explains. Creating the North Island way of life is intrinsic to Maira’s success. Esteemed travel tomes like Conde Nast Traveller offer her accolades every time they mention North Island, and Tatler awarding North Island various titles including “Consistently brilliant hotel”.

Maira Koutsoudakis creates magic. Why not escape to North Island and experience some of it?

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Londolozi Game Reserve - The Ultimate Safari Experience

One of the best, if not the best, game lodges in Southern Africa, the Londolozi Game Reserve has welcomed visitors from all over the globe for almost a century offering the ultimate safari experience. 

If you’re a seasoned traveller, you’ve either enjoyed an African safari or it’s on your bucket list. African lodges offer the opportunity to go into the wild and experience nature at its best but they are also renowned for their sumptuous hospitality.  Londolozi is the first game reserve in the world to be designated Relais & Chateaux status thanks to its plush accommodation, superb cuisine and exceptional service.

The lodge is situated on the edge of the Sand River in the heart of the Sabi Sand Reserve, which is part of the six-million-acre Limpopo Transfrontier Park, home to the world famous Kruger National Park. In this rich wonderland, elephants and buffalos roam free alongside the largest population of white rhinos and lions on the African continent.

The Londolozi Game Reserve has welcomed visitors from all over the globe for almost a century offering the ultimate safari experience. 

The Londolozi Game Reserve has welcomed visitors from all over the globe for almost a century offering the ultimate safari experience. 

Everything about the safari experience at Londolozi is world class and one-of-a-kind which is why visitors flock here from all over the world. There are five different camps to choose from, and all offer the same exceptional experience that Londolozi is so famous for. Whether it's their exceptional cuisine, exciting game viewing adventures, ultra-luxurious accommodation and a wide range of activities suchncluding yoga classes, walking with elephants, stargazing, photographic and walking safaris, a fully equipped gym, wellness centre, library – and more. The Londolozi pretty much has it all.

Accommodation options includes three sumptuous Private Granite Suites, each with its own private heated pool. They are designed to bring the outside into the interior, with a palette of silver, charcoal and elephant grey in exquisite materials. The Tree Camp offers guests elegant accommodation that includes Ralph Lauren wallpaper, private pools, contemplation decks and chocolate plaited leather beds. Here guests survey the landscape from their private decks and watch elephants feeding below in the river. 

Sumptuous Living - Guests at Londolozi are treated to nothing less than 5-star accommodation

Sumptuous Living - Guests at Londolozi are treated to nothing less than 5-star accommodation

When it comes to the wildlife experience, few can rival the game drives Londolozi can offer. The knowledge and vast experience of the rangers and trackers make visitors feel completely at ease. The photographic safaris are their specialty where the majestic animals, the variety of birds and trees are a sight to behold.

Unrivaled Safari Experience - Located within the world famous Kruger National Park, elephants and buffalos roam free alongside the largest population of white rhinos and lions on the African continent.

Unrivaled Safari Experience - Located within the world famous Kruger National Park, elephants and buffalos roam free alongside the largest population of white rhinos and lions on the African continent.

Londolozi's mouthwatering cuisine are created exclusively of homegrown and organic ingredients, where guests will enjoy recipes that have been handed down through the generations.

Londolozi's mouthwatering cuisine are created exclusively of homegrown and organic ingredients, where guests will enjoy recipes that have been handed down through the generations.

Last but not least the Londolozi adventure also includes dining on superb cuisine. Each day is designed around different culinary treats, from tempting tidbits before an early morning game drive to a hearty breakfast, delicious lunch and indulgent high tea before the afternoon game drive. And then there’s the grand finale, a banquet enjoyed by the fire or a private dinner. The ingredients are home grown and organic and the recipes have been handed down through the generations.

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Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa (Cape Town, South Africa) - Iconic Landmark

Nestled between the unspoiled natural beauty of the majestic Twelve Apostles mountain range in the Table Mountain National Park, and the Atlantic Ocean; The Twelve Apostle Hotel and Spa has repeatedly been voted as one of Cape Town's best hotel.

This African oasis offers 55 spaciously appointed guest room, 15 luxurious suites and Presidential Suite, each individually decorated and reflecting a fresh, calming environment with simplicity, comfort and elegance.

Each guest room and suite at the Twelve Apostles is individually decorated and reflecting a fresh, calming environment with simplicity, comfort and elegance.

Each guest room and suite at the Twelve Apostles is individually decorated and reflecting a fresh, calming environment with simplicity, comfort and elegance.

Video of Presidential Suite

Guests can relax in one of two pools. You could either relax in an infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or their rock pool that allows you to gaze at the imposing mountain ranges.  Both pools have a special menu which is serviced by The Café Grill, for delicious light meals and café-style fare. At the fully serviced tanning deck (including 10 hammocks), guests are encouraged to take advantage of the complimentary refreshment stations that offer fresh fruit, water and sun screen lotion. 

Be pampered with a signature treatment at the outdoor Spa gazebo, while watching the sun set into the glittering Atlantic Ocean. The Spa menu  includes an extensive variety of health and beauty enhancing treatments to ensure that our guests are nurtured, purified, pampered and relaxed. Menu features skin & body treatments, manicure & pedicure, and therapy that involves the use of hydrotherapy pools, sauna and flotation tanks. 

At Twelve Apostle there is no shortage of outdoor activities for guests to enjoy

At Twelve Apostle there is no shortage of outdoor activities for guests to enjoy

The Spa menu  includes an extensive variety of health and beauty enhancing treatments

The Spa menu  includes an extensive variety of health and beauty enhancing treatments

Hotel guests are able to stroll straight from their rooms onto the mountainside to take in some fresh air and spectacular sea and mountain views. The Table Mountain National Park, a World Heritage Site, offers uninterrupted views and the hotel has created several packages for unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Twelve Apostles offer helicopter sightseeing tours as well as helicopter transfers back to Cape Town.

Twelve Apostles offer helicopter sightseeing tours as well as helicopter transfers back to Cape Town.

Thanks to the hotel's very own helipad Twelve Apostles can arrange helicopter sightseeing tours over the ocean and mountains. The hotel also provide guests helicopter transfer back to civilization. It only take a quick 8 minute helicopter ride back to Cape Town's city center. 

Foodies and Wine connoisseurs will not be disappointed with the hotel's culinary capabilities. 

Foodies and Wine connoisseurs will not be disappointed with the hotel's culinary capabilities. 

Staff at Twelve Apostle Hotel and Spa are renowned to be attentive but discreet and always courteous. You are encouraged to request a staff member to prepare a gourmet picnic for yourself and your loved one, or request a complimentary "sports buddy", where a staff member will accompany you on hikes through the majestic mountain trails. 

The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa aims to offer guests all the comforts of home with splendid luxury, thoughtful touches and the latest state-of-the-art facilities.

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