Eco Paradise in Madagascar

Madagascar is a true treasure island, in the midst of the Indian Ocean, one of the most fascinating biodiversity hotspots in the world. Baroque Travel investigates a new luxury retreat that has just opened there


This brand new retreat is the first five-star lodge in Madagascar, and visitors there can explore this untouched paradise in unmatched luxury and style. There are just 14 villas in all, located on a beautiful white sand beach in a tiny settlement called Nosy Ankao. Time + Tide Miavana is home to no less than four different species of turtles, which guests will discover when they stay in this paradise, which just happens to be a sanctuary for various threatened marine species. Another animal they will get familiar with is the Madagascan lemur, with their long tails, that live in the surroundings.

A highlight of visiting this brand new island sanctuary is an opportunity to explore by helicopter the many facets of the area, which include mangrove swamps nearby and exquisite hidden beaches just waiting to welcome footprints on the sand. The lodge itself is gaining a reputation for its sustainability projects that support the local residents.

The center and the hub of Miavana retreat is the Beach Piazza, home to a glittering infinity pool and a stunning rooftop bar. Guests can choose from various dining options including a private dinner in the beach pizzeria, snacks in the lounge or lunch or dinner in the Italian-inspired indoor grotto and cellar.

The villas themselves all offer the utmost privacy along a beach on the western side of the island, and provide guests with uninterrupted beach and ocean views.

Of course, the views are exquisite wherever you are in Miavana, beckoning you to explore further afield despite the resort’s luxury offerings. To familiarize yourself with what you will see in Madagascar, you must visit the resort’s museum; on display you’ll find numerous delights, including an elephant bird egg, dinosaur bones and sunken treasure.

The area in which Miavana is located, Nosy Ankao, is part of around 15,000 hectares of a protected marine area called Loky Manambato Protected Area. The luxury resort took almost four years to build with a team of 500 local workers. It was designed by award-winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, who are based in South Africa and are famous worldwide for their extraordinarily beautiful eco structures.

The resort has already gained recognition as the first completely sustainable lodge in Madagascar, and sets the standard for future projects on the island. It also provides a sustainable method of earning a living for those who live in the Nosy Ankao area.


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