Coming Soon, in December: Art Basel in Miami Beach

For years and years, visitors to Art Basel’s exhibits have come back with tales of a wonderful and diverse collection of galleries, all showcasing a breathtaking array of modern and contemporary artwork.

Every year, connoisseurs of creative art pieces flock to Art Basel events – which are always hosted in Basel Switzerland, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Here, at Art Basel’s exhibits and galleries, artists, collectors, curators, and museum directors– not to mention celebrities like Kanye West and Brad Pitt – cast their eyes on the magnificent pieces that line the walls of the gallery. As a cultural event that shines a spotlight on truly memorable pieces of art, Art Basel is without peer.

This year, Art Basel is coming to Miami Beach on December 4-7. Those who seek to escape the wintry cold of more northerly regions will find Miami Beach’s warm climate quite cheery – perhaps one of the reasons (out of many) why last year’s event drew 75,000 international visitors. And considering Miami Beach’s incomparable sandy beaches and glinting nightlife, it is little wonder that Art Basel has consistently become a worldwide attraction for all who desire a magnificent cultural event. Whether it’s uniquely creative mattress paintings or iconic Rauschenberg pieces (or even Yayoi Kusama’s large polka-dotted pumpkin piece), Art Basel is not an event to be missed.

The doors of the exhibit will open at 3 PM on Thursday, December 4, and close at 8 o’clock in the evening. The following two days will see the gallery open at noon and close at 8 PM, and the last day of the event will close at 6 PM. However, on December 3, Art Basel Miami Beach will be exclusively available for viewing to those who have been specially invited. An invite-only Vernissage on December 4, from 11 AM to 3 PM, will also provide a perfunctory flavor of the shape of things to come.

Of course, there will be guided tours – carried out by the esteemed art critics from ArtNexus, and in several languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Mandarin. Private tours, created through reservation, can also be readily had. Additionally, shuttles will be zipping back and forth from the Miami Beach Convention Center to different cultural hotspots and institutions in Miami at large – making navigation throughout the city a simple affair for all visitors.

In planning your trip to the Art Basel exhibit, it would surely be expedient to have a comprehensive view of what kind of transportation will be available, what hotels offer the best and most exclusive services, and what restaurants are most prized for their delectable edibles – and certainly acquainting oneself with the varied nightclubs on the beaches of Miami will also reap dividends in the form of a vibrant night life experience.

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