22 Jan to 1 Feb 2015

Celebrate independent movies of every type produced by creative talent from around the world at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend

Right now, celebrities, visitors and locals are flocking to enjoy the variety on offer at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, a selection of independent movies and other exciting offerings from all over the world covering a variety of genres.

 The Sundance Film Festival offers an original selection of fabulous documentary and dramatic films, shorts, installations, performances and music events. Not only is the event itself an intoxicating and inspirational event, it also offers talented creatives the opportunity to gain recognition from a worldwide audience.

 The festival, which was initiated by actor Robert Redford celebrates individual filmmakers and aims to find features and documentaries that “inspire, challenge, delight, startle, move and thrill” their viewers.

 For a full schedule of this inimitable event, visit And if you can’t make it to the Festival, that doesn’t mean you will miss out. Through this official website, you can enjoy daily live content including video and editorial coverage of movie premieres, music and other events.