Cannes Film Festival 2015

With the world spotlight on Cannes, as the 68th successive Cannes Film Festival takes place from May 13 to 24, Baroque Travel takes a look at the highlights


The Palme d’Or

Created in 1955 to replace the Grand Prize, it’s the Festival’s biggest award. There are two given out each year, one for a feature film and another for best short film. At the 2015 closing ceremony, French film director Agnes Varda will become the first woman film maker to receive this iconic award. There are 20 films in the running for this year’s Palm d’Or. They will be shown in the main theatre, the Theatre Lumiere.


The opening and closing films

The ceremony will open with the French drama entitled Standing Tall which was chosen for its theme, which revolves around the Charlie Hebdo shootings. The closing film is Ice and the Sky by Luc Jacquet that focuses on the future of the planet.



Wednesday May 13             

Grand Theatre Lumiere       7pm                           Opening Ceremony

                                                  7.45pm                      Standing Tall (Emmanuelle Bercot)


Thursday May 14                 

Grand Theatre Lumiere      8.30am or 7.30pm   Mad Max: Fury Road

                                                 12 noon                    Standing Tall

Salle Bunuel                          1pm                           Orson Welles, Shadows & Lights

Salle du Soixantieme          2pm                          The Third Man, 1949

Theatre Croisset at JW       9am & 7.30pm          In the Shadow of Women

Marriott                                12 noon                      Chile Factory

                                               2pm                            Platform (Jia Zhangke)

Espace Miramar                 8.30am                       The Anarchists (Elie Wajeman)

                                             11.30am, 5pm & 10.30pm    Sleeping Giant (Andrew Cividino)


Friday May 15                      

Grand Theatre Lumiere      8.30am & 7.30pm     Irrational Man (Woody Allen)

Salle Bunuel                         3pm                            By Sidney Lumet (Nancy Buirski)

                                                 8.15pm                      The Official Story, 1984

Salle du Soixantieme          11.30am                     Mad Max: Fury Road

Theatre Croisset at JW       12.15pm & 8.15pm     My Golden Days

Marriott                                3.15pm                         In the Shadow of Women

Espace Miramar                  8.30am                         Sleeping Giant (Andrew Cividino)

Salle Bunuel                        8.30am                         The Anarchists (Elie Wajeman)


Saturday May 16

Grand Theatre Lumiere     8.30am, 2.30 & 6pm  My Mother (Nanni Moretti)

                                                11.30am & 2.30pm    The Sea of Trees (Gus van Sant)

Salle Bunuel                         6.30pm                        A tale of love & darkness (Natalie Portman)

Salle Debussy                      2pm & 9.30pm           Maryland (Alice Winocour)

Salle Bunuel                         4pm                             Steve McQueen: Le Mans

Salle du Soixantieme          2pm                             Irrational Man (Woody Allen)

                                                 9.30pm                        The Lady from Shanghai Orson Wells, 1948


Sunday May 17

Grand Theatre Lumiere     12 noon & 76pm      Carol (Todd Haynes)

Salle Bunuel                         3pm                            La Marseillaise (Jean Renoir) 1938

                                                6.30pm                        Rocco & his Brothers (Visconti) 1960

Salle du Soixantieme         5.30pm                        Maryland (Alice Winocour)

Plage Mace                           9pm                             Ivan the Terrible (Eisenstein)

Theatre Croisette, JW         

Marriott                                2.30pm & 10.15pm    Green Room (Jeremy Saulnier)


Monday May 18

Grand Theatre Lumiere       11am, 7.15pm             Inside Out (Peter Docter)

Salle Debussy                        2pm & 10pm              The Chosen Ones (David Pablos)

Theatre Croisette, JW         

Marriott                                  3pm                               The Brand New Testament


Tuesday May 19

Grand Theatre Lumiere        7.30pm                       Amnesia (Barbet Schroeder)

Salle Bunuel                            3.30pm                      Hitchcock/Truffaut (Kent Jones)

Salle du Soixantieme             1.30pm                      Louder than Bombs (Joachim Trier)

                                                   7.15pm                      Ingrid Bergman in her own words

Plage Mace                              9pm                           Joe Hill (Bo Widerberg)

Theatre Croisette, JW         

Marriott                                    11.45am & 9.30pm    Songs my brothers never taught me (Chloe Zhao)


Wednesday May 20             

Grand Theatre Lumiere        8.30am, 3pm & 6.30pm        Youth (Paul Sorrentino)

Salle Bunuel                           7pm                            This is Orson Welles (Clara & Julia Kuperberg)

                                                  8pm                            Citizen Kane (Orson Welles) 1941

Plage Mace                             9pm                            The Terminator (James Cameron)


Thursday May 21                 

Salle Debussy                        2pm & 10pm            The Other Side (Roberto Minervini)

 Plage Mace                            9pm                            Apollo 13 (Ron Howard) 1995

Espace Miramar                    7pm                            Awards Ceremony


Friday May 22

Grand Theatre Lumiere        8.30am & 10pm         Chronic (Michel Franco)

                                                   11.30am & 7pm         The Little Prince (Mark Osborne)

Salle Bunuel                           11.30am, 5pm, 8pm & 10.15pm      Awards Ceremonies


Saturday 23 May

Grand Theatre Lumiere        8.30am, 2pm & 7pm    Macbeth (Justin Kurzel)

Salle Debussy                         7.15pm                      Closing Ceremony     

Salle Bunuel                           12 noon                     Harold & Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (Daniel Raim)

Plage Mace                             9pm                             The Usual Suspects (Bryan Singer)

Salle du Soixantieme           11.30am                      Chronic (Michel Franco)

                                                  2pm                            The Little Prince (Mark Osborne)

                                                  4.30pm                        Valley of Love (Guillaume Nicloux)

Theatre Croisette                  2pm & 7.30                 Awards Ceremonies

Baroque Travel can organise all your travel arrangements to Cannes so that you can enjoy the highlights of the Cannes Film Festival this year, even if you intend spending most of your time soaking up the sun and people watching. So contact us right away so that we can arrange your trip for you,