Saint Tropez Les Nuits du Chateau de la Moutte

Enjoy this famous Saint Tropez festival throughout August with lots of cultural music, dance and theatre in a magnificent 19th Century castle


Summer wouldn’t be the same without the iconic “Les Nuits du Chateau Moutte” Festival in Saint Tropez – and this year’s program looks to be even more exciting and vibrant than ever, with numerous concerts and performances by prestigious artists from around the world on one of the biggest stages imaginable.


Chateau Moutte is a unique, magical location, a 19th Century castle close to the beach at Canoubiers and set in the heart of a grove of palm trees. Throughout July and August this summer, it will be filled with the sound of music as various performances of dance, theatre and music take place.


This historic castle was built by First Secretary of Napoleon the Third, Emile Ollivier, who was married to the daughter of the famous composer Franz Liszt. Ollivier welcomed writers, musicians and politicians to the castle to share ideas. This tradition continues with the Festival, which has been part of Saint Tropez’s list of summer events. For the past 14 years, famous classical, jazz and dance performances have been held in the castle courtyard.


If you’re already in Saint Tropez, Baroque Travel can book your tickets to this iconic festival. And if you are deciding to travel on the spur of the moment, we can arrange this for you as well. Just email us right away, and we will arrange everything you need so that you can enjoy Les Nuits du Chateau de la Moutte in Saint Tropez this summer.


As most of the events are held during August, here is the 2015 program of events for this exciting Saint Tropez festival at Chateau La Moutte

Tuesday August 4

9pm Concert Musical Chapel Elizabeth Queen of Belgium with Augustin Dumay on violin.

Wednesday August 5

11am Meeting with the Public – Nicolas Dufetel, musicologist and lecturer

Friday August 7

9pm Beach Canebiers, St Tropez – A Piano on Water with Khatia Buniatisvili on piano

Sunday August 9

9pm Duo Prestige with Katia and Marielle Labeque on pianos

Tuesday August 11

9pm Jazz Concert with Katche percussion, Tore Brunborg on saxophone, Jim Watson on piano, Luca Aquino on trumpet

Thursday August 13

9pm Baroque Festival, Les Arts Florissants led by William Christie