For Just 100 Car Lovers: the Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series Rolls Out in 2015

Some people buy cars for looks. Some for performance. Others still purchase cars based on safety.

But some look to a car’s exclusiveness as the measure of the automotive experience par excellence.

It is the “most luxurious Panamera series ever,” according to Porsche itself. It’s also the most exclusive of all the Panamera series, as its name suggests. The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series, debuting at the LA Auto Show, comes with a price tag of over $260,000. But what makes this series truly exclusive is the limited quantity that will be produced – only 100. As a consequence, car enthusiasts and connoisseurs the world over will likely buy these exclusive Porsches almost as soon as they roll off the assembly line. But, of course, there is more to the Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series than simply a limit on production quantity.

Draped with fine Nappa leather – complete with a dark walnut tone – the interior of this car is a marvel of stylish automotive craftsmanship.  Inside each of the 100 cars there will be a handmade plaque showcasing the Porsche logo and a unique serial number. The two front seats are armed with a host of unique features, not the least of which is strong shoulder padding. Moreover, all of the seats in these Porsches will be perforated with special designs reminiscent of miniature Porsche crests. For the viewing pleasure of passengers, the rear of the forward seats is equipped with entertainment touchscreen displays of outstanding quality. Wireless headphones, along with a complete surround sound system, further enhance the comfort and restfulness of the Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series – solace to nerves harried by business, frayed by the din of a noise-mad millennium. The car’s lavish interior cradles passengers and drivers alike in a well of silence and smoothness.


But what if you are dawn-fresh and eager for a thrill? Beneath its polished black and chestnut fascia – a resplendent color combination that is sure to capture the eyes of onlookers – the car hides a 4.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine – more than enough power to level out hills and whip across the city. With a 570 horsepower engine driving the car’s carriage forward and firing up its 20-inch Sport Classic wheels, the Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series will have a top speed of over 190 miles per hour. The car will also come in other colors: jet black, silver metallic, mahogany, and pure white.


Capable of hitting 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, the Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series is, in essence, a daring marriage of luxury and performance – a sports car with an original and classy design.

As the final crescendo to a tale of automotive exclusiveness, this Porsche series will also come with a handsome set of Agatha Chestnut Brown luggage fitted with Poltrona Frau’s own leatherwork. Quite naturally, too, this luggage set is itself exclusive, only accompanying purchases of the Panamera Exclusive Series – and designed specifically for the car’s dimensions.


The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series, available for pre-order now.