Mercedes modified into brand new luxury off-roader

New on the block is the modified Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, a powerful, rugged and luxurious off-roader that gives new meaning to armored travel

Just released and taking the world by storm is the brand new Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, an exclusively designed armored truck complete with every luxury imaginable to make travelling safe, private and secure. Created by specialists at the armored vehicle specialist company Inkas Group, this phenomenal customized, fully armored limo provides even the most security-conscious individuals feel completely secure. Resembling a space-age super truck worthy of the big screen, the matt black stretch limo defies description, but let’s try…

Think wooden panels, leather seats, every luxury facility imaginable, and all packed into a plush interior that belies its armored capabilities. Of course, this luxury off-roader is also available for for those of us who don’t need super security. But if you’re in need of a bulletproof ride with all the armor necessary to make sure you’re safe 24/7, just add $1 million to the bill. A fair price for all the security trimmings, if we may say so.