Volvo Luxury Child Car Seat

Traveling with children has just got a whole lot safer, thanks to Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo which has just created a whole new concept in child safety car seats. Baroque Lifestyle investigates


The Scandinavian car-maker calls its new car safety seat so innovative that it’s going to “completely re-imagine how children could safely travel in cars in the future.” Of course, Volvo manufactures luxury cars, so the car seat is also a luxury item. The brand is passionate about child safety, a subject it has dedicated more than half a century to. In fact, Volvo’s ground-breaking work on child safety started way back in 1964 when the brand created the first rear-facing child seat prototype in the world.


For their latest innovation, Volvo focused on three key strategies – getting the child in and out of the car seat with the utmost ease, creating an ergonomic and comfortable seat, and ensuring that the child had eye contact with either the driver or the passenger in the rear. In addition, the seat was designed to ensure there was sufficient space for all the paraphernalia required to transport a baby, including diapers, bottles, wipes, etc.

Volvo’s design team has done itself proud with the latest car seat iteration, and in doing so the brand has completely reinvented and reimagined the way that small children will travel in the future. The result? A seat that can be swiveled counter-clockwise when seating the child, before it is locked into a position that faces backwards. In addition, there is lots of space for blankets, bottles, diapers and other items next to the seat as well as enough space for a tote bag under the dashboard in front of the passenger seat.


Called the Excellence Child Seat Concept, it also offers small children the opportunity to lean back comfortably and sleep while in motion. Volvo insists that small children should face the rear when traveling for utmost safety at least until they have reached the ages of 3 or 4. The reason? Small kids lack muscular strength in their necks, and the size of the head and its weight in relation to the body is disproportionate.

Every aspect of making the child’s travel experience more comfortable has been taken into consideration. The Volvo XC90 Excellence even includes heated cup holders so that parents can keep a baby’s bottle warm. Just another luxury touch from Volvo.


This innovative concept was the brainchild of Volvo owner Li Shufu, who was discussing how to use the space created by the XC90 Excellence Lounge Console Concept, where the front passenger seat is removed to create more legroom for those traveling in the back. And so the luxury car seat came into being, a seat for small children that allows them to be strapped in via the front passenger door, then swiveled clockwise so that they face the rear of the vehicle.


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