Accessories for the Golf and Bentley Aficionado

Aside from being renowned for elegant luxury vehicles, British brand Bentley Motors is now diversifying its business into other luxury products. The latest of these is a set of extremely plush golf clubs. Baroque Access has all the information for you


Why golf clubs, you ask? Apparently 96-year-old Bentley Motor’s research showed that over 70% of car owners loved golf as well, making a one-of-a-kind luxury golf set something that would certainly appeal to them. Like its vehicles (which will set you back from $180,000 upwards), the Bentley set of golf clubs don’t come cheap (we’re talking in the region of $5,000 per set of 10).


So what do you get for this princely sum? Bentley teamed up with Professional Golf Europe to license them. The result is a set of 8 or 10 golf clubs which, of course, all come in a magnificent leather bag. A standard set of 8 irons will set you back $3,500. Then, if you want a driver, that’s another $750. And don’t forget the putter – that’s $500. Of course, if money is no object and you want to have alligator skin grips or other luxury add-ons, they are available – at a price.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of these magnificent golf clubs, you will be flown to Crewe in the United Kingdom and given a private tour of Bentley’s HQ. You will then be flown to Japan to have custom golf club shafts made to your specifications. Using 3D swing data, individual shafts are created from scratch for each individual player. Be warned, though when choosing those shafts – they range in price from $1,000 to $120,000, so this could increase the price of your irons quite substantially.


Bentley can also customize the paint on the heads of the clubs and shafts to match the exterior or interior of their car. They can also match the grips of the golf clubs to the car’s upholstery. The ultimate Bentley Experience.


If you would like to find out more about purchasing the ultimate set of golf clubs for a Bentley owner, just contact Baroque Access right away. Email us, so that you too can enjoy this rare experience from Bentley.