McLaren Second Generation Super Series

One of the major highlights of the 87th Geneva International Motor Show this coming March will be the launch of McLaren’s Second Generation Super Series. Baroque Ground finds out more


The 87th Geneva International Motor Show from 9 to 19 March 2017 will herald the start of a new era for McLaren Automotive. This is when the supercar manufacturer will launch the second generation of its exquisite Super Series.


The new iteration features an ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber central structure known as the Monocage II. It’s extremely rigid and at 1,283kg (2,828 pounds), it weighs 18kg (nearly 40 pounds) less than the first generation Super Series, the McLaren 650S, which is made of carbon fiber and metal. This new collection of models is the core of McLaren’s business. It personifies a perfect combination of extreme performance, exquisitely crafted luxury and an unparalleled driving experience, a signature of McLaren super cars.

By developing Monocage II, McLaren has created a vehicle with excellent all-round visibility for the driver. This chassis offers a lower center of gravity, which makes the new Super Series car even more dynamic than its predecessor when it comes to performance.


McLaren started the Super Series range of vehicles in 2011 when they launched the iconic 12C Spider. The following year the 650S Coupé and in 2014 they introduced the 650S Spider. In 2015 they launched the limited edition 675LT Coupé and the 675LT Spider. And now, in 2017, a brand new second-generation edition is about to take to the roads.

The new second-generation model is just the start for McLaren. In the coming years, there are 15 new models to come in the company’s Track22 Business Plan.


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