New Rolls Royce Phantom VIII to Hit the Road in 2018

Will the new Rolls-Royce iteration be the next ‘Best Car in the World’? Baroque Ground takes a look at the new Phantom VIII, which will be released in 2018


The Rolls-Royce Phantom VII has had a good innings. In all its iterations, this beloved iconic vehicle has captivated the world for the past 13 years. And now, in 2018, this iconic model is going to be replaced with a new generation Phantom, ending the reign of one of the world’s most popular vehicles.


Rolls-Royce, which was founded in the UK in 1906, offers extravagant driving experiences to a privileged few. The Phantom VII, which has universally been acknowledged as the ‘The Best Car in the World’ because it ticked all the boxes of all standards of luxury, and in fact, surpassed them, is going to be a hard act to follow. But the manufacturer is convinced they can up their act, taking into consideration that Rolls Royce owners won’t accept any compromise with the new Phantom. While we wait for this new vehicle to hit the road next year, the brand continues to fulfill the demands for the exceptional Phantom VII through most of 2017.


The new Phantom VIII promises to be as contemporary and beautiful as its predecessors, and, according to CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, it will be “befitting of its role as the flagship of global luxury”. It will feature an aluminum base, which will probably make it the lightest Phantom ever built. This makes sense: less weight would be ideal for an expected plug-in hybrid model, which would offer a large battery. Apparently there are no plans for a fully electric car right now; but a plug-in hybrid model could definitely be an option.


For 13 years the Phantom has remained relatively unchanged, but the new model is expected to be considerably different. Speculation is rife about whether the Phantom VIII will be completely new, or will still offer features from previous models.

In the last few months, photographs have surfaced revealing a little of what this new flagship model will look like. However, no technical details have been revealed.

The photographs show a test model on the roads. Apparently, there will be numerous test models, each of a different size and height, as this model will be a template for a number of future models such as coupes, convertibles, sedans and even an SUV. But there are no plans for new versions of the Phantom coupe and Phantom Drophead Coupe, as Rolls Royce has recently launched the new smaller Wraith and Dawn models .


The new Phantom VIII will be launched in the first few months of 2018, and the SUV will be launched later in the year. One thing that these photographs show is that the new Phantom’s design will be revolutionary with a number of modern additions such as LED headlights (or perhaps laser lights) and other features.

Note: Rolls Royce is making sure that the Phantom VII goes out in style. It is creating one last model for a collector this year, who has commissioned a 1930s-style Phantom with a nautical theme. The vehicle comes complete with a powder blue interior and matching tone on tone embroidery that evokes waves on the sea. In addition, the vehicle is fitted with lamb’s wool carpets, a Blue Velvet exterior, pinstripe tyres and a solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy on the bonnet.


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