In the lap of luxury – Audi A8

New on the road is the latest in luxury driving, the brand new Audi A8, a high tech vehicle that not only offers the plushest driving experience, but can also drive itself. Baroque Ground finds out all the details


The brand new Audi A8 is German motoring precision at its best and most luxurious. Recently unveiled, the car offers every imaginable high-tech feature, including a magnificent infotainment system, fully active electric suspension and a mild hybrid engine. But the highlight of this brand new offering is the fact that the Audi A8 is the first production vehicle in the world with Level 3 autonomy – yes, it’s one of the most highly automated cars on the road. Due to be available for purchase in 2018, the car is also the first to include self-drive software, which means it can literally drive on its own, a giant step forward in advanced driving technology.


OK, so it’s not going to race along when it’s driving by itself. Apparently the new Audi A8 will drive itself at a dignified 60 km per hour. As Audi explains, this means that the A8 has an autonomous feature; it can take control of driving in slow-moving traffic at up to 60km per hour. To do this, the driver activates a button on the center console to enable the vehicle to take over acceleration, braking, steering and starting from a dead stop. This is achieved through a combination of LIDAR, radar, a front-facing camera and ultrasonic sensors.


This mode, which Audi calls the ‘traffic jam pilot’, only works on highways where there is a physical barrier between the vehicle and oncoming traffic. Using this mode is also subject to the laws of the road in a particular jurisdiction where the car is being driven.


This puts Audi in the lead, ahead of Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Cadillac when it comes to self-driving. However, Audi is rolling out its semi-autonomous Autopilot system very slowly. For the moment, it’s encouraging drivers to test out the Audi A8’s new self-parking feature while standing outside of the vehicle. This is do-able through a smartphone app – drivers can literally summon or park their car while watching a live display on their phone using the A8’s 360-degree camera. This self-parking feature does not use sensors, showing just how advanced Audi’s technology really is.


Another unique feature of the A8 is its 48-volt active, electro-mechanical suspension platform, whereby it can raise or lower each wheel separately with electric actuators depending on the driving situation. This can assist in avoiding collisions. On a lighter note, the new infotainment system features multiple touch screens and can be operated by voice control.


Of course, there’s more. The A8 also features all-wheel steering as well as rear seats that even offer a foot massage. This exceptional vehicle will be available in 2018, but if you would like more information on it, let Baroque Ground assist. Contact us right away,, and we will provide you with all the details you require, as well as information on how to purchase this exceptional new vehicle.