The most powerful Lotus ever

British sports car manufacturer Lotus has just unveiled its most powerful road model ever, the Lotus Evora GT430 – and there is a limited edition of just 60 of these beautiful vehicles. Baroque Ground finds out all about them


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First there was the Lotus Evora 400, followed by the equally successful and more powerful Evora Sport 410. And now British automaker Lotus has released their most powerful Evora ever, the limited edition Evora GT430. There are only 60 such sports cars being made, and they are touted to be the most innovative ever.


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Combining elegance with power as only Lotus can, the new edition Evora has been meticulously manufactured, with special hand-crafted carbon fiber components and a level of precision engineering and design that is unmatched by the company. The ‘GT’ attached to its name pays tribute to the legendary Lotus Esprit V8 GT and the Esprit GT3 that were produced to much acclaim in the 1990s.


This magnificent two-seater sports vehicle is powered by a new iteration of the 3.5-liter V6 supercharged and charge-cooled engine, combined with a six-speed manual gearbox and a lightweight single-mass flywheel for swifter gear changes. Tests have shown that it produces 430hp, setting the car apart from all of its competitors in the current market. It goes from 0 to 60mph in a mere 3.7 seconds, and its top speed is 190mph (that’s 305km per hour).


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Lotus is renowned for its lightweight engineering and this new sports vehicle is no exception, with a weight of just 1,258kg. The advanced aerodynamics used to create this extraordinary car includes exposed carbon weave sections in the body’s front and rear, generating up to 250kg of down force. In addition, there’s a carbon splitter, rear diffuser and huge rear wing, as well as air blades and louvers above the front wheels. The rear wheels have aero ducts behind them, which reduces pressure.


In addition, exposed-weave carbon is displayed across the body of the car, in the bumpers and the roof, rear wing and one-piece carbon tailgate. There’s more carbon inside, with lightweight carbon racing seats trimmed in red and black, and door sills as well as the instrument panel are also made using exposed carbon fiber. To make the car as luxurious as possible, the rest of the interior cabin is trimmed in the new owner’s choice of leather, Alcantara, or both.


According to CEO of Group Lotus, Jean-Marc Gales, the new Evora is “a landmark car for Lotus”, a legend in its own right. Only 60 vehicles will be hand-built in Norfolk, England and will be available to select markets around the world. As the Evora is already popular as a limited edition model, the new iteration is expected to be a collector’s dream.


If you would like to find out more about this exceptional vehicle, or are interested in being one of the lucky 60 people in the world to own one, let Baroque Ground assist. Contact us right away,, and we will provide you with everything you require.