Is this the most luxurious SUV ever made?

Rolls-Royce is famous for its innovative creations, and its latest incarnation is no exception. This year the British automakers are launching a stunning bespoke SUV. Baroque Ground has all the details


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We love the Rolls-Royce Wraith, right? And now, imagine that it has been given a dose of steroids. What’s the result, you ask? It’s not a coupé this time. It’s a super-luxury SUV called the Cullinan. The brain behind this innovative creation is an Indian automobile designer who specializes in custom-made models of famous vehicles. And his take on the Rolls-Royce Wraith is one amazing vehicle… it’s a six-wheeler for starters, a four-door, three-axle concept car whose enormous wheels get all the attention.


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Due to be launched this year, the Wraith-like SUV is a completely bespoke vehicle, a handcrafted four-seat luxury grand tourer that has a similar chassis to the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Although it’s an SUV, it doesn’t feature all-wheel-drive. In fact, the power in the car is sent to only the four rear wheels.

Let’s face it – this isn’t the first SUV to come out of a luxury car manufacturer in the past few years. At the end of 2017, Italian automaker Lamborghini revealed a new model that combines the performance and style of a sports car with the durability associated with an SUV. And let’s not forget the earlier incarnation from Bentley, the beautiful Bentayga. But this one from Rolls-Royce certainly ups the ante.


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The name of the vehicle, ‘Cullinan’, is from the very famous and equally enormous Cullinan Diamond that boasts almost 3,107 carats. The SUV will be based on Rolls-Royce’s new aluminium-space frame architecture. Its engine is likely to be similar to the twin-turbo 6.6 liter in the Rolls-Royce Ghost, and there’s no doubt that a plug-in hybrid will also be on offer.

Of course, the caliber of person purchasing one of these exquisite SUV’s won’t mind the fact that fuel is going to cost a fortune. The person also won’t be averse to waiting for the 2019 vehicle’s release in late 2018. Or parting with more than the cost of a Rolls-Royce Wraith, which is in the region of $420,000.


If you would like to find out further details about this exceptional new Rolls-Royce creation, or are interested in purchasing one of these luxurious new SUV’s, let Baroque Ground assist. Mail us right away,, and we will assist you in every way possible.