Baroque Access checks out some of the most popular places to eat during Fashion Week in Milan this weekend


Alla Cucina delle Langhe

The fashion savvy have probably already booked their tables here at this stylish Corso Como restaurant. In fact, Tom Ford rents a table for Fashion Week every season, and the rest of the place teems with models, fashion editors, actors, football stars and other celebs. Known locally as “Le Langhe”, this hip restaurant offers classic Piedmontese specialties on its menu that are served with aplomb in a retro 1930s atmosphere, resplendent with period posters. Whenever you visit this trendy establishment, it’s busy and vibrant. What to eat? If you’re not worried about your figure, savor every calorific morsel on offer. It’s not only the atmosphere that keeps this restaurant hopping!

Corso Como, 6, tel: 39 02 655 4279


Carlo e Camilla

No, you haven’t entered a large scale modern art installation. Carlo e Camilla is a restaurant with a dramatic vintage cum industrial setting in a vast, naked space, where spotlights shine on magnificent crystal chandeliers that loom above a long table in the shape of a giant white cross. One of the three owners, Michelin star Chef Carlo Cracco prepares a small selection of artfully inspired delights served on mismatched  crockery to the coolest people in town. The restaurant, which opened in the first few months of 2014, had its first incarnation as a sawmill.

Via Giuseppe Meda, 24, tel: 39 02 837 3963


Da Giacomo

Every Fashion Week, this old world trattoria is always packed to the rafters with stylish patrons hankering after exquisite traditional Tuscan cuisine. The restaurant, which has been around since 1958, is a popular celeb spot, where the likes of George Clooney and Giorgio Armani come to enjoy fresh and savor white Alba truffles in season. Best to book if you’re in town during any fashion season, but well worth a visit if you can get in.

Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6, tel: 39 02 7602 3313


Dolce & Gabanna Gold

Fans of food and fashion flock here throughout the year, not only during Fashion Week – and for good reason. Dolce & Gabanna Gold is where you’ll find superstars as well as fashion royalty sampling delectable delights under Murano glass chandeliers. This multi-purpose establishment, which includes a stunning restaurant, bar, bistro and effervescent nightclub, has been glittering with glamorous patrons since it opened in late 2006. The food is southern Italian at its finest, and if you prefer, you can order from the diet menu. The street level bar is a popular spot to meet after hours any time of the year and there’s even a little bistro, where you can sample simpler fare than the restaurant itself. Again, it’s best to book before the fashion crowd hits town.

2a Via Carlo Poerio, tel: 39 02 757 7771



It calls itself an “Italian temple of gastronomic delights” and those who have dined at Peck tend to agree. This food and wine emporium has been delighting patrons since it opened as a deli in 1883. Nowadays it boasts a dining room and bar upstairs and a wine bar as well. And the offerings are quite sublime – Peck is more of a gastronomic delight than a deli these days, but you can still pick up a stunning selection of goodies to take home, from chocolates to olive oils and balsamic as well as superbly matured cheeses. The restaurant is where you can savor those items you can’t take home on the plane, delightful dishes that require instant gratification. Head upstairs for light food and beverages in the tea room, or go down one level to the wine cellar to sample some fine Italian and international vintages.

Via Spadari, 9, tel: 39 02 802 3161