Dining at the prestigious Mosimann's Club

Housed in a building that was once a Presbyterian church, Mosimann’s Club in London’s plush district of Belgravia is one of the world’s most prestigious dining establishments. Baroque Access finds out all about it


Originally built in 1830, this tiny building is sandwiched between two bigger ones, still boasting a steeple. Originally a Presbyterian church, Mosimann’s club then became a meeting place for spiritualists, before being transformed into London’s famous luncheon and dining club that is renowned the world over. With legendary chef Anton Mosimann at its helm and his sons Mark and Philipp assisting, this prestigious dining establishment is the place to go for gourmet fare paired with wines of distinction. Here, the service is bespoke and the atmosphere unrivalled.


The exquisitely renovated church, located in the heart of Belgravia, offers not only a grand Main Dining Room, but also seven beautiful Private Dining Rooms and a relaxed Balcony Bar. A family-run business for more than quarter of a century, the Club is owned by Anton Mosimann, the only child of Swiss restaurateurs who plied their trade in their restaurant in Nidau, near Biel in Switzerland. The senior Mosimann developed a love of food and a talent as a chef. In fact, by the age of 25, he was one of the youngest chefs in the country to receive the Chef de Cuisine Diploma.


By the time he was 28, he was working at London’s Dorchester Hotel as Maitre Chef des Cuisines, the youngest chef ever to hold this position. He spent 13 years there and was awarded two Michelin stars. Then, in 1988, Anton bought the church and created Mosimann’s Club.


He also established a catering service, to which he held the Royal Warrant of Appointment to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales from 2000. Then he bought a renovated Victorian school in the area of Battersea and created the Mosimann Academy, which boasts an enviable selection of cookery courses as well as one of the most extensive libraries of cookbooks in the world (there are more than 6,000 that date back to the 15th Century).


Mosimann’s Club offers an unsurpassed culinary experience, a form of cuisine that the chefs label ‘cuisine naturelle’ because its low fat wherever possible, lighter than haute cuisine, and the natural flavors are enhanced.


Mosimann’s opened its doors at the beginning of October, 1988, and within a few months the Club boasted more than 1,000 members. Those people are still members to this day, although the number has increased exponentially to include many celebrities, heads of state and Royalty from more than a dozen countries. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their wedding dinner cooked by Mosimann’s at Buckingham Palace. This was followed by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee luncheon at Westminster Hall… need we say more?


After 28 years in the limelight, Mosimann’s continues to shine brightly. If you’d like to experience this prestigious dining experience, let Baroque Access arrange it for you. Contact us right away, info@baroqueaccess.com