Dine in style at The Palace of Versailles

Next time you’re in France, make sure to dine out at ore, Alain Ducasse’s latest restaurant, located in the magnificent palace of Versailles, once home to Marie-Antoinette and Louis XIV. Baroque Access takes a look at the menu


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Once again, people can dine like Royalty at Versailles, at Alain Ducasse’s latest restaurant, ore, located in the sumptuous, newly renovated pavilion Dufour. The 21st Century iteration, which opened in September this year, is an elegant French café by day and a one-of-a-kind private restaurant in the evening. Created by architect Dominique Perrault in tandem with the chef Architect of the Palace of Versailles, Frédéric Didier, this restaurant is reminiscent of the Napoleonic era, with the added bonus of a number of contemporary interpretations of historical décor themes.


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When Versailles is open to the public during the day, ore is also open to the public.  Called ‘ore’, which means ‘mouth’ in Latin, the restaurant refers to the pleasures of the mouth, i.e. dining. There are three different menu’s; one for breakfast, another for lunch and a teatime menu. Great French classics are available on each of the menus, as well as lighter snacks, gourmet pastries and desserts. There is also a special children’s menu, aptly entitled ‘Prince & Princess’.


At night, ore is transformed into an exclusive dining experience, where grand dinners and other exclusive private events are held.

With this new restaurant, iconic French chef Alain Ducasse, who already has numerous Michelin Stars on his belt, is now offering one of the most opulent dining experiences imaginable. But it’s set to get even better. Another fine-dining Ducasse restaurant is in the pipeline; it is part of a project that includes a new luxury hotel, owned by the LOV Hotel Collection, enabling those who can afford it the opportunity to experience what it’s like to stay in the same premises as the king and queen of France in the 18th Century.


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The hotel will offer approximately 20 rooms and, with the new Ducasse restaurant, it will encompass three palace buildings in all. Renovation for this project, which is set to be completed in 2018, will be in the region of $16 million.


Meantime, those who want a taste of what gastronomic pleasure is to come can enjoy the ore restaurant, located on the first floor of the Dufour Pavillion. The restaurant features exquisite, elegant but extremely minimal décor including curved Ester leather chairs by Patrick Jouin, rounded tables and an informal paper menu.


The simplicity of the décor does double duty; it’s perfect for anyone wishing to have a bite to eat, and also doesn’t detract from the splendor of the décor inside the Palace of Versailles itself. Items on the menu include snacks such as Croque-monsieur’, dishes using produce fresh from the market such as spelt and wild mushroom salad and steamed turbot with truffled Hollandaise Sauce. Desserts are updated French classics including the Louis XIV, a long, crisp chocolate and praline dish.


Whatever way you look at it, ore is not your typical museum dining experience. According to Ducasse, it’s “a restaurant in a museum, not a museum restaurant”. In addition to the elegant dishes on offer, once the crowds have left Versailles, the back room of ore comes into its own. It’s transformed into a recreation of 18th Century royal dinners, right down to the furniture and tableware.


One of the highlights of the evening events will be the Alain-Ducasse/Dom Pérignon series of dinners that will feature a special menu inspired by 16th and 17th Century meals accompanied by Dom Pérignon P2 1998 vintage champagne. These dinners will take place from spring 2017.


If you would like to book a private event at ore, or to enjoy a meal and a visit to Versailles during the day, let Baroque Access arrange this for you. We can also find out more about the Dom Pérignon dinners set for 2017. Contact us right away, info@baroqueaccess.com and we will organize your fine dining experience for you.