"What Is Luxury" exhibition in London at V&A in April

If you’re planning to travel to London in April, make sure to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum from the 25th onwards, when the ‘What is Luxury" Exhibition opens to the public. Baroque Travel has all the details


What exactly is luxury? Well, it’s many things, of course, which is why London’s Victoria & Albert Museum will be displaying some of the incredible items that describe the concept. When it opens on April 25th, the exhibition will showcase over 100 magnificent objects, each representing modern design and craftsmanship.


As co-curator Jana Scholze discussed in the New York Times last week, “Luxury is shifting to something that is not simply focused on consumption, and this has implications for future craft…” She believes that contemporary craft will fill a void in the luxury industry. “Craft in luxury is about making something that is so unique, it can only be made one time, and perhaps even more, appreciating the passion and endless obsession of these makers.”


To this end, the most substantial part of the exhibition will focus on ‘Creating Luxury’. One of the items on display that shows the single-minded creativity that Ms Scholze talks about is The Golden Fleece, a magnificent headpiece created by Giovanni Corvaja from impossibly thin strands of gold that resemble fur. The item took 12 years of research and 2,500 hours to create, utilizing a technique devised by its creator that combines carpet-making, weaving and braiding. The result? A gold strand that is a fifth the diameter of human hair. And this of course, depicts luxury – an item created with such rare components.


Another item on display is a chandelier created in Amsterdam by design duo Lonneke Gordjin and Ralph Nauta from Studio Drift. Their masterpiece, which took 8 weeks to make, is called the Fragile Future 3 Concrete Chandelier. It’s approximately 11 square feet in size and is a combination of two contradictory materials, a modular 3D circuit board structure and LED lights that have been hand-decorated with dandelion seeds. In this masterpiece the element of luxury involves the time taken to create the work, and the painstaking detail involved.


The exhibition will open viewers’ eyes and minds to a whole new concept of luxury, where originality, meticulous attention to detail and creativity are the reasons for the item being luxurious, and not just its brand name as status symbol.


Another item on display is a garment created by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen using technology and innovative techniques. She experiments with various methods of craftsmanship and technology. In fact, the garment on display was made with handwork techniques that were combined with graduated laser-cut mesh. She has described her technique as a combination of traditional craft and modern techniques and materials.


If you’re going to London at the end of April or in May, make sure let Baroque Travel arrange your stay – and ensure admission to this magnificent exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Email info@baroquetravel.com to arrange your trip right away.