De Corato Boutique - NYC's Guide to Italian Men's Style

De Corato Boutique (16 East 60th Street, New York, NY, 10022)                                              

It’s widely acknowledged that Italian men have a certain style that sets them apart from the rest. They carry themselves with an aura of self-confidence most men want to emulate.



"We were raised from a young age to appreciate quality and design,” said Giuseppe de Corato, owner of De Corato Boutique. Mr. de Corato has made it his mission to help his client become deft at incorporating high style with everyday life. “I want my customers to put on a beautifully cut suit and have the confidence to wear it to board meetings, to parties at the Hamptons or even at a game at Yankees Stadium. “


When meeting Mr. de Corato you will find that he is a clothier for men, a connoisseur and merchant of the finest Italian men’s clothing. At De Corato Boutique they source clothing from regions all over Italy. “Each region in Italy is famous for certain items,” Mr. de Corato explains, “Neapolitans are renowned for shirts and tailored clothing, and in northern Italy they produce the finest pants and outerwear.” By mixing products from different regions De Corato Boutique provides the best Italy has to offer.


Mr de Corato’s guiding principle in suit making is “everything should fit”. A suit should be like your skin, following the contours of your body with exacting precision, allowing you to move freely and comfortably. The only thing that might make you feel uncomfortable will be the number of eyes that will be focused on you.

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