Issey Miyake Paris Fashion Week F/W 2014 Ready-To-Wear Show

The Issey Miyake Fall/ Winter 2014 ready-to-wear show was quite a production. There were no thumping bass beats or wild lights to create the usual club like atmosphere in the fashion tents found in the Tuilleries. Instead, this fashion show relied on the design aesthetic of the brand's simple, but beautiful clothes.

The show opened in an intriguing way that had the audience gasping and clapping with surprise. A Japanese spring guitar played alongside haunting vocals as models dressed in black filed out onto the runway. The girls stopped half way down the catwalk and set down their large, flat circular purses. They proceeded to open the bags and lift up bold colored pleated garments that looked like works of art. The models then dressed themselves on the runway in performance like precision. It was an incredible start to a lively show.


As more models came out, the stage was set for the funky and bold designs created by Yoshiyuki Miyamae. Models zig-zagged across the runway as they wore athletic clothing made for women on the move. Each piece was draped or layered in a way that made it approachable. However, the overall effect was still classic Issey Miyake with the graphic prints and copious pleating.

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

Many of this season's dresses seemed to dance as the models made their way down the runway. The pleats bounced up and down with every step they took. This added to the playfulness of the collection that was heavily influenced by the beauty of a wooded landscape.

There were many pieces that featured bright colors for a winter collection such as burnt orange and bright fuchsia . However, the effect was still muted enough to work in everyday life. Most of the prints could easily work alone or with any of the pieces in the collection.  There is an undeniable sense of futuristic style in the folds and layers of this collection. 


The finale concluded with the dramatic music picking up in tempo as more models walked onto the runway. Several dressed in structured black coats and dresses stopped at various points along the way to offer guests a closer view at the collection. Eventually, the designer was beaconed out to an enthusiastic applause. Overall, it was a well conceived and planed collection that showed off design at its finest. 

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Photos From AW14 Milusha London Show

The Milusha London collection featured stylish and refined designs and tasteful color palette. Expertly constructed, the AW14 collection is luxurious, exotic and exudes timeless glamor.  

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Fashion International 2014 -  (36).jpg
Milusha London - Fashion International Shows 2014 (7).jpg
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 Designer Milya Sharapova - the brain behind the elegant AW14 collection

Designer Milya Sharapova - the brain behind the elegant AW14 collection

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London Fashion Week - Q&A with Milya Sharapova of Milusha London


Before her eagerly anticipated debut at London Fashion Week Milya Sharapova of Milusha London sits down with Baroque Access.

 Fashion designer Milya Sharapova of Milusha London

Fashion designer Milya Sharapova of Milusha London

Q: What were your inspirations when designing this collection?

Milya: As with most designers, I draw inspiration from all aspects of my everyday life.  My boyfriend and I love to go to art galleries and get inspiration from the colors and textures of the paintings I see. In our gallery outings, we always go with a plan to cover a particular period, for example, a couple of weeks ago, we went to an exhibition of 12th-13th century art, which gave me so many ideas.

Also inspiration comes from international travel, femininity, elegance and fashion icons.

Q: What is it about London Fashion Week that you love?

Milya: This is the first London Fashion Week Milusha London is participating in. The reason why we are doing it is because we want to show what we have done and what have achieved during this time. Fashion week is the most exciting period for all people who are in a fashion industry. It’s always great to see everyone’s collections and admire the tremendous work they have done.

Q: What is the design aesthetic at Milusha London?

Milya: Each piece benefits from the finest quality fabrics, innovative dyeing techniques and luxurious calf skin lining details - offering both comfort and style. Our collection features an elegant range of color and finish. It is the ideal option for the chic and stylish woman.  MILUSHA’s collection offers both an effortlessly chic day time look or a magnificent addition to a stylish evening ensemble.

Q: Describe the clientele you design for.

Milya: MILUSHA is the ultimate statement of luxury and unparalleled quality design.  I am designing for ladies that are beautiful, confident,  feminine, graceful and elegant. She appreciates quality and love to be the centre of attention.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the exclusive couture ‘made-to-measure’ service you offer?

Milya: Alongside the luxurious pret-a-porter collection, MILUSHA offers an exclusive couture ‘made to measure’ service for the distinguished client.

MILUSHA is proud to present a bespoke service, providing impeccably tailored garments designed to meet your personal specifications. Each garment is individually crafted by our couture team. Clients can choose from our impressive collection of high quality furs, leather and textiles and have garments in an exquisite range of colors and finishes.

Q: What does Milusha London have planned from here on out?

Milya:Oh, we have so many plans, there is a lot of work ahead of us. We are expanding our stockists list this year, we are already designing the next collection and we definitely plan on doing more events like our upcoming LFW show. Some of the goals we will keep as a secret, but we will definitely let you know when we achieve them!

Milusha London’s London Fashion Week show is on Feb 15, 730pm at the Charing Cross Hotel. Stay tune for photos and reaction here or on our Facebook and Twitter page.


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Skingraft NYFW Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Jammed packed like a Japanese subway car, the room was filled beyond its capacity as fashion stalkers all wanted to get a glimpse of the impeccable fashion designs of Skingraft.

As the brothers, Jonny and Christopher Cota, continue to push boundaries and redefine Skingraft season after season, it is always identifiable by its unique layered aesthetic, intricate detailing and standout silhouettes — often imitated but never duplicated.

Reminiscent of Hunger Games, in which Skingraft clothing can be seen, they too were one of the many designers who paid close attention to the wants and desires of the young elite, the hood rich, and the dark and twisted fashion mavens. 


As the show opened, the crowd of fashion gawkers glued their eyes to the jet black coat with hood and zippers worn by a male model creating the air of mystery and darkness. There was something to admire as the clothing continued to come down the runway in leathers and cotton giving the audience a lot of street style with a touch of panache. Most of the designs coming down the runway have a hood. Can a good hoodie ever go out of style?

Leather galore! There was so much leather that one would feel like a badass just looking at it. A woman in leather looks so good. Think Angelina Jolie as Laura Croft or Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. These ladies are heroes, the epitome of feminine power. This is the look of the new generation and it is amazing.


A lot of the clothing had the word “Alpha” written on them leaving art lovers to guess the meaning. It is the assumption of this writer, that the new world is here and the youth of today are in charge.

Skingraft was not afraid to stick to the theme of all black. There were a few pieces that had accents of silver or gold but black ruled the evening and it was fantastic! A touch of color is just enough to accentuate the style.

A highlight of the women’s line was a kimono sleeved jacket made of leather with a hood and a belt closure. It is very upscale and chic. Another was an A-symmetrical long leather coat with side zipper, and high collar neck. Paired with knee-length boots, astounding!


In the men’s collection the highlight was the abstract jacket that had the face of a bear. It is very artsy and strong with the quilted pattern and the mix of textures.


Overall, the hip hop generation of rich and glamorous will be drawn to the clothing of Skingraft. Already fashion trendsetters Rihanna, Beyonce and P. Diddy have worn Skingraft, and that is just a few of the many. Jonny and Chris are closely becoming the go-to designers for hot fashion and malevolent style which is oh so good!

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Concept Korea NYFW Ready-To-Wear Fall 2014 Collection

Making their appearance at New York Fashion Week for the ninth time, Concept Korea is becoming a big deal. The fashions of the talented designers are edgy, fashion-forward, realistic and futuristic. Concept Korea is a collaboration that promotes Korean fashion designers and assists them in their attempts to break into the U.S. fashion market and they are doing that with a bang.

This season Kaal Suktae began the show with extremely wide brimmed gaucho hats (think of the eerie preacher man from Poltergeist). In the shadowy darkness, there was no telling what fashion we would have to endure but viewing eyes were amazed with clean and precise cuts, trending colors in charcoal gray, and a signature pattern that was very avant-garde.


Stepping up the world of street fashion meets dark edgy fierceness; the top coats drew much of the audience’s attention as they were complemented with lots of high-low skirts, ruffles and straight dresses. The large and clunky booties were a fun way to incorporate the style of the 90’s with a futuristic touch. Leather and velvet is no longer a look for the dark and mystical: think quirky and chic Solange, meets carefree and edgy Lisa Bonet… Fantastic!


The must-have coat in the collection was the winter white, long coat with fringes that finished off the coat gorgeously.

Kaal Suktae is a structural genius and an amazing tailor that deserves the recognition that he receives for his talent.

Choiboko was next and his clothing was created to bring life to outerwear. His collection of fancy coats gave a lot of structure and art. Painted designs in charcoal grey and black with a splash of color was the highlight of his collection.


The head nods were at a gray wide sleeve, three-quarter coat with a ribbon tie and signature artwork decorated down the front. When it came to the dresses, the most unique and brilliant one was the black sequins tent dress with an empire waist and signature artwork in sliver sequins. Extraordinary!

Beyond Closet delivered men’s attire in rich colors of oliver green, mustard yellow, and navy blue. The clothing is very masculine in structure with military jackets; loose fit pants with lots of life in their movement; and great button details. Beyond Closet is a men’s collection that would attract the attention of the fashion forward and the young, preppy, rich guy with a little bad boy edge. Stellar!


The finale and definitely the showstopper was Big Park. Completely unfamiliar with the name, Big Park is, “inspired by the boys and girls dressed in their strong, unique and individual way around global neighborhoods.”


The clothing was very trendy and youthful giving a lot of acknowledgement to the young trendsetter that loves to look sweet yet daring. Think Rihanna blended with Avril Lavigne… you know, flirty and pretty but willing to make you eat dirt if they’re none too pleased.

The new and fun look was the circle skirts that were cut with a slant, placing the high-lo trend on the sides, like a bad girl would do. The winter white short pea coat with matching slanted circle skirt looked awe-inspiring.


There were plenty of skirts with lots of body and dancing movements that made walking look like gliding (reminiscent of the famous “”poodle skirt”). Big Park brought back the amazing designs that made girls super cute. The pièce de résistance was the red and black skater skirt paired with the black and red faux leather and faux fur jacket. Added was a pair of high top sneaks.

Young fashionistas will surely be found wearing Big Park and having it on the tip of their tongues.

Overall, we get the concept of Korea… fashion forward and in touch with the trends that young people love.

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Timo Weiland NYFW Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear Collection

The show was packed with fellow fashion enthusiast anticipating the designs of the Timo Weiland team and their 2014 Fall collection.

I was extremely pleased with the fun and flirty theme of the clothing. The collection was youthful and quite reminiscent of the “Bad Girl” in high school with her plaid skirts, flat lace-up boots, leather motorcycle jackets and fully equipped attitude.

 Timo Weiland had a fun and flirty them to its Fall 2014 collection 

Timo Weiland had a fun and flirty them to its Fall 2014 collection 

In the know of fashion and obviously with their eyes on the streets, they was no lack in trend with pieces that featured amazing looks that were inclusive of plaid, long flapper inspired fringes, asymmetrical stripes, dot patterns, and ruffles in colors of black, grey, midnight blue, and ox blood red.

All looks were accompanied with sleek straight hair, light makeup, little to no accessories, and daring black lace up combat boots, pointy oxfords, and school girl platforms completing the high school theme.

 The collection was not afraid to mix patterns and textures that are unusual to mate

The collection was not afraid to mix patterns and textures that are unusual to mate

This season, designers were not afraid to mix patterns and textures that are unusual to mate; that makes for excitement in art when it can be pulled off, and Timo Weiland did it well.

One of the highlights of his collection were the metallic tops that would go with almost anything in a fashionistas closet… very fashion forward and super exclusive!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.32.47 PM.png

Timo Weiland’s Fall 2014 collection was what a spicy, sassy, and fledging woman has been yearning for! The new generation of woman is a “rock star”, and we love the freedom to express our feminine side while keeping it classy and edgy.

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