Concept Korea NYFW Ready-To-Wear Fall 2014 Collection

Making their appearance at New York Fashion Week for the ninth time, Concept Korea is becoming a big deal. The fashions of the talented designers are edgy, fashion-forward, realistic and futuristic. Concept Korea is a collaboration that promotes Korean fashion designers and assists them in their attempts to break into the U.S. fashion market and they are doing that with a bang.

This season Kaal Suktae began the show with extremely wide brimmed gaucho hats (think of the eerie preacher man from Poltergeist). In the shadowy darkness, there was no telling what fashion we would have to endure but viewing eyes were amazed with clean and precise cuts, trending colors in charcoal gray, and a signature pattern that was very avant-garde.


Stepping up the world of street fashion meets dark edgy fierceness; the top coats drew much of the audience’s attention as they were complemented with lots of high-low skirts, ruffles and straight dresses. The large and clunky booties were a fun way to incorporate the style of the 90’s with a futuristic touch. Leather and velvet is no longer a look for the dark and mystical: think quirky and chic Solange, meets carefree and edgy Lisa Bonet… Fantastic!


The must-have coat in the collection was the winter white, long coat with fringes that finished off the coat gorgeously.

Kaal Suktae is a structural genius and an amazing tailor that deserves the recognition that he receives for his talent.

Choiboko was next and his clothing was created to bring life to outerwear. His collection of fancy coats gave a lot of structure and art. Painted designs in charcoal grey and black with a splash of color was the highlight of his collection.


The head nods were at a gray wide sleeve, three-quarter coat with a ribbon tie and signature artwork decorated down the front. When it came to the dresses, the most unique and brilliant one was the black sequins tent dress with an empire waist and signature artwork in sliver sequins. Extraordinary!

Beyond Closet delivered men’s attire in rich colors of oliver green, mustard yellow, and navy blue. The clothing is very masculine in structure with military jackets; loose fit pants with lots of life in their movement; and great button details. Beyond Closet is a men’s collection that would attract the attention of the fashion forward and the young, preppy, rich guy with a little bad boy edge. Stellar!


The finale and definitely the showstopper was Big Park. Completely unfamiliar with the name, Big Park is, “inspired by the boys and girls dressed in their strong, unique and individual way around global neighborhoods.”


The clothing was very trendy and youthful giving a lot of acknowledgement to the young trendsetter that loves to look sweet yet daring. Think Rihanna blended with Avril Lavigne… you know, flirty and pretty but willing to make you eat dirt if they’re none too pleased.

The new and fun look was the circle skirts that were cut with a slant, placing the high-lo trend on the sides, like a bad girl would do. The winter white short pea coat with matching slanted circle skirt looked awe-inspiring.


There were plenty of skirts with lots of body and dancing movements that made walking look like gliding (reminiscent of the famous “”poodle skirt”). Big Park brought back the amazing designs that made girls super cute. The pièce de résistance was the red and black skater skirt paired with the black and red faux leather and faux fur jacket. Added was a pair of high top sneaks.

Young fashionistas will surely be found wearing Big Park and having it on the tip of their tongues.

Overall, we get the concept of Korea… fashion forward and in touch with the trends that young people love.

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