London Fashion Week - Q&A with Milya Sharapova of Milusha London


Before her eagerly anticipated debut at London Fashion Week Milya Sharapova of Milusha London sits down with Baroque Access.

 Fashion designer Milya Sharapova of Milusha London

Fashion designer Milya Sharapova of Milusha London

Q: What were your inspirations when designing this collection?

Milya: As with most designers, I draw inspiration from all aspects of my everyday life.  My boyfriend and I love to go to art galleries and get inspiration from the colors and textures of the paintings I see. In our gallery outings, we always go with a plan to cover a particular period, for example, a couple of weeks ago, we went to an exhibition of 12th-13th century art, which gave me so many ideas.

Also inspiration comes from international travel, femininity, elegance and fashion icons.

Q: What is it about London Fashion Week that you love?

Milya: This is the first London Fashion Week Milusha London is participating in. The reason why we are doing it is because we want to show what we have done and what have achieved during this time. Fashion week is the most exciting period for all people who are in a fashion industry. It’s always great to see everyone’s collections and admire the tremendous work they have done.

Q: What is the design aesthetic at Milusha London?

Milya: Each piece benefits from the finest quality fabrics, innovative dyeing techniques and luxurious calf skin lining details - offering both comfort and style. Our collection features an elegant range of color and finish. It is the ideal option for the chic and stylish woman.  MILUSHA’s collection offers both an effortlessly chic day time look or a magnificent addition to a stylish evening ensemble.

Q: Describe the clientele you design for.

Milya: MILUSHA is the ultimate statement of luxury and unparalleled quality design.  I am designing for ladies that are beautiful, confident,  feminine, graceful and elegant. She appreciates quality and love to be the centre of attention.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the exclusive couture ‘made-to-measure’ service you offer?

Milya: Alongside the luxurious pret-a-porter collection, MILUSHA offers an exclusive couture ‘made to measure’ service for the distinguished client.

MILUSHA is proud to present a bespoke service, providing impeccably tailored garments designed to meet your personal specifications. Each garment is individually crafted by our couture team. Clients can choose from our impressive collection of high quality furs, leather and textiles and have garments in an exquisite range of colors and finishes.

Q: What does Milusha London have planned from here on out?

Milya:Oh, we have so many plans, there is a lot of work ahead of us. We are expanding our stockists list this year, we are already designing the next collection and we definitely plan on doing more events like our upcoming LFW show. Some of the goals we will keep as a secret, but we will definitely let you know when we achieve them!

Milusha London’s London Fashion Week show is on Feb 15, 730pm at the Charing Cross Hotel. Stay tune for photos and reaction here or on our Facebook and Twitter page.


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