Issey Miyake Paris Fashion Week F/W 2014 Ready-To-Wear Show

The Issey Miyake Fall/ Winter 2014 ready-to-wear show was quite a production. There were no thumping bass beats or wild lights to create the usual club like atmosphere in the fashion tents found in the Tuilleries. Instead, this fashion show relied on the design aesthetic of the brand's simple, but beautiful clothes.

The show opened in an intriguing way that had the audience gasping and clapping with surprise. A Japanese spring guitar played alongside haunting vocals as models dressed in black filed out onto the runway. The girls stopped half way down the catwalk and set down their large, flat circular purses. They proceeded to open the bags and lift up bold colored pleated garments that looked like works of art. The models then dressed themselves on the runway in performance like precision. It was an incredible start to a lively show.


As more models came out, the stage was set for the funky and bold designs created by Yoshiyuki Miyamae. Models zig-zagged across the runway as they wore athletic clothing made for women on the move. Each piece was draped or layered in a way that made it approachable. However, the overall effect was still classic Issey Miyake with the graphic prints and copious pleating.

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

Many of this season's dresses seemed to dance as the models made their way down the runway. The pleats bounced up and down with every step they took. This added to the playfulness of the collection that was heavily influenced by the beauty of a wooded landscape.

There were many pieces that featured bright colors for a winter collection such as burnt orange and bright fuchsia . However, the effect was still muted enough to work in everyday life. Most of the prints could easily work alone or with any of the pieces in the collection.  There is an undeniable sense of futuristic style in the folds and layers of this collection. 


The finale concluded with the dramatic music picking up in tempo as more models walked onto the runway. Several dressed in structured black coats and dresses stopped at various points along the way to offer guests a closer view at the collection. Eventually, the designer was beaconed out to an enthusiastic applause. Overall, it was a well conceived and planed collection that showed off design at its finest. 

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