A Feat of Nautical Engineering, the World’s First Super Yacht with an IMAX Theater is Arriving Soon

The topic at hand: a super yacht that will be designed with a complete IMAX theater, right in the hull of the sleek vessel. The IMAX experience is a truly powerful and moving one, and now it can be enjoyed while yachting about in the deep blue sea. The brainchild of the legendary Ken Freivokh, a world-class super yacht designer, and Yacht Intelligence – a famous supplier of yacht communications technologies, no one really knows who the super yacht is being built for. The mystery owner seems to be known only to the designers of this marvelous new nautical wonder. Despite the shroud of secrecy that envelopes this IMAX-equipped super yacht, some details about the project are now known.

So if you have an eye for endless horizons where the water meets the blue sky, an ear for the sound of waves beating against a yacht, and if the scent of sea spray delights you, read on. Here’s what this innovative super yacht is all about.


· An IMAX theater for a unique yachting experience. The design team will engineer a full IMAX theater in the hull of this super yacht. Projectors will beam blockbusters (and other movies) onto the screens of the theater, and will create a fully immersive surround-screen effect. In other words, this will be exactly like an IMAX experience one would have on a land-based theater.

·   The IMAX theater will be called the Nemo Room. Why name it the Nemo Room? It’s simple, really, and quite appropriate. The ship’s CCTV technology will make it possible to project images of the water beneath the ship. So if fishes or other sea creatures are roving near the ship, anyone in the Nemo Room will see this in real-time. The popular Disney animated film Finding Nemo has now entered the super yacht culture. 

 ·     There are no doors to this super yacht’s IMAX room. So how will passengers enter the theater? This is where the design of the vessel truly shines: instead of installing doors to the IMAX theater – which would disrupt the smooth surface of the walls and distort the surround-screen effect – the walls will literally slide back and forth, seamlessly shutting once it’s movie time.

 ·      It’s for more than just movies. The IMAX theater technology can be quickly and easily adopted to display games and live-streaming of video. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled by the idea of video conferencing with IMAX tech?

 ·      Yes, it really is a feat of engineering. IMAX technology and projectors aren’t usually crafted for usage in a yacht. A building has sharply defined corners that can nicely accommodate IMAX technologies, but a yacht is different. The design team behind this magnificent super yacht has thus had to grapple with these challenges and modify some of the parts that go into the IMAX experience.

The final super yacht will be a dashing vessel 150m in length, and the IMAX theater will hold up to 20 people. Traveling on this yacht will be, without a doubt, a true Bon Voyage.


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