The largest sailing yacht in the world

If you have $400 million, you too can build a magnificent Philippe Starck-designed super yacht, like Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Baroque Yachts has all the details about his brand new 468-foot vessel, christened the White Pearl


The exquisite White Pearl boasts three signature 300-feet high masts – one of them is so large that there’s even a small room inside it! The vessel will be the largest sailing super yacht in the world, boasting eight floors and a special underwater observation deck. Already complete, it was spotted out for a test voyage recently in Kiel in Germany – and what a sight it is to behold!


Built by German shipyard Nobiskrug, the White Pearl apparently cost in the region of $400 million to be built. Designed by marine architect Martin Francis , its interiors were created by French furniture and industrial designer Philippe Starcke; so it’s no wonder it cost so much. The super yacht will accommodate a maximum of 20 guests at a time as well as a crew of 54 to serve them. With a magnificent steel hull and teak deck, it boasts two diesel engines and two electric motors, and can reach a speed of 24 mph. Cruising speed is 18mph.

Although ready to sail, the interiors are still being installed, and this is expected to take a further few months. In the meantime, the White Pearl is already receiving acclaim as the largest sailing yacht in the world, larger than its predecessor, the 359-foot vessel the Sea Cloud, which was launched in 1931.

Russia boasts a number of super yacht owners with a penchant for over-sized luxury super yachts. The second largest yacht in the world is also owned by a Russian – Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the 536-foot Eclipse.


sailing yacht white pearl 2.jpg

But right now, Sailing Yacht A, as the White Pearl was originally called, is stealing the limelight. Apparently the super yacht had people flocking to the shore to photograph it when it took off on its test voyage.

The White Pearl includes a helipad as well as three swimming pools, six guest rooms and a discotheque. It looks more like a fish than a building, according to Philippe Starcke, and its interior is extraordinarily spacious and comfortable with every possible technological innovation.

Its owner earned his $9 billion fortune by founding various different business including a coal producer, power generator, pipe exporter and a fertilizer manufacturer. He also owns a Boeing private jet and a selection of Monet paintings as well as a smaller 394-foot yacht. He is married to Serbian model Aleksandra Nikolic.


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