Phuket, a big attraction for super yachts

Because of its ultra luxurious lifestyle offering, Thailand’s pretty island of Phuket is a magnet for international super yachts, says Baroque Yachts


If you’re planning on sailing into the blue on your super yacht, remember – one of the most popular locations to visit is the magnificent Phucket in Thailand. The largest island in the country, Phuket is already very well established when it comes to the yacht circuit. But as Phuket gains popularity and more and more people spend time leading the lavish life on the island, it’s fast becoming a super yacht haven. According to the Candy GPS Report, which covers sailing vessels that are valued at over $24 million dollars, the number of super yachts visiting Phuket has increased by almost 60% over the past five years, from 74 to 212.


The island is already a very popular choice for established yachting events, and boasts four excellent marinas. Every year its facilities improve, the marinas expand and more and more super yachts visit its shores. It’s not long before the island will become the most important destination in Southeast Asia for super yachts from all over the world.

 One of the main reasons for Phuket’s popularity is the number of luxury resorts on the island itself, as well as the sumptuous lifestyle on offer and the proximity to other exciting destinations such as the Similan island where diving is popular and the magnificent Mergui archipelago in Myanmar which is also nearby. Super yachts from Singapore, Hong Kong and China already use the island as their destination of choice.


This year, the annual King’s Cup Regatta, Super yacht Rendevouz and the brand new Phuket Yacht Show’s inaugural event will also draw the crowds. Of course, as the island’s popularity increases, more and more facilities for super yachts will have to be built, especially for those larger vessels.


This all bodes well for the yacht charter industry, since, as many owners rarely spend more than between two and six weeks on their vessels in a year, chartering becomes a popular option. And in this part of Southeast Asia, there’s a demand for yacht charter. There is talk of a top class international yacht repair facility being built on the island, which would attract even more super yachts to Phuket.


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