Expeditions by private jet or super yacht

Finally there’s a way to explore some of the most remote places in the world in absolute luxury. Baroque Travel has all the details


At last, intrepid travelers can enjoy adventure travel without having to miss out on a luxury experience. You can be flown in a luxurious private jet from any city you choose to a sumptuous yacht to start your expedition where you get to explore some of the most remarkable and inaccessible locations on earth.


Whether you decide to find the magic of polar landscapes, or cross the majestic Northwest Passage, your private super yacht will transport you on a memorable voyage of discovery. No expense will be spared to ensure that your trip is luxurious. The interior of the yacht is superb and sumptuous and includes a helicopter pad so that you can venture forth to explore, as well as be pampered with saunas and massages in special treatment rooms and enjoy 180-degree views of your extraordinary surroundings from the comfort of a plush, spacious suite with vast windows.


These expeditions launched in 2014 with a voyage of discovery along Norway’s spectacular coastline and fjords, enabling those privileged enough to be on board the opportunity to explore untouched islands and find out about unique ocean cultures. Future adventures include the chance to watch polar bears hunting for seals, enjoy kayaking amidst dazzling icebergs with weird formations, cruise the face of exquisite glaciers and hike across the tundra accompanied by expert guides.


Best of all, you can customize your itinerary to suit you. It is this flexibility that makes chartering your own private jet and super yacht so exciting. A bespoke adventure experience of your choosing to some of the most remarkable places in the world awaits. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where everything is taken care of for you, from creating the perfect itinerary to arranging permits, and putting together an experienced world-class team for the expedition.


If you are planning to explore the Antarctic, for instance, the challenging weather conditions are taken into consideration to ensure that you will be flown to your destination so that the adventure is as hassle-free as possible. You can also request a helicopter for your yacht, with an experienced crew so that you can explore vast wilderness areas off the beaten track in comfort and at whim.


Obviously, to achieve the perfect combination of luxury and expertise, one needs to have an experienced crew and operator. But when the world is your oyster, and money is no object, this can be arranged for you. Trust Baroque Travel to find the experts to do the job for you. With our expertise in both super yachts and yacht charter, as well as our knowledge about chartering luxury private jets, we are more than equipped to put together the most exciting adventures available for you.


So, contact Baroque Travel, Baroque Aviation or Baroque Yachts for all the assistance you need in arranging your dream adventure, and we will make it a reality - info@baroquetravel.com.