A Stunning New Yacht from Mercedes-Benz

Right now, The Silver Arrow of the Seas is sailing on its maiden voyage on the Cote d’Azur. Baroque Yachts has all the details about this new breed of luxury yacht that has been created by Mercedes Benz

Meet the Silver Arrow of the Seas, a luxury motor yacht that is currently sailing off the coast of Nice on the French Riviera. The very first of this new style of yacht is named Mercedes after the motoring company. This exceptional sailing vessel is a completely new yacht concept that is a collaboration between Mercedes Benz and Silver Arrows Marine. The yacht is 14m long, 706kW (960hp) and combines the performance of a Mercedes Benz sports car with the latest sailing technological innovations.


The yacht’s classic automobile proportions are a reminder of Mercedes’ superb design, and the yacht itself is a dynamic creature, a combination of an open boat and a cabin cruiser. The result is a stunning yacht, equally suitable for day use or overnight trips.


The luxurious motor yacht, the Arrow460-Granturismo, accommodates up to 10 people in comfort. It’s a combination of a boat with an open cockpit and one with a closed cabin. You see, this new concept yacht boasts large retractable windows and even the windscreen can be raised so that passengers can sit comfortably inside while enjoying a panoramic view.


Features include a wooden interior using eucalyptus wood. The yacht design is very avant garde, and gives this unique yacht a sculptural temperament. Of course, the yacht is as comfortable and luxurious as it is beautiful and high-tech. Its long foredeck and flowing, arched roofline with a slightly descending rear give the vessel the proportions of a luxury automobile. Typical of Mercedes Benz, the style is elegant, functional, modern and plush.


merc yacht 7.png

This is not the first time that Mercedes Benz has been involved in creating sailing vessels. The Mercedes-AMG ‘inspired’ Cigarette power-boats were created a while ago. But this new yacht concept takes sailing to another level entirely. The magnificent Arrow460-Granturismo is extremely advanced and futuristic looking and represents a whole new yacht genre.


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