London’s Most Luxurious New Health Club Is Now Open

In time for spring, London’s luxury Lanesborough Hotel has opened an exclusive new health club, offering world-class treatments and every possible fitness facility to a select few. Baroque Access finds out all about it


Arguably the most luxurious health club in London, the Lanesborough Club and Spa is for the exclusive use of hotel guests staying at this plush hotel, and for club members. Recently completed, it was designed by London-based company, 1508, and includes a spa, fitness facility and restaurant in a spacious 18,000 square feet.


The brand new spa features a hydrotherapy pool, four individual treatments, a VIP treatment room with double showers as well as manicure and pedicure stations. Products used are a range of specially produced natural face serums, body creams and candles by British spa brand “ila” as well as innovative massage treatments by famous luxury health and beauty brand “La Prairie”. The spa offers guests and members the services of dedicated spa butlers who attend to all their needs, from booking treatments for them to ordering lunch.


Keeping fit is a cinch at this state-of-the-art health club, which is fitted with only the very best equipment, such as free weights, treadmills, bicycles, rowing machines and boxing equipment. Daily classes are offered in Pilates, yoga and spinning, and the club offers personal trainers to create personalized health and fitness programs and oversee one-on-one private sessions. Special workout classes and wellness consultations are provided by iconic wellness company Bodyism, who is collaborating with the Club to offer the very best services.


Keeping an overall approach to wellbeing, the club’s restaurant offers a health-conscious, nutritious menu that includes smoothies, high protein snacks and various gourmet health dishes.

On joining, members of the club are given the opportunity to experience everything the club has to offer, including 10 complimentary passes, a Spa treatment, fitness and lifestyle assessment, discounts on treatments, laundry, dry cleaning and dining as well as discounted valet parking. Those guests staying at the hotel have access to all of the club’s facilities during their stay, and can book treatments and personal training at an extra fee.


The new health club has been designed to perfectly fit into its magnificent location within the Regency-era, refined and ultra-luxurious Lanesborough Hotel. The establishment offers an idyllic location, set between Knightsbridge, Hyde Park and Mayfair, and the prestigious new club is likely to be a major drawcard to what is already an iconic London landmark.


The hotel, which recently underwent a major refurbishment, is renowned for its superlative offering, which includes not only the exclusive new health club but also a Michelin starred restaurant, Céleste, a seductive Library Bar and one of the city’s best cigar and Cognac lounges, not to mention an unforgettable high tea. It’s also famous for being the only London hotel that offers round-the-clock, dedicated butler service in every room and suite.


The Lanesborough Club & Spa is the icing on the cake of an already exceptional offering. If you are interested in becoming a member of the club, let Baroque Access assist. Contact us right away, If you are interested in visiting the hotel and utilising the exclusive offerings available at the health club and spa, let our sister company, Baroque Travel, assist. They can make all your travel arrangements for you, and book your health club and spa requirements when they make your hotel reservation. Mail them now,, and they will organize everything for you.

Christian Louboutin Oil fragrances

We all dream of coveting just a few pairs of those exquisite red-soled shoes. But that’s not all that world-renowned fashion designer Christian Louboutin is famous for. He first delved into the world of accessories, and now he’s also delved into the realm of beauty. Baroque Access has all the details


First it was magnificent nail polishes to accessories those Louboutin open-toed sandals. Then along came beautiful lipsticks to match those nail polishes, in iconic gold cases. Louboutin followed this with three delectable fragrances, and this November he’s added another selection of perfumes, a new range with a luxurious oil format.

These exquisite Perfume Oils have the same scent as Louboutin’s original fragrances – intimate, compelling Bikini Questa Sera, voluptuous Tornade Blonde and provocative Trouble in Heaven. But they are featured in a new formation so that they can be used together with the fragrance, or alone, to caress the skin.


Part of Christian Louboutin’s signature is being that little bit different, more edgy, more on point. And these new fragrance iterations are all that, and more. These are not merely oils; they are highly concentrated perfume oils with no added water or alcohol, offering a more intense experience compared to the three regular fragrances.


louboutin perfume trio.jpg

First off, you don’t just spray these oils onto the skin, they need to be massaged in, leaving a subtle luxurious sheen and enveloping the wearer in sumptuous fragrance. It’s advisable to layer your fragrance oil with the matching perfume so that you can create a fragrance as intense or as subtle as you wish. One uses the oil just like parfum; it’s applied to pulse points, including the wrists, collarbone, décolleté, nape of the neck, etc.

Each bottle boasts a special glass ‘dabber’ so that one can apply the perfumed oil with ease. The bottles, which are masterpieces in their own right, have been created in the same colorways as the originals – deep amber and gold for Bikini Questa Sera, a warm garnet and light gold for Tornade Blonde and gold blended with Royal purple for Trouble in Heaven. The bottles are differentiated from the Parfum range by unique, luxe metallic finish.


louboutin fragrances.jpg

According to Louboutin, his inspiration for the perfume oils was “to evoke the mystery and opulence of perfume, to renew the way precious oils were treasured in the past and to celebrate woman and her desires”.


If you would like to find out more about the opulent Christian Louboutin fragrance oils or wish to purchase one or more of them, let Baroque Access assist. Contact us right away,, and we will arrange everything for you.

Louis Vuitton enters the world of fragrance

One of the best-kept secrets of past weeks is French design house Louis Vuitton’s launch of its brand new fragrance collection in September 2016. Baroque Access finds out all the details


Louis Vuitton’s new fragrance collection is taking on a $38 billion luxury market and it’s likely to grab a chunk of it, if its past endeavors into the world of fashion are anything to go by. The design house’s new perfumery, called Les Fontaines Parfumées, is a 17th Century building located where else but in Grasse, France’s perfume hub, and the same site where Dior’s fragrance laboratory is based. It’s being run by Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, a third generation perfumer born in Grasse. The line is expected to feature notes of natural leather, a signature of the handles and straps found on Vuitton’s exquisite handbags, travel bags and trunks. It will also include various flowers imported from China, such as osmanthus, jasmine and magnolia.


This is not the first time that Louis Vuitton has entered the world of fragrance, but it’s been more than a century since the designer brand unveiled a bespoke range of fragrance bottles called Editions d’Art. These were commissioned by artists to craft and design decorative motifs for engraved crystal bottles. Louis Vuitton’s first fragrance was Heures d’Absence, launched in 1927. A year later, Je, Tu, Il was launched (that translates to ‘I, you, they’). Then in 1946 Vuitton launched Eau de Voyage. All three fragrances were available at select stores including Louis Vuitton Marina Bay Sands and Ngee Ann City stores in Singapore. But since then, those fragrances no longer exist.


And now, once again, Louis Vuitton is back in the fragrance market, with a selection of fragrances that are expected to launch in September 2016. Jacques Cavallier Belletrud is famous for fragrances such as Stella by Stella McCartney and Dior Addict. The master perfumer is experimenting with a fascinating palette of raw materials. His first inspiration was, of course, leather, and he has found a perfect one that apparently features a subtle, sensual floral and musky scent, which he will combine with the flowers he discovered in China.


‘Les Parfums Louis Vuitton: a journey of emotions’, as the range will be called, is expected to be on shelf in stores worldwide in September and will be one of the biggest launches of the fall. The design of the bottle is yet to be announced, although it’s expected to be very modern, even futuristic, and covered with the brand’s signature monogram.


If you would like to find out more about Louis Vuitton’s new fragrance collection, or would like to be in line to purchase one of the first bottles once it is made available, let Baroque Access assist. Contact us right away, and we will arrange everything for you.

A new Chanel no. 5

We have always associated Chanel No. 5 with the glamour of Fifties icon Marilyn Monroe, but now the fragrance is moving in another direction. The latest, most modern iteration, No. 5 L’Eau, is embodied by young up-and-coming actress, Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. Baroque Access has all the details


“You know me, but you don’t”, says the bold and very beautiful ad depicting the latest incarnation of Chanel’s most famous fragrance. The new, updated version of this famous fragrance, featured in a modern crystal version of the legendary square bottle, was created by the brand’s renowned perfumer Olivier Polge and was launched recently as part of the brand’s Fall 2016 campaign. Billed as the freshest version of this classic luxury fragrance, this is the fifth interpretation of Chanel No. 5. It features the May rose at its core, a flower harvested in Grasse that only blooms for 14 days every year.


Founded in Paris in 1909, Chanel has grown to become one of the world’s most well-known luxury brands. Its new version of its iconic No. 5 scent, L'Eau, features top notes include mandarin, orange, lemon, neroli and aldehydes giving way to a heart of rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine. Cedar and white musk feature as the fragrance’s classically feminine base.


Lily-Rose Depp is already the face for Chanel’s Pearl Eyewear collection, which was launched in September last year. Chanel chose her for their new fragrance, because, they say, “She embodies her generation and its values of freedom and boldness to perfection, bringing to the iconic fragrance of the House her youthful freshness and beauty”.


The actress will soon star in three films – La Danseuse, directed by Stéphanie Di Giusto which competed at the recent Cannes Film Festival, Yoga Hosers, directed by Kevin Smith and Planetarium, directed by Rebecca Zlotowski.


If you would like to get hold of a bottle of this brand new luxury fragrance, let Baroque Access arrange this for you. Contact us right away,, and we will acquire your bottle of Chanel No. 5 L’Eau.

The most expensive manicure in the world

Baroque Lifestyle has discovered the most expensive manicure available in the world – a $25 000 mani in Southern California!


Nail art and nail care is high on the list of every woman’s make-up regime. But for those with money to spare, there’s no end to what you can have done when you head for the salon to have a mani. Of course, those who live in Southern California take their nails very seriously indeed – and with nail salons as popular as coffee shops, it comes as no surprise that someone has upped the ante.


Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Newport Beach recently launched a new luxury menu of nail services that include more ‘affordable’ options that start at around $500 and $600 for diamonds on a full set of nails (they have to be applied to acrylics, apparently). But the menu doesn’t stop there; it goes all the way up to $25 000 for what is probably the most luxurious mani in the world.


One fascinating fact – the nail bar didn’t come up with this idea at random; their latest luxury menu is based on special requests from regular customers, according to the store’s GM, Tony Nguyen. He insists that there are women in both Newport and Irvine who are happy to splurge once in a while.


The menu has various options – here are a few…

·         The Haute Couture Manicure (price: between $500 and $2 500) includes a mineral bath, massage, polish and nail art using up to 20 diamonds PLUS a facial.

·         The Gold Rush Manicure (priced between $2 500 and $10 000) includes everything in the Haute Couture Mani PLUS it’s in the privacy of your own private room in the salon. But there’s more – the salon has partnered with the nail polish brand Models Own to create exactly two diamond-encrusted bottles of Gold Rush nail polish, priced at $100 000. This is applied for the manicure along with 24-carat flakes of gold in the nail art. And, in addition to your facial, you also receive lash extensions and threading, plus free champagne of course.

·         The pinnacle of nail luxe is, of course, the Glitz & Glamicure, which costs anything from $10 000 to $25 000. For this you have the exclusive use of the entire salon for your treatment. You receive the full Gold Rush Manicure PLUS you have the services of your own personal jeweler to assist you in choosing the best diamonds for your nail art. You also receive hair and make-up services.


The salon has one nail technician who specializes in these luxury services – and there’s no need to tip the technician, as this is included in the price.


If you’d like to be pampered with an exclusive, one of a kind, luxury mani, no holds barred, contact Baroque Access and we will arrange it for you, We will also include travel arrangements through our dedicated team at Baroque Travel if you need it, as well as the services of a chauffeur to get you to your appointment on time.

The latest luxury beauty must-haves

Recently, designer fragrance houses have pulled out all the stops to create an additional must-have product to their ranges. These new hair fragrances are an important addition to every savvy fashionista’s beauty wardrobe. Baroque Lifestyle takes a look…


Hair fragrance is big business in the luxury market right now, and more and more high-end designer brands are now offering a hair mist in their fragrance range, an additional step in layering fragrance, which already includes soaps, bath oils or bubbles and body lotions or creams which are used before applying eau de toilette or eau de parfum.

 Luxury designer brands like Chanel, Dior, Victor & Rolf, Thierry Mugler and many more have added hair mists to their range of products, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to include hair mist in your wardrobe of fragrance essentials. The product is extremely effective, as hair carries fragrance easily, and leaves an intoxicating aroma as you walk.

 However, one cannot just spray fragrance onto the hair as perfumes usually contain high levels of alcohol that would dry out the hair if applied directly. So a product specifically for the hair has been created in various perfume ranges. Hair mists contain less alcohol than perfume and are formulated with specific ingredients to keep hair soft and shiny. They are ideal for hot summer days. Baroque Lifestyle has chosen our favorite luxury brands for you to try…


Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist

Like the Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum, the hair mist has both Oriental and floral notes – jasmine, freesia, patchouli and rose combine to offer a slightly softer, yet equally sweet, sexy and feminine fragrance.


Chanel No. 5 or Coco Mademoiselle Hair Mist

Trust Chanel to make sure that there is a hair mist in the iconic Chanel No. 5 fragrance range. If you prefer, you can opt for the magical Coco Mademoiselle Hair Mist, which, like the fragrance, is fast becoming another Chanel classic.


Miss Dior Hair Mist

A lot more delicate than the perfume, Miss Dior Hair Mist is a tempting hint of the original. French, feminine and fabulous, this magnificent fragrance is well suited for both hair and skin.


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

Seductive and sultry, the fragrance has already garnered a following for its sexy notes of black cherry, rose, black tea and almond. The hair mist is just as beautiful, if a little more subtle. The perfect addition to the product range.


Thierry Mugler Angel Hair Mist

One of the most loved scents of the moment, Thierry Mugler's Angel Hair Mist offering strands of the same sweet, innocent fragrance, a heady mix of vanilla, honey, red berry, chocolate and patchouli, just a little less intense.

High tech dental care

Baroque Access takes a look at an inventive product that has recently hit the shelves – Olas Mouth Rinse, a cutting edge dental product created using bio-active marine ingredients

dental health 4.jpg

The miraculous healing and cleansing properties of the sea have inspired the creation of various cutting edge products, from healing skincare that also helps fight aging to a new wave of dental products taking the country by storm.

Marine bio-active ingredients are used in the latest, and one of the most innovative of these dental products, OLAS mouth rinse, which has been created with a commitment to healthy living, as well as an appreciation of timeless beauty. This innovative, effective mouth rinse captures humans’ love of the ocean and a deep respect for nature. At the same time, OLAS, which is the word for ‘waves’ in Spanish, has been created using ingredients derived from the sea. Every aspect of the product, from its marine bio-active elements to the logo and the packaging, were inspired by the sea.

OLAS itself is fast becoming extremely popular because of its effectiveness and the gentle taste. It’s also very ‘green’ and completely cruelty-free… it contains no sodium laurel sulfate, alcohol, fluoride, artificial colors, alcohol or fragrances.

For best effects, it’s advisable to use OLAS every day after brushing. Rinse for 20 seconds.

Why you should add mouthwash to your daily dental care

Mouthwashes or rinses are not replacements for your daily dental care routine – they are an additional step to add to your twice-daily tooth brushing and flossing regime. Their main function is to freshen your breath, help combat cavities, plaque and decay.

However, mouth rinses are not a treatment for bad breath, also known as halitosis, which can be caused from numerous other problems such as tooth decay; they are used to help protect your teeth from various acids that are produced by bacteria in your mouth that can cause plaque. By rinsing your mouth after brushing and flossing, you will ensure that any bacteria in your mouth is removed. A mouthwash can also assist if you have a fungal infection of gingivitis (receding gums).

Both mouthwashes and rinses have come a long way, and the latest products are extremely innovative and effective, removing bad breath and killing germs at the same time. OLAS contains bio-active marine ingredients that help freshen breath and remove bacteria, preventing decay and bad breath at the same time.

Keep a small bottle of OLAS in your purse or cosmetic bag for everyday freshness and dental care. You’ll be surprised at how quickly rinsing your mouth after brushing and flossing your teeth becomes part of your morning and eventual ritual.

Dental professionals recommend the use of mouthwashes and rinses, especially those that are known to be effective in helping control plaque build up, removing bacteria and leaving you with a fresh taste in your mouth.

The new face of YSL Beauté Makeup

British  model Cara Delevigne is the new face of YSL’s Beauté Makeup

This week, top model Cara Delevigne was named the face of Yves St Laurent’s Beauté Makeup campaigns at a glittering event in London. The announcement created a wave of worldwide interest when it was streamed live around the globe during the YSL Loves Your Lips party on January 20.

Cara, who is known for her signature heavy brows and wacky personality, has graced the pages of every top fashion magazine in the world, is also famous for her social media presence, particularly Instagram, where she has over 8 million followers. She is the only model to ever receive the Model of the Year award twice in a row and is also pursuing an acting career. In fact, she appeared in the 2012 movie, Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law and has a number of movie projects lined up for 2015.

The model is the perfect choice for YSL, as she epitomizes the brand’s modern woman – she’s passionate, energetic, audacious and modern. “It’s a view of femininity that I relate to and am happy to be part of,” she said.


Luxury has no boundaries…

Baroque Access chooses the best fashion and beauty products created in 2014. Here they are, in no particular order


1. Fabulous Foundation

Flawless foundation that lasts 24 hours? You’d better believe it! This innovative foundation follows in the footsteps of the design house’s other superb beauty products, a range that is renowned for its excellence. And now YSL is adding perfection to the list with Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation 24hrs – the foundation, which is available in a choice of 21 shades, literally lasts for 24 hours. Of course, the formula is exceptional, coverage is weightless and the result is perfect skin all day long. Another innovation - you don’t need to add other products like primers, powders and everything else necessary to get rid of oiliness and shine. No matter your skin type, the new YSL Fusion Ink Foundation stays on looking matt and beautiful. Who could possibly ask for more?


2. Lancome Grandiose mascara 

Perfect lashes every time, with this unique concept – a wide angle, fan effect mascara with an innovative curly wand. Grandiose’s wand has an unusual swan-shaped neck that bends to work with the shape of your face and reaches every single lash. Corner to corner, root to tip, it offers the ultimate in length, lift and volume.


3. Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys lets us kiss and tell 

It’s not just the stunning lip colors, or the fact that you can choose from a range of 50 different shades of mini lipsticks so that you can enjoy a kaleidoscope of provocative lips every day, lipsticks that are as exquisite and luxurious as their predecessors. Tom Ford’s latest innovation is just more of the best from this iconic designer, where everything he creates becomes a cult. Ford believes it’s better to have several “clutch-sized” lipsticks than just one, which is why he developed the 50-color Lips & Boys range. Each stunning little tube is named after males the designer admires and sports the signature gold and burgundy packaging. The range was released slowly, from November 28 right up until December 26. So now the entire range is available in store as well as online, just in time to kiss and tell on New Year’s Eve. You can either buy the entire collection or single lipsticks… your call.


4. MAC Luxe with Mineralize Skinfinish

One of M·A·C Cosmetic’s most ground-breaking products this year was its Mineralize Skinfinish, a luxurious, velvety-soft powder with a high-frost metallic finish. Created to smoothe on evenly and add buffed-up highlights to cheeks and brows, this useful product can also be used as an overall ultra-deluxe polish for the entire face. There are 5 shades in all – Cheeky Bronze, Global Glow, Gold Deposit, Lightscapade and Soft & Gentle. The reason for its popularity? The product looks stunning on all skin tones, goes from glitter to shimmer depending on how much you use. Use sparingly if you want to create an illuminated glow.


5. Eyeliner goes high tech

From tne new range of eye-catching eyeliners produced in 2014, Benefit’s They're Real! 

Push-Up Liner stands out from the crowd. It’s not only ingenious, but it’s waterproof too, and is designed to hug the lashes when applied. Of course, application is foolproof and you shouldn't get any smudges either, not with the eyeliner’s special custom-angled tip that helps you draw an easy line and is designed to gently move lashes aside to create the perfect line. It’s also paraben-free, vegan friendly – and did we mention it lasts for up to 24 hours?


6.Cutting edge skincare

Medical cosmetics took the world by storm in 2014, and one of the most tried and tested of these is QMS Medi cosmetics, a superb, affordable everyday skincare range for men and women created by German plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Eric Schulte. 

Most inventive for its three-step collagen and exfoliate treatments, the range also offers excellent moisturisers including the revolutionary 24-Hour Cream and the ingenious Sport Active Cream, a tinted moisturizer for men and women that is light, effective and offers intense hydration.


7. La Mer’s 8-Minute Miracle

One of the best and most luxurious and iconic skincare ranges in the world, La Mer, introduced a brand new Intensive Revitalizing Mask this year, an energizing mask that protects aging skin from stress and environmental factors. The potion includes La Mer’s signature ingredients as well as two new ones – Vitality Ferment and Purifying Ferment. 

Called the Eight-Minute Miracle, this magnificent mask is applied and left on the skin for just eight minutes, after which the skin looks healthier, plumper and younger. With a promise like this, who could refuse to try it out?


8.Best blush of 2014

Yes, we all know just how sumptuous Chanel’s beauty products are, and those in the know are fully aware of how inventive the brand is. This year, many of its products have lifted a brow because they’re so good, but the most noteworthy of all is the blush, Le Blush Crème de Chanel, which is by far the most luxurious blush available. The cream to powder formula offers incredible blendability, the pigmentation is beyond amazing – a little goes a long, long way, and the colors are all exquisite. Find your favorite shade and make sure it’s in your purse. Chanel knows how to make a woman feel coveted and beautiful.


9. Body beauty

Kiehl’s natural products have been making waves since the first little apothecary opened in New York in 1851. Although many of the products are tried and tested and have been around for more than a century, some of them are newer creations, using the brand’s signature… the best natural ingredients, attention to detail and effectiveness.

One of these is the luxurious Kiehl’s Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter, which boasts a creamy texture and excellent moisturizing properties. It literally feels like you’re swathing on luxury and moisture when you apply it, and the effects are excellent, especially after continued use.


10. Take it all off

No matter what type of make-up you use, you need to ensure that you can get it all off before you go to bed. The make-up remover that has withstood the test of time, and has remained top of the list for as long as it’s been on the shelves is MAC Cosmetics Wipes. It’s not only the ingenious formula that makes this product so effective, it’s also the fact that it’s easy to carry around in your purse, or when you’re travelling. And it does the job – no question. So with this one we’re not reinventing the wheel. For us, these wipes remain the best way to remove your make-up.

Never Before Have You Been Able to Join a Cycling Class While Traveling in Your Private Jet

It is, perhaps, one of the great pairings of this decade: cycling classes while traveling in a private jet. Now you can achieve exercise nirvana while in the comfort of your private jet, all thanks to an inventive New York company known as Peloton Cycle. It’s revolutionizing the exercise scene with an innovative and tasteful combination of technology and simplicity of concept. Peloton Cycle’s tagline, “Take the Best Cycling Classes, Anytime You Want,” succinctly sums up what they – and their carefully crafted cycle – is all about. Here’s how this company is transforming the way exercise is done.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.17.45 PM.png


The Peloton Cycle Idea

The Peloton Cycle idea is at once elegant in its simplicity and effective in its technological reality. It marries WiFi technology with exercise tech, creating a wholly original exercise experience:

1.     You buy a Peloton cycle (we’ll discuss this cycle shortly), along with a subscription package.

2.     The cycle has a cutting-edge touchscreen device that connects to WiFi. Create an account with Peloton Cycle’s software and start browsing classes.

 3.     Peloton Cycle has a New York studio where the actions of a highly-trained instructor are live streamed to you when you use the Peloton cycle. You can choose a class session at any time and join in – virtually. This means you will have a fun and effective workout since you will know exactly what to do – complete with feedback from the live instructors. Add great music to the mélange and you’ll be geared for a life of fitness.  


In a nutshell, then, this is the Peloton Cycle idea – a beautiful way to save time while exercising, especially considering the ease with which the cycle can be transported and used. 

 The Cycle – a High-Tech Wonder of the Exercise World

Peloton Cycle’s stationary cycle has been engineered from precisely chosen materials and techie hardware. Here’s a snapshot of its ingenious design:

-A sweat resistant touch console lets you use the touchscreen without worrying about your sweaty hands.

  - Its belt drive is almost silent, letting you focus on working out (and enjoying music).

-Magnetic resistance is used to give you a smoother and more consistent pedaling experience.

-The cycle’s frame and body has been crafted from carbon steel, making it rather light without sacrificing durability.

The bike also monitors power output, the distance traveled, and your pedaling rate – as well has how many calories you have burned. All of this is smartly displayed on the touchscreen – which, incidentally, can accommodate headphones and a webcam (so you can cycle with your friends around the world, too).

All in all, Peloton Cycle is shaping up to be a fitness concept extraordinaire that will let you exercise – and exercise well – no matter where you are (even if you are cruising along thousands of feet above the surface of the earth). John Foley of Peloton Cycle captured this sentiment exactly when he said, “Never before have people been able to join a boutique cycle class while traveling from the comfort of their private jet. At Peloton, we want to help our riders achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the easiest way possible.”





Brooke Shields Collaborates with MAC in new Icon Collection

Get your Brooke look from a Mac counter near you.

This month, you can enjoy the latest of MAC’s ‘Icon’ collection, a collaboration with beautiful Brooke Shields. This legendary actress and former supermodel first woke us up to the joy of owning a pair of Calvin Klein jeans way back when, and was famous for her fabulous eyebrows. Her sultry beauty graced billboards all over the country, including Times Square in New York, and made Calvin Klein jeans a coveted must-have. She’s still as beautiful as ever, which is why MAC has chosen her to be the face of their largest ‘Icon’ collection to date.

In fact, there are two distinct looks in the new collection. The one is a fresh-faced, daytime look, whilst the other is more vampish and evening-orientated, focusing on the eyes.  Brooke’s famous brows are still very fashionable, with models like Cara Delevigne and Lily Allen gaining super-fame because of theirs, so it comes as no surprise that the collection will include some fabulous brow products, including a clear brow gel and a brow liner in a muted gray color.

This fabulous collection includes a variety of products, including a magnificent 16-shade eyeshadow palette, the most expensive item at $85. But the rest is much cheaper, starting at $17 for a clear brow gel.

All I want for Christmas is a gift from Chanel

Chanel is making sure that stylish fans are pampered to perfection this Christmas. Take a look at what’s on offer

Fragrance Fantasy

Madame Chanel used to describe her signature fragrance as “A woman’s fragrance that smells like a woman”. For decades, the iconic Chanel No 5 Fragrance has epitomized timeless femininity, mystery and magic. For Christmas 2014, the selection is more covetable than ever. Take a look…

The art of fragrance Chanel-style, is to layer this legendary fragrance with a selection of exquisite toiletry products, described as “three special moments for the bath, the body and the senses”. 

The No5 Bath Soap

This year, the must-have bath soap has a new curvaceous look. It promises to lather softly whilst subtly diffusing its magnificent fragrance, and leaves the skin soft and delicately scented.

The No5 Body Cream

Pamper your skin with a generous amount of this rich, delicately scented cream to moisturize and soften the skin.

The No5 Loose Powder

Soft and sensual, this delicately fragranced power gives the skin its finishing touch.

Make-up moments

Collection Plumes Precieuses de Chanel is a luxurious make-up collection that enhances the spirit for the Festive Season. Chanel’s Makeup Creation Studio was inspired by subtle shades, and the collection is embellished with gold and silver. The result? A selection of stunning evening make-up, including a classic eye shadow palette, flamboyant red for lips and nails and a touch of sensual peach blush with pearly accents.



Celebrate New York with Rita Ora and DKNY

Inspired by the New York City’s modern urban spirit, DKNY’s latest fragrance MYNY was launched by singer, actress and songwriter Rita Ora

 DKNY & Rita Ora have teamed up to create a fragrance they described as being "pure energy in a bottle".

DKNY & Rita Ora have teamed up to create a fragrance they described as being "pure energy in a bottle".

 The DKNY MYNY is shaped like a heart and made of glass and metal. 

The DKNY MYNY is shaped like a heart and made of glass and metal. 

The fragrance, which Rita Ora calls “pure energy in a bottle” encapsulates the dynamism of this cosmopolitan city. The commercials that will be featured on TV and in print feature Ora wearing a black leather jacket, sky-high heels and bright red lipstick, standing in Times Square with New York’s iconic skyscrapers offering a dramatic backdrop. Ora’s single, Lil Mo, from her new album, is featured in the TV commercial.

New York: the city we love, the city whose heart beats faster and louder than any other. Each spritz of DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum celebrates the energy of New York and the individuals that live it, dream of it, and yearn for it.

Like the city, this new fragrance by Donna Karan is carefree, creative and inspiring, celebrating the energy of New York and the fabulous individuals who live and work here – or aspires to. The DKNY MYNY bottle itself is a glass and metal creation. Its upper part features a heart shape and a creative suggestion of New York skyscrapers. Of course, Ora’s vibrant energy also encapsulates the fragrance. The star embodies the creative individuality of a modern New Yorker.

 Rita Ora (second to left) was joined by Hannah Bronfman (left), Dominique Ansel (second to right) and Chrissy Teigen (right) for the fragrance launch in Madison Square Park. 

Rita Ora (second to left) was joined by Hannah Bronfman (left), Dominique Ansel (second to right) and Chrissy Teigen (right) for the fragrance launch in Madison Square Park. 

Rita Ora, along with Chrissy Teigen and Hannah Bronfman, celebrated the launch of this magnificent new fragrance in Madison Square Park. They enjoyed a taste of an innovative heart-shaped pretzel inspired by the shape of the DKNY MYNY bottle, that was exclusively created by Dominique Ansel, award-winning chef of the James Beard Foundation, and brains behind the Cronut™.

Ora and other celebrities including style bloggers Brooklyn Blonde, The New Potato, I Spy DIY and Natalie Suarez, were photographed sampling this delicious creation, served from a traditional NYC-style pretzel cart. They also got to create their own digital mosaic “MYNY Heart” comprising their own NYC-centric photographs taken from

The fragrance’s top note is a combination of playfulness, boldness and spontaneity, an exhilarating, stylish, sophisticated blend that evokes New York’s irresistible appeal. It’s now available in stores around the country, in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum as well as a selection of accessory products, including shower gel, body lotion and rollerball.

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QMS Medicosmetics - Join The Revolution!

If you’re in London, head for the futuristic spa in Cadogan Gardens where Dr Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics, shows you how to care for your skin in the 21st Century. See why Vanity Fair magazine described this spa as ‘The perfect white truffle’.

 Located in London's Cadogen Gardens, QMS Medicosmetics offers the most new-age revolutionary skincare treatments.   

Located in London's Cadogen Gardens, QMS Medicosmetics offers the most new-age revolutionary skincare treatments.   

Dr. Erich Schulte; a German reconstructive plastic surgeon founded and developed QMS Medicosmetics to assist his patients in healing after surgery. Today, women in the know swear by his superb skincare and body products. Dr. Schulte's skincare formulae are based on sound scientific methods, where he utilizes the latest technology to create products that penetrate deep into the epidermal layers, keeping the skin looking fresh and youthful.

 The QMS range reintroduces collagen into the skin to improve its elasticity and appearance.

The QMS range reintroduces collagen into the skin to improve its elasticity and appearance.

The QMS range works by re-introducing collagen into the skin to improve its elasticity and appearance. It is skin regeneration at its most advanced, an innovation that has revolutionized the way most skincare products are now produced. Dr. Schulte’s first products are still his most famous – the Classic Set combines three separate products including Day and Night soluble collagen serums and an Exfoliant fluid that rejuvenates the skin. Combined with one of Dr Schulte’s renowned moisturizers, the set transforms the skin.

Since then, Dr. Schulte has created various in-salon treatments for face and body. If you’re in London anytime soon, we recommend you make a visit to QMS’s flagship spa, where you can be pampered with QMS Medicosmetics’ high performance skincare and treatment products. Enjoy one of Dr. Schulte’s famous collagen-boosting facials or an express city cleanse, and then treat your body to a range of superb conditioning treatments. Each facial is tailored to suit your personal needs.

Contact Baroque Access at to inquire about QMS Medicosmetics.

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QUA Baths & Spa Caesars Palace (Las Vegas)

Recently named the 2014 Best Spa in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal, luxurious pampering awaits you at QUA Baths & Spa in Caesars Palace.


The sprawling 50,000 sq. ft. QUA Baths & Spa features 51 treatment studio, which includes three deluxe couple's studio two personalized hydrotherapy tubs, three Vichy showers, seven facial studios, 35 massage studios and a Crystal Room.Enticing Roman baths will create a soothing immersive atmosphere for guests to relax.

The Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace brings the Roman Baths to the Las Vegas Strip. QUA's treatments is inspired by both eastern and western philosophies allowing guests to really get that holistic feel and medicinal qualities. 

Stress and stiffness will be a thing of the past when you experience one of their various treatments inspired by both eastern and western philosophies allowing guests to really get that holistic feel and medicinal qualities. 

We recommend guests to start their spa day at the Roman baths and take a soak in the mineral-rich waters, which help enhance the detoxification process, and then select from their comprehensive menu of rejuvenating massage, facial, spa and beauty treatments. 

To rebalance and restore your body we highly recommend you come visit the Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace.

To inquire or make reservations at QUA Baths and Spa Caesars Palace contact as at 

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