Never Before Have You Been Able to Join a Cycling Class While Traveling in Your Private Jet

It is, perhaps, one of the great pairings of this decade: cycling classes while traveling in a private jet. Now you can achieve exercise nirvana while in the comfort of your private jet, all thanks to an inventive New York company known as Peloton Cycle. It’s revolutionizing the exercise scene with an innovative and tasteful combination of technology and simplicity of concept. Peloton Cycle’s tagline, “Take the Best Cycling Classes, Anytime You Want,” succinctly sums up what they – and their carefully crafted cycle – is all about. Here’s how this company is transforming the way exercise is done.

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The Peloton Cycle Idea

The Peloton Cycle idea is at once elegant in its simplicity and effective in its technological reality. It marries WiFi technology with exercise tech, creating a wholly original exercise experience:

1.     You buy a Peloton cycle (we’ll discuss this cycle shortly), along with a subscription package.

2.     The cycle has a cutting-edge touchscreen device that connects to WiFi. Create an account with Peloton Cycle’s software and start browsing classes.

 3.     Peloton Cycle has a New York studio where the actions of a highly-trained instructor are live streamed to you when you use the Peloton cycle. You can choose a class session at any time and join in – virtually. This means you will have a fun and effective workout since you will know exactly what to do – complete with feedback from the live instructors. Add great music to the mélange and you’ll be geared for a life of fitness.  


In a nutshell, then, this is the Peloton Cycle idea – a beautiful way to save time while exercising, especially considering the ease with which the cycle can be transported and used. 

 The Cycle – a High-Tech Wonder of the Exercise World

Peloton Cycle’s stationary cycle has been engineered from precisely chosen materials and techie hardware. Here’s a snapshot of its ingenious design:

-A sweat resistant touch console lets you use the touchscreen without worrying about your sweaty hands.

  - Its belt drive is almost silent, letting you focus on working out (and enjoying music).

-Magnetic resistance is used to give you a smoother and more consistent pedaling experience.

-The cycle’s frame and body has been crafted from carbon steel, making it rather light without sacrificing durability.

The bike also monitors power output, the distance traveled, and your pedaling rate – as well has how many calories you have burned. All of this is smartly displayed on the touchscreen – which, incidentally, can accommodate headphones and a webcam (so you can cycle with your friends around the world, too).

All in all, Peloton Cycle is shaping up to be a fitness concept extraordinaire that will let you exercise – and exercise well – no matter where you are (even if you are cruising along thousands of feet above the surface of the earth). John Foley of Peloton Cycle captured this sentiment exactly when he said, “Never before have people been able to join a boutique cycle class while traveling from the comfort of their private jet. At Peloton, we want to help our riders achieve their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the easiest way possible.”