The New Face of YSL Beauté Makeup

British  model Cara Delevigne is the new face of YSL’s Beauté Makeup

This week, top model Cara Delevigne was named the face of Yves St Laurent’s Beauté Makeup campaigns at a glittering event in London. The announcement created a wave of worldwide interest when it was streamed live around the globe during the YSL Loves Your Lips party on January 20.

Cara, who is known for her signature heavy brows and wacky personality, has graced the pages of every top fashion magazine in the world, is also famous for her social media presence, particularly Instagram, where she has over 8 million followers. She is the only model to ever receive the Model of the Year award twice in a row and is also pursuing an acting career. In fact, she appeared in the 2012 movie, Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law and has a number of movie projects lined up for 2015.

The model is the perfect choice for YSL, as she epitomizes the brand’s modern woman – she’s passionate, energetic, audacious and modern. “It’s a view of femininity that I relate to and am happy to be part of,” she said.