High tech dental care

Baroque Access takes a look at an inventive product that has recently hit the shelves – Olas Mouth Rinse, a cutting edge dental product created using bio-active marine ingredients

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The miraculous healing and cleansing properties of the sea have inspired the creation of various cutting edge products, from healing skincare that also helps fight aging to a new wave of dental products taking the country by storm.

Marine bio-active ingredients are used in the latest, and one of the most innovative of these dental products, OLAS mouth rinse, which has been created with a commitment to healthy living, as well as an appreciation of timeless beauty. This innovative, effective mouth rinse captures humans’ love of the ocean and a deep respect for nature. At the same time, OLAS, which is the word for ‘waves’ in Spanish, has been created using ingredients derived from the sea. Every aspect of the product, from its marine bio-active elements to the logo and the packaging, were inspired by the sea.

OLAS itself is fast becoming extremely popular because of its effectiveness and the gentle taste. It’s also very ‘green’ and completely cruelty-free… it contains no sodium laurel sulfate, alcohol, fluoride, artificial colors, alcohol or fragrances.

For best effects, it’s advisable to use OLAS every day after brushing. Rinse for 20 seconds.

Why you should add mouthwash to your daily dental care

Mouthwashes or rinses are not replacements for your daily dental care routine – they are an additional step to add to your twice-daily tooth brushing and flossing regime. Their main function is to freshen your breath, help combat cavities, plaque and decay.

However, mouth rinses are not a treatment for bad breath, also known as halitosis, which can be caused from numerous other problems such as tooth decay; they are used to help protect your teeth from various acids that are produced by bacteria in your mouth that can cause plaque. By rinsing your mouth after brushing and flossing, you will ensure that any bacteria in your mouth is removed. A mouthwash can also assist if you have a fungal infection of gingivitis (receding gums).

Both mouthwashes and rinses have come a long way, and the latest products are extremely innovative and effective, removing bad breath and killing germs at the same time. OLAS contains bio-active marine ingredients that help freshen breath and remove bacteria, preventing decay and bad breath at the same time.

Keep a small bottle of OLAS in your purse or cosmetic bag for everyday freshness and dental care. You’ll be surprised at how quickly rinsing your mouth after brushing and flossing your teeth becomes part of your morning and eventual ritual.

Dental professionals recommend the use of mouthwashes and rinses, especially those that are known to be effective in helping control plaque build up, removing bacteria and leaving you with a fresh taste in your mouth.