The Most Expensive Manicure in the World

Baroque Lifestyle has discovered the most expensive manicure available in the world – a $25 000 mani in Southern California!


Nail art and nail care is high on the list of every woman’s make-up regime. But for those with money to spare, there’s no end to what you can have done when you head for the salon to have a mani. Of course, those who live in Southern California take their nails very seriously indeed – and with nail salons as popular as coffee shops, it comes as no surprise that someone has upped the ante.


Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Newport Beach recently launched a new luxury menu of nail services that include more ‘affordable’ options that start at around $500 and $600 for diamonds on a full set of nails (they have to be applied to acrylics, apparently). But the menu doesn’t stop there; it goes all the way up to $25 000 for what is probably the most luxurious mani in the world.


One fascinating fact – the nail bar didn’t come up with this idea at random; their latest luxury menu is based on special requests from regular customers, according to the store’s GM, Tony Nguyen. He insists that there are women in both Newport and Irvine who are happy to splurge once in a while.


The menu has various options – here are a few…

·         The Haute Couture Manicure (price: between $500 and $2 500) includes a mineral bath, massage, polish and nail art using up to 20 diamonds PLUS a facial.

·         The Gold Rush Manicure (priced between $2 500 and $10 000) includes everything in the Haute Couture Mani PLUS it’s in the privacy of your own private room in the salon. But there’s more – the salon has partnered with the nail polish brand Models Own to create exactly two diamond-encrusted bottles of Gold Rush nail polish, priced at $100 000. This is applied for the manicure along with 24-carat flakes of gold in the nail art. And, in addition to your facial, you also receive lash extensions and threading, plus free champagne of course.

·         The pinnacle of nail luxe is, of course, the Glitz & Glamicure, which costs anything from $10 000 to $25 000. For this you have the exclusive use of the entire salon for your treatment. You receive the full Gold Rush Manicure PLUS you have the services of your own personal jeweler to assist you in choosing the best diamonds for your nail art. You also receive hair and make-up services.


The salon has one nail technician who specializes in these luxury services – and there’s no need to tip the technician, as this is included in the price.


If you’d like to be pampered with an exclusive, one of a kind, luxury mani, no holds barred, contact Baroque Access and we will arrange it for you, We will also include travel arrangements through our dedicated team at Baroque Travel if you need it, as well as the services of a chauffeur to get you to your appointment on time.