Luxury Table Gifts on a Whole New Level

Christmas dinner will never be the same again for those who are willing to indulge in the latest offering, Christmas crackers filled with diamonds!


For those of you who have a few million dollars to spare we have found the ultimate luxury Christmas gift for 2015, something that will elevate your Christmas dinner to another level entirely. Jeweler Tresor Paris, based in the United Kingdom, has selected six magnificent white diamonds and placed them inside exquisite hand-crafted Christmas crackers.

Pulling Christmas crackers is a tradition in many English-speaking countries. These prettily decorated cardboard tubes make a popping sound when pulled at either end, to reveal a little novelty gift inside as well as a paper Christmas hat.

Of course, you can purchase more expensive Christmas crackers offering slightly more luxurious surprises. But these latest Christmas crackers have to be the most expensive ever offered. They cost $1.5 million for a set of six crackers, each including a pear-shaped, 3-carat diamond. All of the diamonds are different, and are valued from just under $170,000 to around $371,000. That’s the starting price; if you wish to make the diamond settings more elaborate, it will cost you extra.


Nothing about these luxury crackers isn’t the ultimate in luxury. Even the paper used is exotic and rare, and sourced from India. Decorations including exquisite ribbon from Chesire in Britain, goose feathers and other luxe finishes. And then when you pull the cracker, it reveals something quite stunning, including the highlight of the collection, a rare type II A diamond for one lucky guest. Each will also be set into an exquisitely designed piece of jewellery.

Of course, only one of the two people who are pulling the cracker will receive the sparkling prize. The person who wins the gift is the one who is still holding the end of the Christmas cracker.

If you prefer to give your guests something else equally unique and luxurious, you could have your own Christmas crackers created containing all sorts of magnificent objects, including a Cartier necklace, a key to a Sunseeker super yacht, a limited edition wrist watch, a rare fountain pen, or the key for a top of the range Aston Martin Vanquish.


If you would like to surprise your Christmas guests with a gift that surpasses imagination when they pull a cracker at your Christmas table, contact Baroque Access and we will arrange an indulgent, bespoke set for you. With time running out, you would need your Christmas crackers booked by 15 December, but if you’re planning to use them for New Year, you have a further two weeks. Mail us now to arrange your bespoke gifts,