The world’s largest private jet

For just $73 million you could own one of these luxurious private jets created by Canadian aircraft manufacturers Bombadier. Baroque Aviation finds out all about the largest-ever corporate jet in the world


jet 10.png

This brand new aircraft has been manufactured by Bombardier as one of the manufacturer’s Global 7000 test program. Called the FTV4, it features numerous lavish facilities inside, such as four living areas, a gourmet gallery and a full-sized rest area for the crew. It is designed with enough space to comfortably accommodate 19 passengers.


jet 11.jpg

According to Senior VP of the Global 7000 and Global 8000 Program, Michel Ouellette, the FTV4 is the first aircraft to be furnished with a cabin interior. “It confirms the unparalleled comfort and interior design that our customers can expect from this game-changing business jet,” he said.

“We have placed tremendous effort on making the Global 7000 aircraft a business jet like no other.”

Because of financial problems, Bombadier had to delay the Global 7000 program, but finally they are back on track, producing their extremely capable and very expensive private jets.


jet 9.jpg

According to Bombardier, all of the FTV4 models produced so far as well as all those that have yet to be built are already sold out until the year 2021. As each jet has a price tag of $73 million, that’s a lot of money…

The current three Global 7000 test planes have already undergone flight tests for a period of more than 500 hours. Two more test planes are currently being built and the company believes that it will complete its testing and certification program so that the first eight FTV4 jets can enter service in the second half of 2018.


jet 2.png

Of course, now that the world has had a look at what Bombardier is producing, their largest ever corporate jet in the Global 7000 program, the world can’t wait to see more of it. So watch this space.


If you’d like more information on these exceptional private jets, let Baroque Aviation assist. Mail us now, and we will provide you with all the information you require on these impressive corporate jets. If you are prepared to wait to purchase one in 2021, we can assist with that as well.

First-ever convertible private jet

We thought we’d seen it all when it came to private jets… fittings like super yachts, designs like luxury abodes, sumptuous spaces that defy description. But now, something completely unique has been revealed – the new Infinito aircraft is a convertible! Baroque Jets has all the details



Imagine flying on a sumptuous private jet with every possible amenity – including the ability to look overhead and see the sky above. Well, those who can afford quite a lot more than a US$130 million can have just that. (Airbus isn’t revealing the price of this model yet, but we’ll keep you posted!)

OK, so it’s not a convertible jet per se: this new phenomenal super jet will boast a screen running the length of the cabin that shows a live stream of what’s happening outside the plane. When it comes to transforming a jet into a convertible, that’s as good as it gets right now in the 21st Century. But we think that’s pretty unique.

The exclusive 8-seater Airbus ACJ319 neo Infinito jet offers the choice of changing the scenery if passengers get bored. Created by Airbus and exclusive Italian automaker Pagani Automobil that manufactures a maximum of only 45 vehicles a year, this new jet has pulled out all the stops and is definitely the most impressive ever created.

Some of its features include a comfortable double bed, shower suite and dining area. OK, that’s pretty standard on a luxury private jet, even one of the calibre of the regular Airbus A919 neo model, which also boasts a ridiculously high price tag (that one is US $130 million, so we would love to know what the new iteration costs!). But there’s more… If they wish, passengers can transform dividing walls into opaque ones for privacy at the click of a button. Of course, there’s also LED and mood lighting, soft leather carpets and exquisite furniture made from carbon fiber. Those are just some of the numerous other fabulous features that will make that privileged 0.2% with their extremely demanding standards as content as can be.



Exclusive, it is, but the new neo Infinito is also extremely high-tech. It’s been created using state-of-the-art composite materials that have never been used on an aircraft before, including CarboTitanium. Add the design style of Pagani Automobil and you’re left with a superlative jet.

According to MD of Airbus Corporate Jets, Benoit Defforge, the new super jet was inspired by combining art and science in the same way as it was espoused by Leonardo da Vinci.

"In bringing together the best of the supercar and business jet worlds, we enable an elegant and seamless link for customers of both, while bringing a fresh approach to cabin design and satisfying very demanding standards," he added.


If you would like to find out more about this superlative aircraft, let Baroque Jets assist. Email us for more information, and we will provide you with everything you require.

LAX gets new luxury terminal

If you’re rich or famous, you can finally slip in and out of Los Angeles in complete privacy, thanks to a new luxury terminal that has just opened at LAX Airport. Baroque Travel has all the details


Called The Private Suite, this new privately-owned luxury terminal that was built at a cost of $22 million opened this month at LAX International Airport, featuring an exclusive entrance, top notch security and lavish lounges to relax in. In addition, if you’re using Private Suite, you also get a private chauffeur-driven car to take you across the tarmac in style.


Of course, use of the Private Suite will cost you – but if privacy is something you care about, then a fee of $4,000 each time you fly internationally, or $3,500 locally, won’t matter that much. After all, it’s likely you’re traveling Premier or First Class on a commercial airline, this extra fee is just small change. Comfort may come at a price, but this is real comfort. And because they’re so accommodating, Private Suites allow a maximum of four passengers to fly for the same fee. And if you purchase an annual membership of $7,500, then you get $1,000 discount on every flight you take. That amounts to $3,000 per international flight and $2,700 for a domestic one.


Called Premium Class, the Private Suite is a terminal away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, not to mention the paparazzi. Users are greeted on a private driveway located behind a series of gates, and a team of eight attendants look after their luggage, whisk them through a gate to security and into one of a choice of 13 private suites, all offering two-person daybeds, TV, a selection of snacks, WiFi, and private bathrooms. When it’s time to board their flights, passengers are driven across the tarmac to the plane in a chauffeur-driven BMW.


There’s very little walking involved in this type of treatment – Private Suite has calculated that each passenger will take a maximum of 70 steps from the moment they get from the plane to the car, compared to the 2,200 steps regular passengers are taking.

Of course, there are other perks, too. For instance, members of Private Suite can book massages before their flights, as well as manicures, hair and make-up sessions – at no additional cost. And if they’re not feeling up to par, they can arrange for a concierge doctor to meet them at their suite when they arrive for a check-up.


This new terminal concept may be the first in the US, but it’s already in operation around the world at international airports in London, Dubai, Munich and Zurich to name a few. The company that owns Private Suite is currently negotiating to open a similar terminal at JFK International Airport in NYC.


Already more than 1,200 people have signed up for membership. So if you’re interested in signing up, or would like to try out Private Suite before signing up, let Baroque Travel assist. Contact us now,, and we will arrange everything for you.

Crystal’s answer to the luxury private jet vacation

There’s a new kind of jewel… Introducing Crystal AirCruises, a division of Crystal Cruise Lines, offering the same luxe and pampering as you receive on a luxury ship, but this time it’s in the air. Baroque Aviation finds out all about


Crystal’s first luxurious Boeing 777 has just been announced; it’s the preview of what’s to come for Crystal AirCruises, an extension of Crystal Cruise Lines that will offer the very same level of luxury and personalized service that has won this cruise ship brand so many awards. But this time, instead of travelling over the sea, Crystal takes to the sky in October 2017.

The new private jet will feature seats that transform into flat beds for just 84 guests. And that’s in a plane that could easily feature 300 seats, to give you an idea of the space and luxe that will be offered. Guests on board will enjoy all the facilities expected of a luxury cruise, including fine dining and hosts of entertainment offerings.


It makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you have the money to afford this type of vacation, it’s certainly the fastest way of traveling in style. Combine flying in luxury with fascinating itineraries to exotic locations in a relatively compact period of time, and you have the ideal vacation without any of the hassles of flying on commercial airlines. Instead of standing in queues, you’re treated to a relaxed mode of travel that includes excellent Michelin star dining offerings (there will be tables on board the jet), a huge bar, spacious lounge filled with comfortable sofas and what has been touted as the largest in-flight wine cellar in the world. Let’s not forget extra wide aisles and higher ceilings. And seats that transform into comfortable beds, not to mention 24-inch flat-screen TVs, Apple iPads, WiFi, Bose headphones and much more. And did we mention the 12 butlers, a private chef, purser, doctor and tour director on board?


This October, Crystal is expected to announce a selection of itineraries to choose from to whet your appetite. We’re talking about 14, 21 and 28-day trips to some of the most exotic and unique destinations in the world. The Boeing 777-200LR in question, which is currently being fitted with every possible superlative luxury, will have a sister aircraft, the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, which will be redesigned to accommodate just 52 guests in the luxury they deserve. The second aircraft will be launched after the first is already airborne.

As guests will not be staying on the airline overnight, Crystal is arranging stays in some of the most sumptuous hotels in the world. And if you prefer to travel alone, and not with other passengers you haven’t met before, that’s no problem. These 5 star hotels in the air will be available for special charters, too.



If you would like to experience the luxury cruise ship experience at 30,000 feet in the air, contact Baroque Aviation right away, We can get you all the information you require on this innovative form of luxury travel that will take the world by storm come 2017. We can also assist in booking a charter for you, or a place on one of these sumptuous private jets when they take to the air.

The advantages of traveling by private jet

Sure, traveling by private jet is the most luxurious and exclusive way to get around, whether it’s for business or pleasure. But there are many advantages to traveling solo, and in comfort. Baroque Aviation gives some pointers

It’s the ultimate status symbol, the most luxurious way to travel, whether you’re jetting off on an exotic island holiday or traveling to a business meeting in another city. And there’s no getting away from it, traveling by private jet is traveling in the most stylish way possible. It’s not only about where you’re going, it’s how you’re getting there.

So, whether you’re thinking about purchasing your own private jet, or want to charter one to take you to your next destination, we thought we’d fill you in on some of the reasons traveling by private jet is so advantageous.


It can be cost effective

As the cost of flying is based on an hourly rate, whether you’re chartering or a joint owner in a jet, remember – the further you fly, the more cost-effective the journey. With lower rates for flying longer distances, long-distance travel becomes an attractive option.


It can save time

In addition, taking a transatlantic flight in a private jet has numerous other advantages, too, such as not having to queue for hours to get through customs, or onboard, plus not having to wait hours for a flight when you need to get to a destination in a hurry.


Personalized service

There are certainly fewer passengers on a private jet than on a public airline, even if you’re traveling First Class. So the service can be extremely personalized. In fact, you can have whatever your heart desires, from specific menus to peace and quiet.


Added bonuses

Traveling in a private jet through Baroque Aviation will also give you access to our various sister companies, so that you can enjoy travel arrangements being made for you by Baroque Travel, such as hotel and restaurant reservations, excursions, hotel and airport transfers, and any other travel arrangements. Baroque Ground will organize luxury car rentals, including a private chauffeur to take you everywhere if you wish, and we have numerous other facilities available, such as special offers, invitations to exciting events, information about fashion shows and much more. You just need to ask.

These are just some of the fabulous bonuses of traveling in style and comfort on a private jet, enjoying hassle-free business trips and vacations when you want, to where you want to go.


If you would like to find out more about chartering a private jet, contact Baroque Aviation right away, If you would like travel arrangements, information, car hire, and anything else, we will put you in contact with all the divisions available at Baroque Access. Your exclusive experience awaits…

What the wealthy look for when they charter a jet

Whether you’re chartering a private jet for a business trip or a vacation, remember to take note of the latest trends. Baroque Aviation has all the details


Luxe for less than you’d expect

These days, it’s not about the length of the flight anymore; it’s about the journey itself. As commercial airlines are offering more and more luxury in First Class, jet charter has also had to up the ante. Nowadays, private jet travel is as plush and pampering as it should be, with lots of in-flight entertainment, superbly decorated jet interiors, and facilities of only the most superlative nature, from great coffee to excellent dining opportunities.


VIP treatment

We’re not just talking about personalized service and not having to stand in queues; we’re also talking about treating passengers like VIP’s even when they’re on the ground. Currently the trend for private jet travel involves lots of perks in the form of VIP seats at sporting and other popular events, access to celebrity events and tournaments worldwide that keep the passenger happy and part of a very exclusive crowd. This includes special parties held for regular jet passengers at high-end events such as the Super Bowl, Art Basel Miami, Fashion Weeks and Hollywood Awards events.


Holidays in a private jet

When it comes to what’s trending in jet travel, exclusive concierge companies, like Baroque Access and our sister company, Baroque Aviation, are renowned for arranging everything for a passenger, and combining your flights with every possible travel arrangement necessary to enjoy a luxury holiday around the world. We also partner with some of the most experienced travel companies locally and internationally, whose business is putting together superlative luxury tours that include traveling in a private jet either locally, in the US or internationally. Whatever you’re looking for, we can arrange it for you, whether it’s traveling with your family by jet, or arranging a trip away for a group of businesspeople.


Baroque Aviation at your service

With our sister companies, Baroque Travel, Baroque Yachts, Baroque Ground and Baroque Access, as well as an excellent group of collaborative partners in every sphere of luxury travel, Baroque Aviation can ensure that your trip on a private jet is a luxurious and personalized experience. We can tailor make your trip to suit your specific requirements, whether it’s for business or pleasure. All you have to do is contact us right away,, and we will organize every aspect of your journey. Bon Voyage!

$56 million private jet designed to look like a yacht

What if yachts could fly, you ask? Well, a Los Angeles-based design studio has made this possible, by developing the unique Skyacht One, a private jet that is designed to resemble a yacht. And it can be yours for a mere $56 million


This spectacular private jet concept, known officially as the Embrarer Lineage 1000E concept (this model is the Lineage 1000E SkyachtTM One), was inspired by a custom yacht originally built in 1939. The jet has been fitted by Sotto Studios in California with the identical mahogany and brass fittings to resemble the stylish yacht Thunderbird that was built by master boat builder John Hacker in 1939 for a wealthy Lake Tahoe resident who wanted a jet to match his polished hackercraft motoryacht. The modern jet features all sorts of sumptuous areas, including a spacious master bedroom, walk-in shower, full-length mirrors, inflight telephone as well as a 23-inch LCD TV.


Of course, when you’re purchasing a yacht for such a hefty price, you can personalize it by combining different modules together within the 10,000 cubic feet of cabin space to create the interior you desire. The current classic design includes a jet engine that has a range of 4,500 nautical miles and an interior that many would be more than happy to enjoy.


This magnificent jet is one of the largest available, offering owners a level of luxury and refinement that is usually reserved only for the most sumptuous of yachts. Combining the luxury interiors with a jet that is powerful and utterly modern was an exciting challenge for this Californian firm that is famous for its innovative and experimental aircraft design, architecture, interiors not to mention residential projects as well as theme park attractions.


Personalizing your own Skyacht™ One aircraft includes working closely with SottoStudios to create the plush interior of your dreams not to mention an exterior that defines your personality and style. The result? A private airplane that offers an individual, luxury private jet experience that is unsurpassed.

Perhaps your ideal jet isn’t a yacht at all. That’s no problem. The Skyacht™ One aircraft gives you an idea of exactly what can be created to match your dream. Complete with the latest in modern technology, the design can be customized to include exactly what you want in the aircraft of your choice.


If you would like to find out more about this unique private jet concept, let us assist you with all the details. Contact Baroque Aviation right away, and we will give you all the details so that your dream private jet can be designed specifically for you to your specifications.

Flights of fancy or flights of the future?

It sounds impossible but it isn’t. Soon you will be able to travel in luxury from New York to London in less than half an hour, if the Skreemr luxury concept plane becomes a reality


The Skreemr luxury concept plane is a 75-passenger luxury hybrid concept aircraft that has been designed to travel at a speed of 7,672 miles per hour (that’s up to Mach 10, which is almost six times as fast as the famous Concorde). That means you could travel at supersonic speed all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in just 40 minutes without being upset by too much g-force.

The Skreemr has been designed by engineer, inventor and investor Charles Bombardier while Ray Mattison, who hails from Design Eyq-Q in Minnesota, created the renderings for the concept. The Skreemr would be able to fly at an altitude between 40,000 and 60,000 feet, which is much higher than a typical business jet liner.


Right now, the design of the Skreemr is purely conceptual, but it includes very detailed functionalities. Initially the jet would accelerate along a special airstrip using an electromagnetic hurtle to propel it at high speed. Once the plane is moving fast, liquid oxygen and kerosene rockets would ignite and its scramjets would come into effect, accelerating the plane through the sky at speeds of more than 10 times the speed of sound. To continue the speed, the Skreemr would then fire those scramjets into the air, letting the plane accelerate to a supersonic speed. The plane’s scramjet engine would then ignite, burning hydrogen and compressed oxygen to propel it forward at speeds higher than Mach 10 (which is more than 7,600 miles per hour).

Currently the designers don’t believe the design will be more than a concept, but it certainly gives us an idea of what we can expect from travel in the future. Although scramjet systems are being developed in the US and China, technology is not advanced enough for a passenger jet like the Skreemr to be a reality.

So, although supersonic commercial air travel is still a dream right now, advances are being made in technology. In fact, Airbus has patented design concepts for the Concorde-2 this year; this aircraft is expected to travel at speeds of more than Mach 4. It is hoped that the original Concorde will be in production again by 2019. If this is the case, air travel is changing faster than we thought.


For more information on the Concorde and the Skreemr,  or if you’d like to hire a slower, but extremely luxurious private jet, let us assist you. Contact Baroque Aviation right away,

Honda begins sales of its first ever private jet

Honda has completed all the relevant steps towards being able to sell its first-ever lightweight private jet. Baroque Aviation has all the details


Having finally received a certificate of validation, Honda is now able to manufacture 25 of its lightweight private jets in the US. The motor company’s recently received validation by the Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) in the US, giving the go-ahead for Honda to produce 25 aircraft.

Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. It took 3,000 hours worth of test flights in 70 different locations, but finally Honda has the green light to produce the first 25 HondaJets, as they will be called. Each lightweight private jet can reach a speed of up to 483 miles per hour as per the test flights.

Until now, Honda’s acclaim has been for its reliable family vehicles, including the Honda Civic and Honda Jazz, both of which are very popular in the UK. The motor firm has employed 1,700 staff members for its new aerospace division, called Honda Aircraft, which is based in California. This is where both pilot training and sales of the HondaJets will take place early in 2016.


The HondaJet is the first aircraft for Honda, and of course, the firm plans to bring out plenty more. The technologies for this advanced light jet were developed after extensive research. Now that Honda has met its first challenge, it’s all systems go. The motor company produces approximately 600 vehicles per day in Swindon, in the UK, and is also involved in developing hydrogen fuel powered vehicles, the new generation of clean, green and efficient cars. Unfortunately, there are only 11 hydrogen refuelling stations in Britain, so the technology is still very expensive to develop for commercial vehicles.

The first hydrogen vehicle produced by Honda, called the FCX, goes on sale in Britain in early 2016 in competition to the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai ix35 FCV.


If you would like to find out more about the brand new HondaJet, contact Baroque Aviation right away, , and we will provide all the information you require. If you are interested in finding out more about Honda vehicles, including the Honda FCX, contact Baroque Lifestyle,

The latest must-have private jet – Valkyrie

New on the aviation scene, and just in time for Christmas is the beautiful new private plane, the Valkyrie, created by Cobalt. Baroque Aviation found out all about it


The latest must-have private plane looks more like a spaceship than a private jet, and it’s believed to be faster than most of the latter as well. With a price tag to match its competitiveness (the new private plane is expected to cost in the region of just over half a million US dollars), it’s well worth considering – if it falls into your price bracket.

The founder of Cobalt, David Loury, decided to create an innovative aircraft that was not only safe and ultra-modern, but also extremely luxurious. And it seems that he has achieved what he set out to do. The Cobalt prototype is now a reality – it’s one of the smaller types of aircraft, with a single piston design but it boasts an aerodynamic shape and turbo-charged engine that will fly at speeds of almost 300 miles per hour (around 260 knots). Its front wing has been specifically designed to maintain stability and boasts all the latest safety measures and auto-pilot features expected in a modern private plane.


The ultra-modern Valkyrie will accommodate up to five people including the pilot. There is plenty of storage space for suitcases as well as other paraphernalia necessary for a jet set trip, such as skis and golf clubs.

Cobalt, renowned for producing design-centric private aircrafts has initially launched two different models, the fully certified Co50 Valkyrie and the experimental Valkyrie-X. Both are sleek, stunning, superfast modern aircrafts that are safe and easy to fly.

When it comes to uniqueness and effectiveness, both aircraft are a cut above the rest. The Valkyrie is believed to be the fastest private aircraft in its class. It’s also extremely safe, equipped with a forewing to prevent it from stalling whilst in the air, which ensures safe take-offs and landings. There’s also an onboard parachute for extra security.

Both aircraft are already receiving acclaim for their elegant, modern design and craftsmanship. Understated and elegant, they boast a choice of custom finishes for the exterior as well as premium leather seats and an impressive dashboard design. Pilots flying these planes will enjoy expansive visibility above and below, as the planes boast the largest one-piece canopy in the world and exceptional visibility with a 320-degree view. Add to this every luxury and comfort including a quiet cabin, and you’re ready for take-off.

These planes are expected to cost in the region of $595,000 and are available within six months of order. The final version will start at around $699,000.


If you would like to find out more about these exceptional private planes, or purchase one, contact Baroque Aviation right away,

78 British private jets up for sale

If you have at least $4.9 million on hand, why not purchase yourself one of 78 British private jets up for sale? Baroque Aviation has all the details


Word has it that when it comes to luxury private jets, it’s a buyer’s market in Britain right now. So if you have a spare $4.9 million to spend – preferably more – then you can have the pick of the bunch as the largest executive jet companies in the world scale down their luxury fleets.

The average price for these luxury jets, which range from small aircraft seating just four passengers to small private planes, is $4.9 million – and that’s a bargain price, according to the experts.


For instance, the magnificent Gulfstream 550 belonging to UK supermarket giant Tesco, which is up for sale, has just offered a $2 million cut in price. The company, which has seen shares plummet, has had no choice but to sell its luxurious jet. In future, it’s likely that employees will fly on commercial airlines instead. This luxury 18-passenger jet, which is eight years old and has almost 3,500 hours of flight time in its logbook, is now available for the princely sum of $26 million. The plane may be able to fly long distances, but it’s likely that its new owner-to-be will use it for both short and long haul flights.


Of course, Tesco isn’t the only UK firm in financial straits right now. Cost-cutting is the reason for numerous British firms choosing to let go of their luxury means of executive transport and let top employees travel commercial instead. But there is another reason for the plethora of private jets up for sale. Aside from saving money on maintenance costs, there’s also the storage of the fleet of jets when they are not in use, which can be very expensive.


So if you’re interested in purchasing a luxury private jet at what is considered a “bargain” price, why not contact Baroque Aviation right away? Or if you prefer us to help you charter a private jet when you need one, we will arrange this for you, too. So please mail us right away,, and we will assist you either purchase the jet of your dreams or charter one that will take you to your next destination. 

Is it a helicopter? Is it a jet?

Actually, it’s a little bit of both, a six-seater fixed wing jet that takes off and lands just like a helicopter. Baroque Aviation tells you all about it


Last week, the Colorado-based aerospace firm XTI Aircraft, launched an innovative equity crowd-funding campaign to raise the $50 million required to fund production of this unique aircraft that they have named the TriFan 600. This six-seater fixed wing jet that takes off and lands just like a helicopter has been in development for the past two years, and the company plans to offer it as the first commercially certified high-speed, long-range airplane that takes off and lands vertically.

If they are able to develop this revolutionary aircraft, the TriFan 600 will literally change the way we fly. This 6-seater combination of an airplane and a helicopter, takes the best elements of both to create what could possibly be the perfect aircraft.


The TriFan 600 is made out of carbon fiber and features two high-performance turboshaft engines as well as three deducted fans: these perform like propellors and enable the aircraft to take off vertically. The design is reminiscent of a luxury private jet that can not only travel long distance, but also reach very fast speeds (we’re talking maximum cruise speed of 400 miles per hour that can be reached in just 90 seconds!). However, despite all these design elements, this beautiful aircraft can also land and take off vertically from numerous locations, just like a helicopter.

If the public assists the firm in funding the project through a crowdfunding initiative, the first of these innovative luxury private jet hybrids will be built – it’s expected to cost in the region of $10 to $12 million , but would be well worth the price, considering its versatility!

The TriFan 600 will boast significantly shorter journey durations, which will, of course, save a significant amount of fuel and time. The aircraft will also be able to land and take off from various locations as opposed to having to land at airports. This means that passengers will land and take off to and from their destinations with ease.


The aircraft has been designed to transport up to 5 passengers and the pilot, has a range of between 800 and 1,200 miles, maximum cruise altitude of over 30,000 feet that takes 11 minutes to reach.

Of course, the interior will be designed to offer every comfort and satisfy the most discerning requirements. Passengers will travel in spacious seats with adequate space to store baggage.  


If you are interested in assisting in the crowdfunding campaign, or in finding out more about an aircraft that is set to change the way the jetset travels in private jets, contact Baroque Aviation right away,, and we will assist you.

Penthouse in the sky

British design studio Andrew Winch Designs has created a bespoke private jet named Project Mayfair that is believed to be as luxurious as a “penthouse in the sky


British style is reaching new heights with Project Mayfair, a completely personalized and customized private jet that has been designed by world-renowned UK design studio, Andrew Winch Designs. The name Project Mayfair was inspired by the new collection of ultra-luxury hotels that have popped up in London’s upmarket Mayfair – and one thing is certain: the jet is believed to be a perfect combination of British elegance and international sophistication.

Of course, this magnificent private jet is not only good looking; the designers promise that the jet will also be cost effective to run, and that routes will be shorter than on many other private jets. The owner will still have full say on what the jet should look like, including bespoke materials and tailored details. But it will not cost as much as the customer will expect to pay for it, and it will be completely eco friendly, too.


Some of the on-board features have been designed to replicate those found in a luxury hotel; they include a dining-room table that doubles as a game table, as well as a lounge area, multi-functional office space, cinema and master suite with bathroom offering every luxury facility.


Interestingly enough, Andrew Winch Designs, which was founded in 1986, is most renowned for its designs of luxury yachts. But because of the company’s meticulous attention to detail, creativity, innovations and technical competence, Boeing, Elite and Kingair all requested they design the interiors of their luxury aircraft. Now Project Mayfair takes them one step further, to designing not only the interior of the jet, but its exterior as well.

Project Mayfair combines distinctive exterior styling as well as a warm and inviting interior, which is why it’s been dubbed a “penthouse in the sky”. The main cabin offers every comfort, including a circular dining table, bar area, spacious lounge and sumptuous master suite with adjoining luxury bathroom.


To ensure that passengers enjoy every aspect of their journey, the interior has been designed with magnificent, luxury finishes and every possible facility. Designs are pre-prepared so that customers can customize them in every possible way. This will also make building time much shorter and reduce costs at the same time. In addition, the design can be configured for any type of jet required, whether it’s used for business or pleasure.


If you would like to find out more about Project Mayfair, let Baroque Aviation assist you. Contact us right away, and we will arrange everything for you so that you can design your own private jet, and fly off in your customized penthouse in the sky.

Setting the bar high for luxury private travel

Luxury private jet travel has just been taken to the next level – we’re talking about the Zetta Jet. Baroque Aviation finds out all about it


Last week (8th August), the Zetta Jet was launched in Singapore offering a superlative, ultra-luxurious option in private jets. The Jet, which was created by aviation experts James Seagrim, Geoffrey Cassidy and Matthew Walter, offers the next generation of luxury private travel, a combination of talent, technology and every facility imaginable to revolutionize flying in a private jet.

According to Seagrim, who is Director of Operations, the new luxury jet will offer flights around the world – “from Moscow to Los Angeles, New York to Beijing”. The jet even has certification to fly polar routes, which enables them to cut down on time on certain journeys, for example the LA to Moscow route is shortened by one and a half hours.

Of course, getting there fast is only half the fun. It’s the journey itself that offers every luxury. Once settled on board the Zetta Jet, which is a state-of-the-art Bombadier Global 6000, guests will enjoy the fastest in-flight WiFi available, an almost noise free flight and every possible luxury imaginable, from a meticulously designed wine list created by a famous sommelier, to hand-tailored Egyptian cotton linen. And let’s not forget the unmatched service delivered by an elite team.

The Zetta Jet manages to offer its clients an international level of service, including European glamour, Asian hospitality and the American philosophy where everything is bigger and better. When someone flies on this superlative luxury jet, they will find that their every wish is granted, no matter how extravagant or difficult.

Of course, one of the most important reasons that people enjoy flying on a private jet is because there is no timetable. They can take off and land whenever they wish, and they don’t have to suffer a lengthy check-in procedure either. These jets operate on the client’s schedule so that they can travel when they wish, relax when it suits them and then take off again on the next leg of their journey.

For the privileged clique of travelers who enjoy traveling in a private jet, this new innovation is promising to be the very best of the best when it comes to bespoke travel. No request is too difficult, no journey more luxurious or personalized.

With a growing fleet of technologically advanced aircraft and an exclusive offering delivered from offices in New York, London, Singapore, San Jose and Harbin, Zetta Jet is ready to take the world of travel by storm and offer a luxury travel experience that is a cut above the rest.


If you would like us to book your Zetta Jet, contact Baroque Aviation right away,, and we will arrange your luxury private jet travel for you.

JFK to open the first luxe pet terminal in 2016

JFK’s new terminal is an exclusive luxury area with every facility, designed for pampered pets. And we’re not just talking about cats and dogs. Horses, and gerbils and every other animal is welcome there, too


The new terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport will be aptly called the ARK Terminal, an area exclusively dedicated to traveler’s pets. Not only will the ARK be the first of its kind in the world, but it will comprise luxury facilities that only humans have enjoyed in the past, including a pool, play area, nail trimming salon, and even ‘hotel suites’.


Right now, JFK has the Vetport, which is where livestock from cows to pigs and horses are kept while they wait to board their flights. But from 2016, pets at JFK will be pampered in style in their very own terminal. They will enjoy climate-controlled stalls and showers, and no matter what breed they are, from cats and dogs to parrots and horses, they will enjoy a variety of luxe facilities, including grooming, a veterinary clinic, rehabilitation center, lawn space, aviary, even an overnight ‘pet resort’.


The ARK will be the only privately owned animal handling cargo terminal in the world. It will cover around 178,000 square feet in the vacant Building 78 at JFK. The new pet terminal is being created at an estimated cost of $48 million. Although there are other animal-only terminals around the world, including Frankfurt Airport’s ‘Animal Lounge’, the ARK will be a cut above.


While in Frankfurt your pet may enjoy the necessary facilities, such as a vet, and comfortable stall, a massage, spa treatment or a dip in the pool isn’t included as part of the experience. But at JFK’s ARK it will be part of the five star package.


Cats can lounge in a specially created jungle area that features special climbing trees.

Dogs will enjoy a play area that is 20,000 square feet in size and includes massage therapy, pools shaped like bones and even ‘pawdicures’ while they wait to board their flights. And if your pooch has to stay overnight, it will be well looked after, with a full-size bed and flat screen TV. Other pets will be just as well cared for; there are special horse pens complete with soft, hoof-friendly flooring. No expense has been spared to ensure that pampered pets are lovingly taken care of.

The terminal is expected to open in 2016, and will give JFK the title of the most pet-friendly airport on earth. The ARK will offer every service to board, kennel, quarantine, import, export and transport animals, large and small. Pets will also be transported in dedicated vehicles from aircraft, terminals, cargo facilities and other airport locations. 

Business jet of the future – New York to London in 3 hours

Yes, luxury jet travel in the future includes traveling at Mach 1.6, which is 450 miles per hour faster than the current rate a jet travels these days. And the elegant, sleek and innovative supersonic jet is already in the process of being designed. It’s called the Spike Aerospace S-512 Supersonic Jet. Baroque Aviation has the update


The Spike S-512 Jet has been in the pipeline for the past three years already, and is constantly being updated. The design has apparently been changed numerous times over the past three years, as engineers try to perfect its aerodynamics to meet the requirements for safety, performance and superior design. One of the main objectives is to minimize the sonic boom, which is something that affected the use of the Concorde, and maximize fuel efficiency. Also, modifications have been made to both the tail and the wings.


The new design will only seat a maximum of 18 passengers and when it is finalized it will revolutionize business travel as we know it. We have already seen glimpses of what the jet will look like, which you can see in the pictures featured here. One of the most interesting features of the design is that the Multiplex Digital cabin will have no windows. Instead, panoramic views will be live-streamed on high-definition screens on the walls thanks to cameras on the outside of the aircraft. Of course, if you prefer, you can watch a movie instead, and if you’re in the mood to do some work, you can change the display to one of a series of stored images.


The cabin will, of course, be extremely luxurious and comfortable, with soft leather seats, high speed internet, satellite radio, reduced cabin noise and even an inflight phone system. Described as the “future of speed, innovation and luxury”, the Aerospace S-512 is being designed specifically to affect the environment as little as possible, despite using a sonic boom.


This revolutionary luxury jet is hopefully going to be flying by the end of 2018. The manufacturer expects customers to initially comprise multi-national corporations, but as technology advances and develops, the price of flying on this supersonic jet will become more realistic.


The thought of flights taking half the time they currently take to reach their destinations is an exciting one. And if you’re ready to purchase one of these superlative jets, be prepared to spend between $60 and $80 million. But that’s a reasonable price to pay if you’re a global operation that needs to run efficiently, as you’ll be able to get to and from destinations faster, leaving more time to get the work done.


If you’re interested in finding out more about this innovative Supersonic jet, then Baroque Aviation can assist. Contact us right away,, and we will arrange everything for you.

One of the most exclusive private jets

When it comes to the utmost in luxury, Emirates Executive Airbus A319 takes exclusiveness to a whole new level. Baroque Aviation has all the details


If you think flying First Class is the most luxurious way to travel by air, then we’ve got news for you. You haven’t experienced the ultimate comfort until you’ve flown by private luxury jet, and the Emirates Executive Airbus A319 just has to be one of the most luxurious of all.


For those who enjoy fine attention to detail, this is the only way to travel. Every detail of this exceptional jet takes luxury to a whole new level. With gold-plated accessories, fine linen, sumptuous spa products in the shower and gourmet food on offer, of course. A bespoke menu if you wish, tailor made to dietary requirements.

The jet can accommodate up to 19 guests in the utmost comfort. There are 10 private suites that offer private sliding doors, fully flat bed seats, a personal mini bar and a 32-inch screen for watching a choice of 1 500 channels of on-demand entertainment. We’re talking about the latest movies on circuit, not to mention top-rated TV shows as well as music, game and news.


Of course, there’s more. Mood lighting to change the atmosphere at a touch of a button, a stunning spacious lounge area with two couches and six lounge suites to relax in, not to mention a stunning dining area, full Wi-Fi, connectivity for mobile phones, video conferencing in case you wish to do business while you’re traveling, and a full complement of crew to cater to your every whim.


Emirates offers this magnificent luxury private jet for clients who wish to, as they put it, “go beyond first class”. So expect everything your heart desires, and then a little more. The jet itself would typically hold around 124 passengers, but has been customized to fit a privileged 19. Of course, aside from choosing your own travel itinerary, and the dates of travel, you also get a chauffeur to drive you around on land. This private jet offers everything one would expect to find in a commercial jet, such as reliability, range, speed and cabin space. But there’s more. Exclusive travel in luxury to the destination of your choice at short notice, with everything your heart desires.


So if you’re in the market for an exclusive, sumptuous travel experience, then this exceptional private jet is waiting for you. Baroque Aviation can arrange all the details for you, to make your unique luxury travel experience a reality. All you have to do is contact us by emailing, and we will arrange everything for you. So make sure to get hold of us right away.

The Legend Experience

A few weeks ago, we filled you in all about the Four Seasons’ fabulous Private Jet Service. And now we’re bringing you even more news about this luxurious private jet… there’s a great opportunity, the chance to enjoy a private 11-day adventure with American singer John Legend on the Private Jet. Let Baroque Travel arrange the iconic Legend Experience for you


Imagine… a private 11-day trip on board the Four Seasons Private Jet with US singer John Legend! The opportunity to stir your soul and stimulate all five senses, not to mention explore some of the most enticing destinations in North America and Europe. If you are one of 50 lucky passengers on board the Four Seasons Private Jet, you can enjoy this unique luxury adventure, an odyssey that intrepid travellers will get the privilege to share with the Grammy award-winning singer. 


The journey includes visits to Napa Valley, California as well as time spent in the Big Apple before heading for Paris, London and Italy’s breathtaking Lake Como district. Guests will be transported on board Four Seasons’ sumptuous Boeing 757 with its plush custom interiors that include luxe flatbed leather seats. Wherever they stop off during their adventure they will stay at a magnificent Four Seasons hotel, including Four Seasons New York in Manhattan and Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. On board the sumptuous private jet, the guests will enjoy vintage wine tastings as well as gourmet meals by various leading culinary stars including former White House chef Sam Kass.

Of course, every day is a new adventure. Some of the highlights include a private charity auction in aid of education that will be hosted by John Legend together with supermodel Petra Nemcová. And the singer will end off a tour of the famous Raymond Vineyards in Napa Valley with an intimate concert in the vineyards.


If you’d like to book a place for yourself on this magnificent and extremely unique adventure, which is scheduled to leave on 15th September and return on the 25th, let Baroque Travel make the arrangements for you. Of course, because of the uniqueness of the Legend Experience and the fact that only 50 people can participate, it’s best to book while you still can. Contact Baroque Travel, right away, and we will arrange everything for you so that you can enjoy this very exciting adventure. 

The ultimate luxury airplane

Mercedes Benz and Lufthansa unveiled their new creation, a luxury airplane, at the 2015 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Geneva at the end of May. Baroque Aviation has all the details


Luxury automobile brand Mercedes Benz collaborated with German airline Lufthansa Technik, the aviation engineering division of the Lufthansa Group, to create the ultimate luxury aircraft. Their aim? According to Lufthansa’s Senior Vice President of VIP and Executive Jet Solutions, Walter Heerdt, “to offer a highly discerning global clientele a standard of interior design that leaves nothing to be desired, whether for private or business use…”


And the design, which is currently still a concept, certainly caused a stir when it was unveiled last week in Geneva at the 2015 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. Those who love the Mercedes S-Class will see some similarities in the design, such as black panels concealing the windows, and screens that look as if they are floating in front of the windows. The Mercedes Benz Magic Sky technology was also used in the aircraft design, which enables the panels to transform from black to transparent through a special dimming feature that is activated via touchscreen. Also activated via touchscreen technology is the aircraft’s superlative infotainment system.


The design is ultra-modern and extremely sleek, with plush modernist wraparound couches, reclining white leather seats, hardwood floors, even a double bed. Of course, this exclusive aircraft isn’t likely to offer commercial flights anywhere in the near futures, so to be able to fly VIP, you’ll have to either purchase one, or charter one for business or personal use.

 Aimed at the upper echelon, clients who are prepared to pay for the ultimate luxury when they travel for business or pleasure, the aircraft is currently only being developed for Lufthansa’s fleet of executive jets that travel either short or medium-length journeys.


The interior is very futuristic and has been described as both ‘organic’ and ‘homogenous’. Mercedes and Lufthansa describe it as a ‘spiral layout’ that creates a continuous flow in the design, from ceiling to floor. There are numerous extravagant touches as well, including an aquarium.


So can you charter one of these exclusive jets? Not anytime soon. But the display at the Geneva exhibition is certain to spark interest, and hopefully they will be available in the near future. If you’re interested in finding out about purchasing or chartering one of these futuristic luxury private jets, or would like to charter a private jet this summer, contact Baroque Aviation at and we will arrange everything for you.


Enjoy an adventure on Four Seasons first luxury hotel private jet

Yes, you can travel in a plush flying hotel, thanks to the Four Seasons, who is set to unveil a world first, the luxury hotel Boeing 757 Private Jet. Book your adventure with Baroque Travel now


Four Seasons is intent on delivering the full luxury hotel experience in the sky, a magnificent Boeing 757 private jet offering passengers the complete superlative hotel experience that signifies Four Seasons hospitality. The only difference – this time, guests will be 30,000 feet above the ground!


This luxurious private jet offers 52 guests the ultimate unique hotel experience, complete with luxe hand-crafted leather seats that convert to flat beds, exquisitely crafted tableware and everything expected of six star luxury in the sky. That includes a fully trained Four Seasons cabin crew, complete with executive chef, concierge and guest services manager to take care of guests’ every wish.

 Of course, flying Four Seasons isn’t going to come cheap – for $132,000 guests travel around the world on the magnificent Four Seasons private jet to exotic locations such as Hawaii, Sydney, Bali, Bora Bora, Mumbai, Istanbul and northern Thailand. In each destination they stay at a sumptuous Four Seasons hotel, before travelling onwards to their next port of call.


The customized private jet offers every facility that guests enjoy at a Four Seasons hotel, making their trip a seamless experience of personalized service. The group has created a number of exciting itineraries, each a one-of-a-kind adventure to magnificent world destinations, from secluded islands and exciting cities to exotic locations alive with culture and tradition.

 This summer, Four Seasons is sending guests around the world on a 24-day global excursion from August that includes every epic experience imaginable including a new level of luxury hospitality, both in the air and on the ground. Guests will embark on safari in the Serengeti, go diving with a marine biologist in the Maldives and learn how to make sushi in Tokyo. And that’s just the start…


The journey, which embarks on August 16 and returns on September 8, and costs $119,000 per person, visits a number of the world’s most fascinating locations as well as Japan, Tanzania and the Maldives, including St Petersburg in Russia, Marrakesch in Morocco and Beijing in China.

 Passengers enjoy every luxury en route, including the personalized service for which the Four Seasons has become legendary over the past 50 years, and, of course, air travel in a contemporary luxury jet designed by Italian aerospace designer Iacobucci. Everything is of superlative quality, from the vintage Dom Perignon champagne serviced with the very best caviar to the cozy Mongolian cashmere blankets provided to guests.


Creating the same experience in the air that guests enjoy on land is something that Four Seasons is very serious about. This includes fine dining, impeccable service from the inflight crew of 10, which is trained by the Four Seasons. Adventures such as the August Private Jet Experience includes everything from air travel and ground transportation to all meals and beverages and luxury accommodation at Four Seasons hotels. Guests can also hire the Four Seasons Jet for private charter.


If you’d like to embark on a Four Seasons Adventure, or wish to charter this exceptional luxury Private Jet, contact Baroque Travel right away,, and we will arrange everything for you.