78 British Private Jets Up for Sale

If you have at least $4.9 million on hand, why not purchase yourself one of 78 British private jets up for sale? Baroque Aviation has all the details


Word has it that when it comes to luxury private jets, it’s a buyer’s market in Britain right now. So if you have a spare $4.9 million to spend – preferably more – then you can have the pick of the bunch as the largest executive jet companies in the world scale down their luxury fleets.

The average price for these luxury jets, which range from small aircraft seating just four passengers to small private planes, is $4.9 million – and that’s a bargain price, according to the experts.


For instance, the magnificent Gulfstream 550 belonging to UK supermarket giant Tesco, which is up for sale, has just offered a $2 million cut in price. The company, which has seen shares plummet, has had no choice but to sell its luxurious jet. In future, it’s likely that employees will fly on commercial airlines instead. This luxury 18-passenger jet, which is eight years old and has almost 3,500 hours of flight time in its logbook, is now available for the princely sum of $26 million. The plane may be able to fly long distances, but it’s likely that its new owner-to-be will use it for both short and long haul flights.


Of course, Tesco isn’t the only UK firm in financial straits right now. Cost-cutting is the reason for numerous British firms choosing to let go of their luxury means of executive transport and let top employees travel commercial instead. But there is another reason for the plethora of private jets up for sale. Aside from saving money on maintenance costs, there’s also the storage of the fleet of jets when they are not in use, which can be very expensive.


So if you’re interested in purchasing a luxury private jet at what is considered a “bargain” price, why not contact Baroque Aviation right away? Or if you prefer us to help you charter a private jet when you need one, we will arrange this for you, too. So please mail us right away, request@baroqueaviation.com, and we will assist you either purchase the jet of your dreams or charter one that will take you to your next destination.