The latest must-have private jet – Valkyrie

New on the aviation scene, and just in time for Christmas is the beautiful new private plane, the Valkyrie, created by Cobalt. Baroque Aviation found out all about it


The latest must-have private plane looks more like a spaceship than a private jet, and it’s believed to be faster than most of the latter as well. With a price tag to match its competitiveness (the new private plane is expected to cost in the region of just over half a million US dollars), it’s well worth considering – if it falls into your price bracket.

The founder of Cobalt, David Loury, decided to create an innovative aircraft that was not only safe and ultra-modern, but also extremely luxurious. And it seems that he has achieved what he set out to do. The Cobalt prototype is now a reality – it’s one of the smaller types of aircraft, with a single piston design but it boasts an aerodynamic shape and turbo-charged engine that will fly at speeds of almost 300 miles per hour (around 260 knots). Its front wing has been specifically designed to maintain stability and boasts all the latest safety measures and auto-pilot features expected in a modern private plane.


The ultra-modern Valkyrie will accommodate up to five people including the pilot. There is plenty of storage space for suitcases as well as other paraphernalia necessary for a jet set trip, such as skis and golf clubs.

Cobalt, renowned for producing design-centric private aircrafts has initially launched two different models, the fully certified Co50 Valkyrie and the experimental Valkyrie-X. Both are sleek, stunning, superfast modern aircrafts that are safe and easy to fly.

When it comes to uniqueness and effectiveness, both aircraft are a cut above the rest. The Valkyrie is believed to be the fastest private aircraft in its class. It’s also extremely safe, equipped with a forewing to prevent it from stalling whilst in the air, which ensures safe take-offs and landings. There’s also an onboard parachute for extra security.

Both aircraft are already receiving acclaim for their elegant, modern design and craftsmanship. Understated and elegant, they boast a choice of custom finishes for the exterior as well as premium leather seats and an impressive dashboard design. Pilots flying these planes will enjoy expansive visibility above and below, as the planes boast the largest one-piece canopy in the world and exceptional visibility with a 320-degree view. Add to this every luxury and comfort including a quiet cabin, and you’re ready for take-off.

These planes are expected to cost in the region of $595,000 and are available within six months of order. The final version will start at around $699,000.


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