Honda begins sales of its first ever private jet

Honda has completed all the relevant steps towards being able to sell its first-ever lightweight private jet. Baroque Aviation has all the details


Having finally received a certificate of validation, Honda is now able to manufacture 25 of its lightweight private jets in the US. The motor company’s recently received validation by the Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) in the US, giving the go-ahead for Honda to produce 25 aircraft.

Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. It took 3,000 hours worth of test flights in 70 different locations, but finally Honda has the green light to produce the first 25 HondaJets, as they will be called. Each lightweight private jet can reach a speed of up to 483 miles per hour as per the test flights.

Until now, Honda’s acclaim has been for its reliable family vehicles, including the Honda Civic and Honda Jazz, both of which are very popular in the UK. The motor firm has employed 1,700 staff members for its new aerospace division, called Honda Aircraft, which is based in California. This is where both pilot training and sales of the HondaJets will take place early in 2016.


The HondaJet is the first aircraft for Honda, and of course, the firm plans to bring out plenty more. The technologies for this advanced light jet were developed after extensive research. Now that Honda has met its first challenge, it’s all systems go. The motor company produces approximately 600 vehicles per day in Swindon, in the UK, and is also involved in developing hydrogen fuel powered vehicles, the new generation of clean, green and efficient cars. Unfortunately, there are only 11 hydrogen refuelling stations in Britain, so the technology is still very expensive to develop for commercial vehicles.

The first hydrogen vehicle produced by Honda, called the FCX, goes on sale in Britain in early 2016 in competition to the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai ix35 FCV.


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