The only way to travel

Baroque Aviation takes a look at some of the most luxurious air travel opportunities


 Yes, it’s an enviable way to travel. There’s no doubt about it. If you enjoy traveling in style, to choose when and where you wish to go, with every luxury and comfort thrown in, there’s no looking back.

 Charter your own private jet and travel the world

Traveling by luxury jet has become the norm for those who can afford the ride. Champagne and caviar are standard, and the only criteria is the time to travel. One of a very small selection of travel companies with the edge when it comes to arranging sumptuous private jet tours around the world, Baroque Aviation can arrange a trip for you to a choice of some of the most exciting destinations –the Serengeti, Marrakesch, London, Sydney and LA. As a bespoke travel company with the credentials to boot, we have perfected the art of superlative, luxurious private jet charter tours to anywhere you wish to go, from the Amazon and Easter Island to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia and Southern Africa.


Get ready to travel into outer space

So where do you go if you've been everywhere, and yet another super-luxury yacht or jet doesn't appeal? Soon Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will fly you out of the Earth’s atmosphere and into another dimension entirely. Yes, space travel is within the reach of the super rich, and we guarantee they will be enjoying its pleasures sooner than the rest of us. The ever-innovative Branson is making sure that he’s the first to offer galactic space missions to those who can afford them. apparently a seat on the Galactic will cost in the region of $200,000. For those who fall into the category of ultra-wealthy, this isn’t much, and there’s no question that Branson will have eager customers.