What Dreams Are Made of… $600 Million Private Jet

Take a look at the most expensive private jet in the world, a full-size Boeing 747-8 that was redesigned for a private client for the princely sum of $600 million 


Private jets are becoming status symbols of note amongst those who can afford the luxury. One of the most expensive to date, is a full-size Boeing 747-8 that has been transformed into the most luxurious one-person private jet on the planet. 

A Boeing 747-8 is usually designed to accommodate up to 450 passengers. But not this time. Boeing designers and decorators Greenpoint Technologies, whose clients include some of the wealthiest people in the world as well as royalty and Heads of State, completely redesigned and transformed this particular aircraft into what could arguably be a multi-million dollar penthouse for the skies. In fact, the private jet, which cost around $600 million to redesign and customize, is even plusher than what one would expect on a luxury megayacht.


Of course, nobody’s telling who the client is. As would be expected from such a major project, the owner is insisting on being kept anonymous. Not that we blame them. It’s bad enough that their privacy has been invaded to the extent that we can see what the interior of their plush new private jet looks like. Nor can we blame the designers for boasting – it really is quite spectacular.

 It took three years to transform the aircraft into a high-flying luxury space fit for royalty. The upper deck comprises a vast living area with numerous seating options, while the main deck is home to the VIP master cabin, a selection of guest suites, as well as two large lounges, dining-room, restaurant, office and a special staff seating area.


Of course, there are numerous other luxury bedrooms for guests, and the dining-room doubles as a conference room for business meetings and events. And everything is sumptuously designed and decorated to suit the most discerning tastes.

 No photographs of the private jet are available to the public, but Greenpoint Technologies has rightfully boasted with some magnificent renderings of what the jet looks like, offering an accurate idea of the sumptuousness and luxury inside.

 Décor is suitably impressive. The master bedroom is in fact a spacious suite, complete with a huge bed, a seating area and lots of windows offering spaciousness and light as well as every luxury imaginable. Guest bedrooms are located above the main deck and are reached via a staircase, and guests also enjoy a private rest area to relax in.

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