Charter the fastest private jet in the world

If you’re planning to spend this summer in Europe, you can charter the fastest private jet in the world, the magnificent Gulfstream G650 and fly from London to Dubai for £99,000. Baroque Aviation can arrange it for you!


This sumptuous private jet, which is renowned as the fastest on earth, accommodates up to 18 passengers in the utmost luxury and comfort. Every facility on board is luxurious and ultra-modern, and the twin-engined jet aircraft offers a full bar and kitchen.


What sets the Gulfstream G650 apart from the rest is that it has the longest range of any private jet and can fly anywhere on earth without having to make a fuel stop. But that’s not all. A journey on this luxurious jet is unparalleled… passengers are able to enjoy a bespoke journey which includes choosing their onboard entertainment and meals, and even bringing along their pets if they wish.


The luxury jet, which was launched in 2014, has a top speed of 610 miles per hour. Only 40 Gulfstream G650s have been delivered, making the one that is available for charter even more sought-after. Amongst those privileged enough to own one of these superlative jets is film director Peter Jackson, who allowed the use of the jet to assist in searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 last year. The Gulfstream G650 is something of a status symbol – other high profile stars and celebrities hankering after a G650 of their own include Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and Ralph Lauren. However, the new consignment of super luxury jets will only be delivered in 2017 – so they have a long wait ahead of them.


As a result, more and more wealthy private jet customers are choosing to charter a jet rather than buy one. Of course, having to wait so long for a jet is only one of the reasons they’re keen to charter instead of buy. It’s a huge financial commitment to own a private luxury jet, and not many people are prepared to make that commitment.



Another reason that private jet charter is so popular is that it offers passengers great flexibility – and the G650 has been proven to be very popular for both short and long haul flights. In fact, it’s becoming a very popular option in the jet charter market despite being so expensive. There are those who are happy to pay for a journey on this exceptional luxury jet – including those who are waiting in the queue to purchase one come 2017. 


If you’d like to charter the sumptuous Gulfstream G650, contact Baroque Aviation right away by emailing