Honda to build $4.5 million jet

The first of Honda’s legendary private business jets are about to be delivered to their owners. Baroque Aviation has all the details


For the past 30 years Honda, in collaboration with General Electric, have been working on perfecting an innovative small jet aircraft powered by unique wing-mounted engines. Many are baffled why this mass-market car manufacturer has spent so much time and effort building luxury private jets in its North Carolina factory, but the reason is a simple one. Honda’s founder, Soichiro Honda, always wanted to apply his company’s mechanical innovation to aircraft as well as vehicles and motorcycles. In 1986 he gave engineer Michimasa Fujino the go-ahead to start the long process of developing Honda’s first flying machine. Today, Fujino is CEO of Honda’s jet-building subsidiary.

 Honda already produces various innovative machines, including a selection of power equipment such as lawnmowers and marine engines. And building an aircraft was, according to the company’s founder, the logical next step.


The result of all this is the HondaJet, a relatively small luxury jet that seats six including the crew, powered by two small jet engines that are located on the wings, which, according to Honda, enables the cabin to be larger. The jet has a range of 1,180 nautical miles and cruises at a maximum speed of 420 knots. As it has a price tag of $4.5 million, the HondaJet will remain a niche product, available to those who can afford the luxury of owning one. It’s also a lot pricier than its competition (for instance, the similarly sized private jet, the Citation Mustang, that was built by Textron, a subsidiary of Cessna, costs considerably less ($3.35 million) and isn’t as fast.


So what does Honda’s new super jet have that the others don’t? Apparently, the jet is faster, flies higher and is more fuel-efficient. In addition, the interior may not be bespoke, but it will certainly be magnificent. The company plans to produce 80 jets per year, which is around double what its competitors are able to build.

 The first HondaJets are in the final stages of production, and have received Provisional Type Certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Once testing has been concluded by the FAA, the luxury HondaJets will be delivered to their owners.


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