Pets on Private Jets

Baroque Travel can assist you with transporting your pets legally to any destination you are visiting this summer by yacht or private jet


With all the hype over Johnny Depp illegally flying his two pet Yorkies, Boo and Pistol, into Australia this month, pets travelling on private jets is a major topic of conversation. Now that we can have a sigh of relief knowing the two pooches have been safely returned to their home in LA, (a private jet for them apparently cost in the region of $400 000), we thought we’d fill you in about some other pets who have been (legally) transported in luxury around the world.


According to a snippet produced by CNN, it’s a known fact that many celebrities travel with their pets on private jets. For instance, Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat, Choupette has been photographed in his private jet. Pictures featuring the couture kitty in the cockpit appeared in Grazia magazine in 2012. Those who transport their pets in this manner expect them to be treated with the same level of personal service as human passengers, and it’s not unlikely for them to enjoy massages, grooming and even real grass for use as toilets. There are a number of specialized transport companies who offer the most luxurious travel experiences for four-legged friends of the rich and famous. For instance, Sit ‘n Stay Global offers specially trained crew for jet charter who are experienced in pet safety procedures. They also offer nannies for pets who are travelling if you need one.


The legal side of travelling with pets

Johnny Depp was unlucky – Australia is renowned for having extremely tough regulations regarding pet travel. In fact, before a pet can be transported into the country, it needs to have a rabies injection first, and then a month after the injection, a blood test is required to ensure that the injection was effective. In fact, if you’re travelling from the UK to Australia, your pet will need to have this blood test a full 180 days before you plan to transport it.


But that’s not all. Closer to their time of travel, pets need to have specific parasite treatments, as well as further blood tests. They also need to receive a special government export certificate from the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. And it’s not over then. Australia has to provide an import permit for the pet, who will also undergo 10 days quarantine when it arrives in the country. These rules apply for pets traveling from the UK and the USA.

 It’s far easier to transport your pets in Europe, apparently. Those countries that are members of the EU offer residents special ‘pet passports’ for their cats and dogs (and, believe it or not, their ferrets, too). The pets are micro-chipped so that they can be matched to their passports, and some even receive a tattoo.


Things get a little more difficult for those transporting their pets when they wish to visit South Africa, Hong Kong or Dubai. They require blood tests, vaccinations and all sorts of red tape. Aside from Australia, the most difficult countries to travel to with pets include Japan, New Zealand and some of the Caribbean Islands. In addition, pets often need to travel as cargo, not passengers. So if you’re travelling in a private jet, or a yacht, you could find it difficult to bring your four legged pal along.


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