Business jet of the future – New York to London in 3 hours

Yes, luxury jet travel in the future includes traveling at Mach 1.6, which is 450 miles per hour faster than the current rate a jet travels these days. And the elegant, sleek and innovative supersonic jet is already in the process of being designed. It’s called the Spike Aerospace S-512 Supersonic Jet. Baroque Aviation has the update


The Spike S-512 Jet has been in the pipeline for the past three years already, and is constantly being updated. The design has apparently been changed numerous times over the past three years, as engineers try to perfect its aerodynamics to meet the requirements for safety, performance and superior design. One of the main objectives is to minimize the sonic boom, which is something that affected the use of the Concorde, and maximize fuel efficiency. Also, modifications have been made to both the tail and the wings.


The new design will only seat a maximum of 18 passengers and when it is finalized it will revolutionize business travel as we know it. We have already seen glimpses of what the jet will look like, which you can see in the pictures featured here. One of the most interesting features of the design is that the Multiplex Digital cabin will have no windows. Instead, panoramic views will be live-streamed on high-definition screens on the walls thanks to cameras on the outside of the aircraft. Of course, if you prefer, you can watch a movie instead, and if you’re in the mood to do some work, you can change the display to one of a series of stored images.


The cabin will, of course, be extremely luxurious and comfortable, with soft leather seats, high speed internet, satellite radio, reduced cabin noise and even an inflight phone system. Described as the “future of speed, innovation and luxury”, the Aerospace S-512 is being designed specifically to affect the environment as little as possible, despite using a sonic boom.


This revolutionary luxury jet is hopefully going to be flying by the end of 2018. The manufacturer expects customers to initially comprise multi-national corporations, but as technology advances and develops, the price of flying on this supersonic jet will become more realistic.


The thought of flights taking half the time they currently take to reach their destinations is an exciting one. And if you’re ready to purchase one of these superlative jets, be prepared to spend between $60 and $80 million. But that’s a reasonable price to pay if you’re a global operation that needs to run efficiently, as you’ll be able to get to and from destinations faster, leaving more time to get the work done.


If you’re interested in finding out more about this innovative Supersonic jet, then Baroque Aviation can assist. Contact us right away,, and we will arrange everything for you.