One of the most exclusive private jets

When it comes to the utmost in luxury, Emirates Executive Airbus A319 takes exclusiveness to a whole new level. Baroque Aviation has all the details


If you think flying First Class is the most luxurious way to travel by air, then we’ve got news for you. You haven’t experienced the ultimate comfort until you’ve flown by private luxury jet, and the Emirates Executive Airbus A319 just has to be one of the most luxurious of all.


For those who enjoy fine attention to detail, this is the only way to travel. Every detail of this exceptional jet takes luxury to a whole new level. With gold-plated accessories, fine linen, sumptuous spa products in the shower and gourmet food on offer, of course. A bespoke menu if you wish, tailor made to dietary requirements.

The jet can accommodate up to 19 guests in the utmost comfort. There are 10 private suites that offer private sliding doors, fully flat bed seats, a personal mini bar and a 32-inch screen for watching a choice of 1 500 channels of on-demand entertainment. We’re talking about the latest movies on circuit, not to mention top-rated TV shows as well as music, game and news.


Of course, there’s more. Mood lighting to change the atmosphere at a touch of a button, a stunning spacious lounge area with two couches and six lounge suites to relax in, not to mention a stunning dining area, full Wi-Fi, connectivity for mobile phones, video conferencing in case you wish to do business while you’re traveling, and a full complement of crew to cater to your every whim.


Emirates offers this magnificent luxury private jet for clients who wish to, as they put it, “go beyond first class”. So expect everything your heart desires, and then a little more. The jet itself would typically hold around 124 passengers, but has been customized to fit a privileged 19. Of course, aside from choosing your own travel itinerary, and the dates of travel, you also get a chauffeur to drive you around on land. This private jet offers everything one would expect to find in a commercial jet, such as reliability, range, speed and cabin space. But there’s more. Exclusive travel in luxury to the destination of your choice at short notice, with everything your heart desires.


So if you’re in the market for an exclusive, sumptuous travel experience, then this exceptional private jet is waiting for you. Baroque Aviation can arrange all the details for you, to make your unique luxury travel experience a reality. All you have to do is contact us by emailing, and we will arrange everything for you. So make sure to get hold of us right away.