Setting the bar high for luxury private travel

Luxury private jet travel has just been taken to the next level – we’re talking about the Zetta Jet. Baroque Aviation finds out all about it


Last week (8th August), the Zetta Jet was launched in Singapore offering a superlative, ultra-luxurious option in private jets. The Jet, which was created by aviation experts James Seagrim, Geoffrey Cassidy and Matthew Walter, offers the next generation of luxury private travel, a combination of talent, technology and every facility imaginable to revolutionize flying in a private jet.

According to Seagrim, who is Director of Operations, the new luxury jet will offer flights around the world – “from Moscow to Los Angeles, New York to Beijing”. The jet even has certification to fly polar routes, which enables them to cut down on time on certain journeys, for example the LA to Moscow route is shortened by one and a half hours.

Of course, getting there fast is only half the fun. It’s the journey itself that offers every luxury. Once settled on board the Zetta Jet, which is a state-of-the-art Bombadier Global 6000, guests will enjoy the fastest in-flight WiFi available, an almost noise free flight and every possible luxury imaginable, from a meticulously designed wine list created by a famous sommelier, to hand-tailored Egyptian cotton linen. And let’s not forget the unmatched service delivered by an elite team.

The Zetta Jet manages to offer its clients an international level of service, including European glamour, Asian hospitality and the American philosophy where everything is bigger and better. When someone flies on this superlative luxury jet, they will find that their every wish is granted, no matter how extravagant or difficult.

Of course, one of the most important reasons that people enjoy flying on a private jet is because there is no timetable. They can take off and land whenever they wish, and they don’t have to suffer a lengthy check-in procedure either. These jets operate on the client’s schedule so that they can travel when they wish, relax when it suits them and then take off again on the next leg of their journey.

For the privileged clique of travelers who enjoy traveling in a private jet, this new innovation is promising to be the very best of the best when it comes to bespoke travel. No request is too difficult, no journey more luxurious or personalized.

With a growing fleet of technologically advanced aircraft and an exclusive offering delivered from offices in New York, London, Singapore, San Jose and Harbin, Zetta Jet is ready to take the world of travel by storm and offer a luxury travel experience that is a cut above the rest.


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