Penthouse in the Sky

British design studio Andrew Winch Designs has created a bespoke private jet named Project Mayfair that is believed to be as luxurious as a “penthouse in the sky


British style is reaching new heights with Project Mayfair, a completely personalized and customized private jet that has been designed by world-renowned UK design studio, Andrew Winch Designs. The name Project Mayfair was inspired by the new collection of ultra-luxury hotels that have popped up in London’s upmarket Mayfair – and one thing is certain: the jet is believed to be a perfect combination of British elegance and international sophistication.

Of course, this magnificent private jet is not only good looking; the designers promise that the jet will also be cost effective to run, and that routes will be shorter than on many other private jets. The owner will still have full say on what the jet should look like, including bespoke materials and tailored details. But it will not cost as much as the customer will expect to pay for it, and it will be completely eco friendly, too.


Some of the on-board features have been designed to replicate those found in a luxury hotel; they include a dining-room table that doubles as a game table, as well as a lounge area, multi-functional office space, cinema and master suite with bathroom offering every luxury facility.


Interestingly enough, Andrew Winch Designs, which was founded in 1986, is most renowned for its designs of luxury yachts. But because of the company’s meticulous attention to detail, creativity, innovations and technical competence, Boeing, Elite and Kingair all requested they design the interiors of their luxury aircraft. Now Project Mayfair takes them one step further, to designing not only the interior of the jet, but its exterior as well.

Project Mayfair combines distinctive exterior styling as well as a warm and inviting interior, which is why it’s been dubbed a “penthouse in the sky”. The main cabin offers every comfort, including a circular dining table, bar area, spacious lounge and sumptuous master suite with adjoining luxury bathroom.


To ensure that passengers enjoy every aspect of their journey, the interior has been designed with magnificent, luxury finishes and every possible facility. Designs are pre-prepared so that customers can customize them in every possible way. This will also make building time much shorter and reduce costs at the same time. In addition, the design can be configured for any type of jet required, whether it’s used for business or pleasure.


If you would like to find out more about Project Mayfair, let Baroque Aviation assist you. Contact us right away, and we will arrange everything for you so that you can design your own private jet, and fly off in your customized penthouse in the sky.