Flights of Fancy or Flights of the Future?

It sounds impossible but it isn’t. Soon you will be able to travel in luxury from New York to London in less than half an hour, if the Skreemr luxury concept plane becomes a reality


The Skreemr luxury concept plane is a 75-passenger luxury hybrid concept aircraft that has been designed to travel at a speed of 7,672 miles per hour (that’s up to Mach 10, which is almost six times as fast as the famous Concorde). That means you could travel at supersonic speed all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in just 40 minutes without being upset by too much g-force.

The Skreemr has been designed by engineer, inventor and investor Charles Bombardier while Ray Mattison, who hails from Design Eyq-Q in Minnesota, created the renderings for the concept. The Skreemr would be able to fly at an altitude between 40,000 and 60,000 feet, which is much higher than a typical business jet liner.


Right now, the design of the Skreemr is purely conceptual, but it includes very detailed functionalities. Initially the jet would accelerate along a special airstrip using an electromagnetic hurtle to propel it at high speed. Once the plane is moving fast, liquid oxygen and kerosene rockets would ignite and its scramjets would come into effect, accelerating the plane through the sky at speeds of more than 10 times the speed of sound. To continue the speed, the Skreemr would then fire those scramjets into the air, letting the plane accelerate to a supersonic speed. The plane’s scramjet engine would then ignite, burning hydrogen and compressed oxygen to propel it forward at speeds higher than Mach 10 (which is more than 7,600 miles per hour).

Currently the designers don’t believe the design will be more than a concept, but it certainly gives us an idea of what we can expect from travel in the future. Although scramjet systems are being developed in the US and China, technology is not advanced enough for a passenger jet like the Skreemr to be a reality.

So, although supersonic commercial air travel is still a dream right now, advances are being made in technology. In fact, Airbus has patented design concepts for the Concorde-2 this year; this aircraft is expected to travel at speeds of more than Mach 4. It is hoped that the original Concorde will be in production again by 2019. If this is the case, air travel is changing faster than we thought.


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