Crystal’s answer to the luxury private jet vacation

There’s a new kind of jewel… Introducing Crystal AirCruises, a division of Crystal Cruise Lines, offering the same luxe and pampering as you receive on a luxury ship, but this time it’s in the air. Baroque Aviation finds out all about


Crystal’s first luxurious Boeing 777 has just been announced; it’s the preview of what’s to come for Crystal AirCruises, an extension of Crystal Cruise Lines that will offer the very same level of luxury and personalized service that has won this cruise ship brand so many awards. But this time, instead of travelling over the sea, Crystal takes to the sky in October 2017.

The new private jet will feature seats that transform into flat beds for just 84 guests. And that’s in a plane that could easily feature 300 seats, to give you an idea of the space and luxe that will be offered. Guests on board will enjoy all the facilities expected of a luxury cruise, including fine dining and hosts of entertainment offerings.


It makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you have the money to afford this type of vacation, it’s certainly the fastest way of traveling in style. Combine flying in luxury with fascinating itineraries to exotic locations in a relatively compact period of time, and you have the ideal vacation without any of the hassles of flying on commercial airlines. Instead of standing in queues, you’re treated to a relaxed mode of travel that includes excellent Michelin star dining offerings (there will be tables on board the jet), a huge bar, spacious lounge filled with comfortable sofas and what has been touted as the largest in-flight wine cellar in the world. Let’s not forget extra wide aisles and higher ceilings. And seats that transform into comfortable beds, not to mention 24-inch flat-screen TVs, Apple iPads, WiFi, Bose headphones and much more. And did we mention the 12 butlers, a private chef, purser, doctor and tour director on board?


This October, Crystal is expected to announce a selection of itineraries to choose from to whet your appetite. We’re talking about 14, 21 and 28-day trips to some of the most exotic and unique destinations in the world. The Boeing 777-200LR in question, which is currently being fitted with every possible superlative luxury, will have a sister aircraft, the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, which will be redesigned to accommodate just 52 guests in the luxury they deserve. The second aircraft will be launched after the first is already airborne.

As guests will not be staying on the airline overnight, Crystal is arranging stays in some of the most sumptuous hotels in the world. And if you prefer to travel alone, and not with other passengers you haven’t met before, that’s no problem. These 5 star hotels in the air will be available for special charters, too.



If you would like to experience the luxury cruise ship experience at 30,000 feet in the air, contact Baroque Aviation right away, We can get you all the information you require on this innovative form of luxury travel that will take the world by storm come 2017. We can also assist in booking a charter for you, or a place on one of these sumptuous private jets when they take to the air.